Scratch Ramesses Riches

The common similarity of all Egyptian Ramesses is wealth and power, with its 20 payline, gamers will embark on an adventure to discover certain ancient artifacts like the eyes of Horus.

Scratch Ramesses Riches Summary

The Ramesses Riches game has an ancient theme setting. The games make use of yellow and light blue lights which ensures that gamers who enjoy playing colorful online games will be excited. Since it is a scratch game, gamers' choices are reduced. Each gamer has one main aim, which is to find out three exact symbols, if this is done, the gamer will win different prizes. This game offers gamers five reels with twenty paylines and multipliers and free spins as some of its added features.

Scratch Ramesses Riches Gameplay

The Ramesses Riches game is designed with various symbols and artifacts that were used in ancient Egypt. Some of the symbols and artifacts that are used in the game include Ra's eye, a scroll of wax paper which was used in ancient Egypt and the symbol of Bastet the cat god.  A K, 9, j, 10 and Q playing cards are used to represent the each gamer's icon value.

The game has an ancient theme. The Ankh is the Ramesses Scatter which represented the symbol of life in ancient Egypt. This game is well designed with exciting ancient theme and artifacts and most importantly it is a straightforward game. The Wild symbol on this game is represented by no one but the Ramesses.

Gamers will have to choose a line between 1-20 by using the minus and plus buttons in the game. Gamers can bet from £0.1 to about £1. If the Ramesses is discovered, gamers can get about 5,000 coins.

The Ramesses Riches comes with an RTP percentage of 94.5%.

Scratch Ramesses Riches Bonus Features

This game comes with exciting bonus features. The gamble feature, for example, allows gamers to make more money. After every win, gamers can decide to bet their winning on a turn of cards. Gamers can decide either to accurately guess the suit or color of the turned card. If they win and continue winning, in less than no time they can double their winning. Gamers can bet a minimum of £0.1 and a maximum of £40. If a player fails to accurately predict the color of the turned card, he will lose his winning and will automatically be taken back to the base of the game.

To get free spins, gamers will have to discover 3 times of the scatter symbol Ankh. If it is discovered, the gamer gets 12 free spins, if they are lucky enough and get four-time, they get 16 free spins. For those that are blessed by the gods of Egypt who discover the Ankh symbol five times, they get a whopping 20 spins. Gamers who were born by the gods can even get an incredible 25 free spins if they discover the Ankh six times. All winnings that are gotten from free spins are doubled.

Scratch Ramesses Riches Developer

Launched in 1994, Microgaming has established itself as one of the largest game brands in the world. The Viper software which was released in 2002 saw the gaming company gain world recognition. It was loved by both players' and their large number of peers. In less than 10 years this leading gaming company has paid out over 100 million in-game jackpots. That goes a long way to show the credibility of the company.

Games With Similar Theme/ Graphics

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Games With Similar Features/ Bonus Rounds

There are games that have the same features and bonuses as the Scatter Ramesses Riches. Some of them include The Queen of the Nile game. Like the Ramesses Riches, it comes with that wild symbol which literally represents the queen. It also comes with a gamble feature, and it is available for users after they must have won.

Another game is the River of Riches. It comes with a wild symbol and other ancient artifacts and symbols that were used in ancient Egypt. One of these symbols is the ancient Egyptian pyramid. It also comes with the gamble feature that allows gamers to accurately predict either the color or suite of a turned card. Like the Ramesses Riches, it also comes with playing cards.

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Finally, the last game that shares the same features with the Ramesses Riches is the Regal Riches game. It comes with the free spin feature as well as a wild symbol and various symbols of ancient Egypt.

Game on Mobile vs Desktop/ Laptop

When played on either your desktop or laptop, it has similar playing experience with when played on your mobile device. With both your mobile device and laptop, you will get the same access to all the features and bonuses which includes the free spin and gamble feature. The only difference that exists between these two is that with your mobile device, you can play at any place that is convenient for you. Another difference is that the desktop or computer ensure that you enjoy the features, themes, and graphics of the game on a much larger screen.