Ocean Fortune

From Pariplay comes this amazing underwater themed slot where there are a variety of prizes to be won under the sea.

Ocean Fortune Summary

Have you ever wondered how exciting and amazingly breathtaking deep sea voyages are? Well, look no further get your hands on the enormous treasures hidden at the ocean bottom while playing Ocean Fortune.

The game is developed by amazingly talented game designers Pariplay. This online slots casino game is so easy and fun to play. There are numerous surprises that one can anticipate as a player. Brace yourself for an epic adventure you will take while you play Ocean Fortune. The gaming experience is enticing and simplified.

Ocean Fortune 1

Ocean Fortune Gameplay

If you have decided to go into the ocean, you will need to prepare yourself first! As we all know scratch games have been around forever. But the Ocean Fortune scratch online game version much fun. The main reason behind this is the designers. They get so creative with the game and its content such that players actually at many times fall in love with the game. We bet you will too!

Ocean Fortune is a beautiful 3×3 scratch game. Get engulfed in the mysteries of the breathtaking ocean.

In order to play Ocean Fortune, at first, you need to place a bet. You can adjust the amount of your bet by using the arrow buttons on the sides of the bet display press the button marked ‘Buy Ticket’ or click the SPACEBAR to buy a ticket.

Now reveal what is inside the clamps. This can be done two ways. You can either click on each clamp or you can reveal them all by clicking on the ‘Reveal all’ button. A click on the SPACEBAR will activate the ‘Reveal all’ function.

Once you have revealed what is hiding inside the clamps, check to see if you’ve won. You can do this either by checking that there are 3 matching symbols or by looking at the bottom of the screen on the ‘WIN’ box.

Ocean Fortune 2  Ocean Fortune

Ocean Fortune - The Pay-table:

The Paytable in this game acts as a key. That is explaining each value of the symbol in the game. The win amount is determined based on bet amount x the paytable multiplier. Simple easy, yet rewarding for the players!

Ocean Fortune Features

Would you be looking for a fast-paced exhilarating scratch card game? If so then this is just the game you are looking for! Ocean Fortune is a retro slot game that offers a wide variety of prizes to win.

While you play the game there are a wide variety of cash prizes to be won. You can acquire Ocean Fortune in accordance with the type of symbols that are arranged across the ticket. Don’t forget to increase the size of your wager, as you can easily multiply your winnings exponentially doing so.

On the top of the screen in Ocean Fortune game. One can locate autoplay game mode feature it can help the player to place bet automatically and also helps to speed up the pace of the game. Doing so indirectly shall boost up your rewards one after the other. By the way, when you initiate autoplay game mode, you will let free the oysters till they open loose.   

As far as the gameplay goes it's very easy and simple to play. Buy a ticket and click the giant clams to reveal the tiles. Get three tiles with the same image and you are the winner.

The exciting element of the game is that it has different symbols which give different payouts. Let us assume this example three Orcas will pay you 1000x while three clownfish would pay you 50x. And if lady luck is on your side you made get three blue sharks which would 10000x your bet instantly!

In terms of gameplay, we feel the game is very easy to play. You do not even have to select your boxes to clear. The developers have given a button to “reveal all” which automatically displays all your tiles. Hence making the game is very mobile friendly. Due to which playing on any platform does not become a problem. The game can be easily be played on your home computer as well as on your mobile device when you are on the move.

Ocean Fortune Theme

The game Ocean Fortune is expertly designed game with amazing visuals of the stunning ocean. The backdrop is set somewhere near the tropical areas. The mesmerizing view is as such that it makes one feel like as if they are on a holiday. The theme of the ocean is amazing. While playing this game, you will get to experience with hermit crabs, octopus, and a lot of tropical fish. The reels represent huge coral reef. Also, the detailing is so amazing such that they have shown sunlight proliferate the ocean surface.

The overall visual of the game gives you a peaceful tone. The environment is relaxing, the core elements and instructions are placed in a command bar which is situated at the base of the ocean.

With the delicate appearance and such a beautiful atmosphere within the game, Ocean Fortune attracts many players. If you are wondering how the gameplay is? Well, wait no more and start playing it right away on MoneyReels.com. You will have a lot of fun. Enjoy the game!


The enticing prospects that the game brings to the table is amazing. The simplistic nature of gameplay pattern and the epic rewards it offers are truly one of a kind.

To win quick bucks while you play the game we suggest that you find as many shell symbols as you can to win. Doing so will get you free spins indirectly helping you to win big bucks in the process.

The game is indeed impressive and hats off to Pariplay’s designers. The time spent playing the game and meticulously refining it is obvious. Not to forget while playing the game every player deeps down into enjoyment. The game has easy settings and autoplay feature, which makes the game more flexible. Don't forget to hold your breath when you start exploring the amazing beauty of the ocean.

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