Cops And Robbers

When the cops give chase to the robbers and the result is a great loot where everyone can celebrate, this is definitely one of the greatest news.

Cops And Robbers Slot Summary

Talk about some of the games that was the best among the children. This is one game that has been played over and over through different generations. It has now found its way to the casino and we are all up in the moon for we can now go back to the days when few used to play it. Kids from one neighbourhood vs the kids from the next neighbourhood and the team with the greatest wins always took the trophy home. I bet most people cannot stop the urge of heading to their favourite online casino MoneyReels for a chance to immerse themselves in the awesome online slot Cops And Robbers.

Cops And Robbers

Cops And Robbers Slot Theme

Cops And Robbers is basically based on a cops and robbers theme. Everywhere you look to on the screen is filled with loads of cartoon cops and robbers. This really works to give the slot sought of a jolly feel to it.

Some robbers can be seen breaking out of a window from one of the stores. Some of the robbers can be seen on the sewer entrance, even under the reels which is just next to a big bag full of money yet some of them are spotted to the left side of the reels checking if all is ok.

The cops are also seen everywhere, some are at the bank checking it out or at the apartments just trying to see if everyone is ok. All this really makes the game a lot of fun and for those who liked it as a child will really appreciate the fact that they can now play it and earn some money while doing it.

The animation in this game is top rated and rightly so. The interface is made to the highest perfection and a player does not have to access the side screen so as to change the game or even tweak the options. Everything is neatly placed on the lower end of the main screen. On the bottom of the screen you find the bright red games control panel, which perfectly fits to the rest of the theme of the game.

The reels also look great with symbols that have been greatly designed. Some of the best symbols which have a soft shine are the cherries and the lemons; this really makes them look so bright on the screen. The return to player of the game is???

Cops And Robbers Slot Game Features

The features of this online casino game are of a very traditional nature. It has three reels and just one payline which directly goes right across the screen. The other thing is that the player has only two symbols and they might need one more to successfully complete the payline.

What the players do in this case is to press on the hold icon to hold the reels in one place so that the symbol you want becomes immovable. By doing that only one reel spins and you can get the one symbol you are interested in.

This is definitely a different way to play that may not be familiar to the current crop of players but it is acceptable in any casino slot game.

Cops And Robbers Slot Bonus Features

There is an interesting bonus game feature that you can win with the game. The bonus game which is fun filled is named the chaser trail bonus game. Players can win some very interesting and huge bonuses with this game which can go up to 200x the original bet. The only thing the player needs to do is to run faster than the cop who is chasing them by having higher spins than the cop. The bonus game is a plus since it adds to the available total slots package.

Cops And Robbers Slot Developer

Cops And Robbers was brought to the online casino gaming world thanks to micro gaming. Micro gaming is one of the top rated gaming companies in the whole world today. Most of the games produced by micro gaming have gone on to receive awards and are highly recognised in the world of online slots.

Some of the games by micro gaming include: 108 heroes multiplier, emporers of the sea, I’m a celebrity get me out, mega money multiplier, monster wheels, beautiful bones, empress of the jade the phantom of the opera and wacky panda among others.

Similar games themes

If you liked this game then you will probably like the Cops And Robbers by play n go which is more or less the same but with different number of play lines and reels plus it has a much larger number of multipliers and other bonus features.

It gives more life to the cops and robbers theme and you might end up liking the theme more. Cops And Robbers by play n go is a very popular gaming slot worldwide.

Similar games features

Diamond deal slot is very similar to the Cops And Robbers slot. In terms of the classical look and also the flow of the game there are a lot of similarities. Another similar thing is also about the bonus features which are not very many. With that said classical games are here to stay with us as they’ve always been. So we better continue appreciating them.

Mobile playing vs desktop playing

This is one of the very interesting games that you would want to carry with you everywhere. Thanks to mobile casinos you can now pay anywhere at any time on your favourite online casino the MoneyReels. While desktop gaming gives the  players the satisfaction of having wider screens and a clearer views of the slots mobile devices are also currently being made with specifications like wider and clearer screens that make it easy for players to navigate and also enjoy their games. Gaming companies have also taken this into consideration and they create user friendly interface to allow for a perfect game play.