Lucky Keno

Lucky Keno Summary

The lucky keno slot follows some of the guidelines of the ancient keno which is said to have started from the Chinese culture and was used to raise money during the dynasty war at least that’s how it is recorded in history.

Lucky Keno Slot

This instant win game relies solely on random number generation and luck because there is no way to predetermine the number that is to be picked.

Lucky Keno Gameplay

The game is set on a background with 10 rows and 8 columns, therefore, bringing the total amount of numbers presented to be 80 with the background slanting upwards a little to give you somewhat of a slanting aerial view of the board. The graphics on the game are very good indeed because that is the first thing that attracts players and the people of Pariplay know this and decided to pay special attention to this and have come out with one of the best keno themed slots in the market right now, even the soundtrack was well put together. The RTP on this game might not be as high as some others at 80%.

Lucky Keno Slot

Lucky Keno Features

You get a chance to pick up to a maximum of 10 numbers from the 80 provided, the numbers can be picked randomly or according to how the player sees fit, a birthday, an event, a phone number, any other number that is believed to be his /her lucky number in the arsenal can be picked. The game is  based on Chinese myths and so are the rules with the number 8 being the luckiest number in the game because in China they believe it represents good fortune. Numbers such as 2,6 and 9 are also considered lucky, numbers 1,3 and 5 are considered to be neutral numbers meaning they are neither lucky nor unlucky while 4 and 7 are the unluckiest numbers (according to superstition)

Games with similar themes/graphics

Lucky keno just like bingos has that blue themed outlook. The board is shaped to have a slight bend and the graphics are similar. The lucky numbers are symbolized by gold in both games, lucky keno, and bingo. They have about the same set of colours for sessions that where you are having a free spin or sessions where you have triggered a multiplier.

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Games with similar features/bonus features

Lucky keno is about just the same as bingo, especially in the pattern. An already existing pattern can be selected just by clicking on any icon you like. Just as in bingo lucky kenos pattern does not influence your payout. It's just to add flavor to create the right ambiance you require to win. The bonus features are about the same as they both set off the multiplier at the emergence of the third matching symbol which could mean a big win for you. Come to Money Reels to have a closer look!