Mona Lisa Jewels UK Online Slot

Mona Lisa Jewels

Description: When it comes to genre, there is no doubt that we cannot narrow them to just one order or theme. There are a variety of slots that can be found anywhere on the internet. The best part about the slots that can be found in the fact that they are not only easily available but with their colourful and entertaining theme, they are very interesting and can be played with a lot of interest, promising players that they can achieve a lot of rewards. All it takes is a good stroke of luck.

Mona Lisa Jewels Gameplay: We talk about history a lot. We’re talking of it possibly as of now because things are recorded in history and they are reserved for people in the future to judge and understand. Yet so many things have not been exposed to us and we don’t know a lot about our past and history as much as we should. It’s not related to ignorance or the fact that people tried to hide things and shady ideas from the future generations to come. The only obstacle that did not allow people to record history so effectively was due to the fact that proper facilities were not available to record the events that were happening at that time.

For instance, a lot of battles and their scenes we know of today were captured on videos and camera, which holds very true for the world wars. But before the invention of camera, what was it that captured the faces and textures of people? It was painting. In order to replicate the exact features of a person, the artist had to observe very thoroughly and then draw their appearance. It was only the absence of camera that led many people to not use their imagination. So many events from our past would have been available to us right at this very moment, had it been for the camera.

History is full of pictures and paintings. Not as so much with photographs but with paintings and sketches. There have been so many paintings and sculptures that are regarded as masterpieces still to this date, despite how old they may be. All this is owed to the genius of the craftsmanship and the creativity that led the painter to use his/her ability to transform the given person or event before them into a vivid art. We may not know about so many paintings but there is one certain painting we are all familiar with: Mona Lisa.

iSoftBet’s Mona Lisa Jewels is one slot that can take you to a lot of places. It’s not just entertaining from the player’s point of view, but this game has the perfect background and structure for the player to try his/her luck. The game is based not just on Mona Lisa, Da Vinci’s most famous work perhaps, but the game surrounds more on the jewels that were possessed by Mona in this game. How much can you be rewarded in Mona Lisa Jewels and what is there for you to try? Let’s find out.

Mona Lisa Jewels Features: Here are a few things you will want to know about Mona Lisa Jewels. The game offers to the player an RTP of 95% and has a 5 x 3 reel. The game lets the player win using 25 combinations (paylines). The variance of Mona Lisa Jewels is medium. The minimum bet that you can make in this game is 0.01 and the maximum amount of coins you can win is 150,000. The symbols used in this game are Purple, Red, Yellow, and Green jewels, along with alphabets such as A, J, K, Q, 9 and 10. While all these are the basic symbols used in the game, the things to really look for in this game are the bonus rounds.

The scatter symbol, which is Mona Lisa herself, can grant player at least 10 free spins. All the player has to do is score 3 Scatter symbols in the reel. The Wild can replace all the symbols in the game except the Scatter and let the player win big. There is also the jackpot feature, and if you are quite lucky and manage to get the diamond symbol, you can get yourself free jewel spins.

Similar Theme Games With Mona Lisa Jewels: As far as the theme of Mona Lisa Jewels goes, the game can be categorised as a history slot. Since there are so many games that cover the same genre as the discussed game, a few games worth mentioning should be discussed. A few games that make it into the list are Da Vinci Diamonds, Venice Magic, Da Vinci Codex and Three Musketeers slot. These games that have just been mentioned have a very striking resemblance with Mona Lisa Jewels. It is being said owing to the fact that all these games represent the same era as Mona Lisa, more or less. All these aforementioned games have a lot in common with respect to offers and features. If you are into renaissance based slots and want to try your luck with games similar to Mona Lisa Jewels, these games will certainly come in handy.

Similar Feature Games With Mona Lisa Jewels: Slots are not just about luck but with games that are similar in terms of features and offers, they can be very promising provided that the player is willing to put his/her luck into the test. Some of the games that resemble Mona Lisa Jewels are Irish Luck, Aztec Rising, Superman The Movie, Froots, and African Spirit. These games are not just common with Mona Lisa Jewels owing to their similar RTP but the offers and bonuses they offer are quite alike and can be easily utilized to help the player. While these game is offering fortune, it should also be said these games are quite entertaining and promise the players a great deal of reward only if they manage to make their luck work. Other notable mentions include Game of Throne slots, which has not just the same RTP as Mona Lisa Jewels but shares just about the same variance.

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