Primal Megaways UK Online Slot

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Primal Megaways UK online slot

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Primal Megaways is a 6 reels, 46,566 paylines online slot game by Blueprint Gaming. Primal Megaways has Wild, Scatter symbols, Bonus Game, Mystery Symbol, Free Spins, Multiway, and Multiplier features and an RTP of 96.76%. Any Bonus ending with less than 10x total bet automaticlly retriggers Free Spins.

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Primal Megaways UK slot game

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Primal Megaways UK Online Slot

Human life is everywhere on this planet, but that hasn't always been the case. Turn the clock back a hundred million years, and it was overrun by gigantic dinosaurs, rampaging all across the continents and terrifying smaller creatures. Then, the Earth got hit by an asteroid, and they were wiped out. Shortly after that, humanity took its first blinking steps into the sunlight, but there was a period in between where beasts of a different nature had the run of the land; not quite dinosaurs, but a long way from being human. They were primal beasts, and they're the stars of the show in Primal Megaways by Blueprint Gaming.

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Animals of this size are a big topic, and so it’s only right that they’re given a big arena to play in. Layouts for online slot games don’t get much bigger than the ‘Megaways’ system, which was created by Big Time Gaming and has been licensed to Blueprint. Using the dynamic layout, Primal Megaways has six reels, but can have anywhere between two and six rows on each reel, along with symbols that can be small, medium or large. The whole layout will dramatically alter every time you spin, which explains the massive 46,566 possible paying lines. With so much variation, you can never accuse Primal Megaways of being dull.

Such a huge layout means that the reels and rows account for almost everything on the screen, but there's enough background behind them to give you an idea of the slot's setting; a prehistoric world that's thick in vegetation, with rock reels displaying our symbols. Even the basic and low-value playing cards 10, J, Q, K, and A have been given a theme-specific rocky treatment. The more valuable character symbols are represented by a red-faced warthog, a saber-tooth tiger, a rhinoceros and either a deer or a moose - we're not sure which! Most valuable of all is a woolly mammoth.

That accounts for all the slot’s basic symbols, but there are a few extras we need to talk about. One is a paw-print fossil, which serves as the wild and substitutes for everything apart from the other bonus symbols to make winning combinations. There’s also the skull of the woolly mammoth, and a blazing fire. To completely explain what both of those symbols do, we need to discuss the bonus features.

Primal Megaways Developer - Blueprint

UK online slots up-and-comers Blueprint Gaming are showing signs of rapid progress as we race towards the 2020s. They haven’t been open all that long - and are really only a subsidiary of a German company called Gauselmann - but in that time they’ve established themselves as a popular choice when it comes to making online slots based on movies. ‘The Goonies slot,’ Mars Attacks!’ and ‘Ted online slot’ have all enjoyed the Blueprint treatment, and come packed with bonus features that will delight fans of the films.

Adding the Megaways system to their offering - presumably at great cost, considering they've directly licensed it from inventors Big Time Gaming - was an interesting move from a developer who has previously seemed keen to forge their own identity. They must believe they can do something with the system which will make them appear different to Big Time, and based on their past form we're very interested to see what that might be. If they can find a way to incorporate Megaways without having to cut back on their usual bonus features offerings, their next generation of online slot games should be very good indeed.

Primal Megaways Slot Bonus Features

Blueprint Gaming isn't in the habit of leaving us feeling short-changed when it comes to bonus features, and they haven't started doing so with Primal Megaways. There are two bonuses to talk about - far lower than you may have encountered in other online slots from this developer - but they're expansive and interesting bonuses so we'll let them off. They're also still getting to grips with the complexities of the Megaways system, and so we expect more bonus features to be introduced in later slots when they feel more comfortable with it.

The first bonus triggers randomly, and is a Mystery Symbol feature. The mystery symbol, in this case, is the fire we mentioned a moment ago. When it appears on the reels, it will only blaze for a moment, and then the flames will die away to reveal a series of matching symbols wherever the fires burned. Ideally, the matching symbols will either create winning combinations themselves, or connect with other symbols already on the reels to do so.

Primal Megaways Slot Game Free Spins

The most exciting and rewarding of the two bonuses is a potentially very generous Free Spins round. The more bonus symbols you land on the reels, the better your free spins experience will be. Three is enough to trigger the feature, but to walk away with high rewards you’ll want to see more. The way the free spins are handed out are as follows:-

For three bonus symbols, you receive ten free spins, where a wild symbol can multiply your win by either two or three.

For four bonus symbols, you receive fifteen free spins, where a wild symbol can multiply your win by between two and four.

For five bonus symbols, you receive twenty free spins, where a wild symbol can multiply your win by between two and five.

For six bonus symbols, you receive thirty free spins, where a wild symbol can multiply your win by between two and six.

You won't be left guessing what your wild multiplier is; the number is marked on the wilds when they appear on the reels. It's very important to note here that the wild doesn't have to be part of a winning combination for you to receive the multiplier; it simply has to be on the reels somewhere at the same time you find a win. So long as there's a wild in sight, it's valid to increase your winnings. That's a great touch, and one we don't think we've ever come across before when reviewing online slot games.

Blueprint isn't done with this feature yet, either. They hate to see anybody leave a bonus feature empty-handed. If, by some cruel twist of fate, you've won less than 10x your line bet when your free spins are over, you'll be given an immediate cash payout of 10x your line bet. That may not be an especially high amount, but it's better than nothing, and more than most would give you.

This is a truly massive, epic online slot game of the kind that makes us excited for the future of online slots in general. We appreciate that not every Money Reels player will be thrilled by the idea of having such variable reels and rows on their screen, but we think everyone owes it to themselves to play a Megaways slot at least once to see if they like it. Primal Megaways, which employs a more stripped back version of the feature than most of Big Time Gaming's Megaways slots, is a good place to start.