Alchemist UK Online Slot

Alchemist is a slot game that features 5 reels and 20 paylines. A game that features sorcery in the laboratory of a wise old man.

Alchemist Slot Summary

Alchemist online slots could be described as sorcerous slot machine. Why? It is because the game features a spellbinding theme, which lets players have the opportunity of visiting and entering the hidden laboratory of one wise old man. With 5 reels and 20 paylines, lining up the required number of appropriate symbols on any active reels will mean a win for you, and you could even win a jackpot that is up to a whooping sum of 30,000 credits. That is wow, right?

Alchemist Slot

Alchemist Slot Gameplay

While it should be noted that virtual all online slot games developers have one or more of their games themed with magical or sorcerous tones, Alchemist online slots are quite different from the other. The game cannot be compared with other slots that feature wizardry and witchcraft. The game was designed in 2D (2-dimension) graphics, with a cartoon quality. If you are trying to think about what to compare the game with, why not think of the Disney animation of 1963 titled The Sword in the Stone? So, if feel like reminiscing the past, why not head on to Money Reels to play Alchemist online slots for free or for real money! You can win real money online instantly playing Alchemist on

Based on the game, Alchemy was an ancient practice which intended to turn simple metals into priceless ones like gold, but through imagination and fiction. This is where magic and sorcery come in, because there is no way any simple metal can be turned into valuable items like gold scientifically without the introduction of sorcery and magic.

Alchemist Slot

To determine how large your cumulative bets can be, the game as put in place 2 alterable variables – the active paylines available and the sizes of bets placed on every active paylines as a wager. There are 3 sets of paylines amount and you can only select from these 3 sets of paylines. These paylines amounts are 5, 10 and 20. While there are just 3 sets of paylines, you are allowed to change the bet on each payline in different quantities like 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10, 15, 20 and 30. With this varying betting values, you can have a maximum of 600 bets.

If you place the largest bet, you can win up to 30,000 credits. Although it is said that the game has a magical theme, you still do not need any special portion or magical incantations in reality to hit a big win! What is requires of you to win is simple – you just have to land 5 of the wizard symbol on an active payline. Also, landing 5 of the book of magic symbol on any active paylines will award you 24,000 credits. Landing 5 alchemist’s vials and portions will award you 3,000 credits. Gathering 5 green dragon symbols will award you 8,000 credits. And landing 5 of the owl symbols will award you 4,500 credits. You likewise have some card symbols present in the game. You have card symbols like the ace (A), K, Q, J and 10. If you are eager to know how much you can win while combining the available symbols in the game, simply tap on the paytable button. Tapping on the paytable button will calculate the possible winnings for each bet size automatically for you.

There is also a side game where spinners will have the opportunity to gamble their winnings to either earn double of them or nothing at all!

Alchemist Slot Bonus Features

Wild and Scatter Symbols: In most of the available slot games, you have a symbol representing the wild symbol and another symbol, a separate one representing the scatter symbols. In some games too, you may have more than one scatter symbols present.

In the Alchemist online slots, however, there is just one symbol representing the wild and the scatter. The symbol that represents the wild and the scatter is the book image. And as the wild symbol, the book image is able to replace other symbols in the game to make a winning combination.

In addition to the book image being the wild and the scatter symbol, the book likewise holds in it the secrets that will help in finding what every alchemist craves for, which is the gold. If you land or gather 3 or more of the book symbols on any active reels, you will be awarded free spins, depending on the number of book symbols gathered. For instance, collecting 3 book symbols will award you 10 free spins. Gathering 4 book symbols will award you 12 free spins. And landing 5 book symbols on the reels will award you 15 free spins. During these free spins game is when you’ll have one of basic symbols turn to gold, thereby acquiring the properties of a wild symbol in completing a winning combination – that is where the sorcerous and magical tone of the game come in.

Jackpots and Other Features: If you land the appropriate number of required symbols on any active reels, you will win big – you could win a jackpot up to the tone of 30,000 credits.

Alchemist online slots come with a simple charm. Although programmed with 2D graphics, it gives you the opportunity to reflect on some classical cartoons you’ve watched during your childhood.

Alchemist Slot Developer

Alchemist was developed by Novomatic, and it is one of the many games this company has developed. The game was designed using 2D graphics, giving it the cartoonish look that it possesses. Also, Alchemist has a magical theme since it’s about the hidden laboratory of an old wizard.

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