Viva Mundial

For the love of football and gambling, here is an extraordinarily sensational and fun-filled one from Pariplay.

Viva Mundial Scratch Card Summary

Pariplay is known to produce exiting and pleasurable games that gives gamers all around the world an experience second none. Viva Mundial did not fail to meet this expectation. This online casino game based on the Viva World Cup. The game is a simple and straightforward one which you play scratch card without having to go through the bother of scratching off anything for real. The game’s fascinating football station themed view displays in 3 reel, 3-line format. As simple as that. It gives you the exciting and on the edge feeling you get in real life scratch card games. This surely promises you an amazing experience! I’m sure you’re dying to know where you can get this amazing game. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Log on to

Viva Mundial game has a RTP of 79%.

Viva Mundial Scratch Card Gameplay

Viva Mundial online game is very simple but very exciting with top notch gamer’s experience. It’s football stadium theme, bright colours, national flag decorated balls, and even the soundtrack, which is minimal and limited to a kicking in when you make a win makes the experience second to none.

Vivia Mundial opens to display 9 ordinary balls in 3 reel, 3-line format. However, beneath the 9 ordinary football masks are decorated footballs with flags of contending world cup countries. So you will need to match the following countries flags: England, France, Holland, Portugal, Germany, Greece, Argentina, Italy, Brazil, Spain, Switzerland and Denmark. It actually does not really matter that you know the flags of the countries participating. You just have to take note if there are three or more than three footballs in the grid. This means a win, but the value of win changes as the game progresses.

The rules to the game are very simple. The game is solely based on luck just like any other scratch cards game. You will need to pick the value of the card and start scratching the 9 boxes. You can buy a ticket for as low as $0.10 or go for the major prize with the $10 ticket.

You win if you match three equal symbols.  The lowest winnable prize is 1 time your bet, and the maximum winnable prize is 10,000 times your bet. This means that with the maximum ticket value and getting the maximum prize multiplier you will be able to win the jackpot of £100,000! Interestingly, you don’t know what you’ll win until you click the Reveal All. You could win anything in multiples of your bet up to the £100,000 jackpot. Superb, isn’t it?

There is another option to play. You can scratch the prize box (a ball in this case) and thereafter click the Reveal All button. This way, the prize one is playing for is known and one doesn’t have to scratch the other boxes one by one. If you want to play really fast to save time, you can use the auto bet feature and the game will run automatically.

The gameplay is summarized in three simple steps

Place Your Bet. You can do this using the Bet up and down arrows. The game allows a range of bets between 0.1 to 10.00

Click Buy Ticket

Click Reveal All

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Viva Mundial Scratch Card Developer

Viva Mundial is an online scratch card game from the stables of PariPlay Ltd. Founded in 2010, the developers, PariPlay are a well-known, innovative, multi-channel gaming software developer for land based and online casinos. They focus on providing the gamers quality entertainment.