White Wizard UK Online Slot

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White Wizard is a 5 reel, 25 payline slot game with a 94.9% RTP. Free Games are played at the lines of and bet of the triggering game and Scatter wins are multiplied by the total credits bet, as indicated.

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White Wizard UK online slot game

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White Wizard UK Online Slot

Eyecon has conjured up a treat with their White Wizard online video slot. Slip into the fantasy as you spin the reels on the 5 x 3 reel grid. You’ll have 25 different pay lines to work with and a generous RTP of 95.54%! The maximum amount you can win is 3000x your stake amount! The free spins also gives you plenty to play for too!

White Wizard Online Slot Theme

Wizards are all the rage right now. Just as they were back in 2016 when Eyecon released their most magical online slot yet. That’s not to say that their Eyeconic (get it?!) slots such as Fluffy Favourites aren’t pretty bewitching either!

But with White Wizard, you get to step into a wizard’s spellbinding realm which looks fairly icy. But there are plenty of fun features which will ensure that you warm to the online slot! You won’t just get to meet the White Wizard, you will also be able to meet a unicorn as you spin the reels – oh, and there is a dragon too!

So, whether you came to love Wizards from watching Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings, you’re going to love the enchanting world which Eyecon have cooked up with White Wizard. If you have spent any amount of time playing Eyecon’s games, you’ll know that they are the best game developers when it comes to creating amazing and endearing characters. You can be sure that they went the extra mile with the White Wizard online slot. While they may not always strive to make the graphics all too impressive, they definitely have their own distinctive style of online slot games. No matter the date of Eyecon’s games, they have kept their style the same to give their games a vintage effect which are fairly reminiscent of what you would see on any PlayStation 1 games such as Crash or Spyro.

We’re pretty sure everyone already knows what wizards are all about. But maybe you aren’t aware of the more intricate practices of the occult. Essentially, there is good (white) magic and there is black magic which is bad. White Wizards will use their powers with utilitarian purpose. Whereas those who like to dabble in the dark arts will usually do so for their own personal gain and to inflict suffering on others. So, Eyecon thought to introduce you to one of the good guys who operates in the mystical realm! Who knows, maybe they will create another online slot in the future which takes a little bit of a darker turn?

But for now, we have the White wizard who will welcome you into his realm of witchcraft and wizardry. And there’s definitely no doubt about his intentions if you look at the bonus features and how much you are able to win from this instant classic of an online slot. We’ll run you through the bonus features down below, but first, we’ll let you know what the main gameplay is about.

With White Wizard, you’re treated to a visual treat. There’s a cute pastel coloured visual appeal to the background. A pink bar at the top will display all of your stats while the actual background is a purple sky with massive stars glowering in the background. But the 5 x 3 reel slot will take up plenty of space. The reel grid is in a wooden frame, which gives the reels a fairly old timey effect! The size of symbols allows you really appreciate how adorable the characters are!

The soundtrack to the game has been kept to a minimum, you’ll only hear the bewitching tunes when you create a winning combination using the white wizard. When you make a matching combination without the white wizard, you will just be able to hear the ring of the arcade-style slot paying out.

Play White Wizard Mobile Slot

Sometimes game developers can be accused of overdoing themes a little. But the same definitely can’t be said when it comes to White Wizard. They’ve even dialled back the theme with the symbols. While some people may be a little disappointed with this, anyone looking for an easy online slot game to follow, it can be very beneficial. Too many themed symbols can often over complicate things.

So, with White Wizard, you will only have to play with 12 different symbols.

There are six lower value symbols with White Wizard which are represented by letters and numbers. Here’s what they will win you when matched:

A & K – 5 matched = 500 coins
Q & J – 5 matched = 200 coins
9 & 10 – 5 matched = 100 coins

But the symbols with the ability to win you a serious amount of cash are the themed symbols.

The cauldron can win a max of 3000 coins, the spell book 2000 coins, the unicorn and the wand will both win you 1000 coins.

In comparison to most other online slot games, these are very high in terms of standard symbol pay outs. But we haven’t covered the White Wizard himself yet!

The White Wizard takes the position of the wild symbol in White Wizard. As usual, the Wild in Eyecon’s online slot has the ability to replace other symbols on the reels when he pops up to help you form a winning combination. But that’s not all. After the white wizard has helped you to create a winning match, he will also have you believing in magic when he triples every win amount! That means that there is some seriously big wins to be had from the White Wizard online slot.

You’ll be able to play White Wizard from as little as 25p a spin, while the maximum you will be able to put down on a bet is £12.50. So, you may not find that White Wizard is for you if you are a high roller, but those with a small to medium size budget should appreciate the smaller betting range.

No matter how much you choose to play with, the bonus features are sure to help you to make the most out of your money!

To unlock the bonus round, you’ll need to find the scatter card on the reels. You may be familiar with this scatter from another one of Eyecon’s famously adorable online slot Fluffy Favourites. Yes, the adorable dragon is back! But this time, you’re treated to a blue one! I wonder how many other games the dragons will sneak into? No online slot is safe! But once you get acquainted with the dragon, you’ll see that he’s just as kind as the White Wizard himself!

Now, let’s find out what fun bonus features Eyecon have packed into White Wizard!

White Wizard Slot Bonus Features

Eyecon has always been the game developer of choice for slot fans who are looking for classic fun. There’s no overcomplication or too many rules you have to worry about learning before you can really enjoy their online slots.

White Wizard is fairly similar to the rest of Eyecon’s online slot set ups, and there is only one bonus feature on offer. (well, two technically!).

Free Spins Bonus Feature

The first bonus feature which you will enjoy with White Wizard is the free spins bonus round. Everyone loves free spins! So they’d definitely be missed if they weren’t part and parcel of the gameplay.

With this free spin round, you will need to spot three or more of the scatter symbols on the reels, then you will be moved away from the standard gameplay. The amount of free spins that you will win depends on how many scatter symbols you found on the reels.

3 dragons = 15 free spins

4 dragons = 20 free spins

5 dragons = 25 free spins

In the free spins round, you’ll really get acquainted with the White Wizard, he’ll be popping up more often but he has even more of a hold over the reels in the free spin round! He has the ability to turn every single symbol on the reel into a wild! If this happens, you might as well start planning how you are going to treat yourself with the wins!

50 / 50 Bonus Feature

The 50 / 50 bonus feature is pretty much a given with every game from Eyecon now. So, it is no surprise that they have chosen to include it with White Wizard. If you are new to Eyecon online slots, we’ll give you a little run down on just how they work.

It’s totally optional whether you use the 50 / 50 bonus feature. The option will present itself every time that you win any cash prize! If you choose to use it, a screen will pop up and present you with a choice which will give you 50 / 50 odds. If you make an incorrect choice, you’ll see your cash prize disappear. However, if you are feeling super lucky, you can use this feature up to five times to really boost your pay out! Let’s just hope the combination you made was using one of the higher paying symbols.

If you don’t think the bonus rounds were all too impressive with White Wizard, you may want to check out some of the other recommendations we have for you down below. But first, we will introduce you to Eyecon and let you know just how they bring their online slot games to life!

About the Developer - Eyecon

eyecon developer logo

If you’re an online slot game player, you have plenty to thank Eyecon for! Whether you’ve played their games directly, or just enjoyed the style, it is well worth considering that the online slot world wouldn’t be the same without them!

You’ll find plenty of Eyecon’s online slot games on Money Reels as we are always keen to feature their leading content which has proven to be too immersive to resist for our players.

They have covered many different themes with their online slots, but they usually like to keep their characters on the adorable side!

It may surprise you to learn how Eyecon first established themselves in the world of online gaming. They weren’t always creating cute online slots such as Fluffy Favourites, instead, they started out by creating a horror videogame named “Gore”. Gore was an instant hit, but that didn’t stop Eyecon from turning their attention primarily to online slot games.

Gore was released in 1999, and it took them a good while before they released their first online slot Temple of Iris (which was first named Temple of Isis) in 2003. However, back then online casinos weren’t as prevalent in our culture as they are today. So not all too many people were aware of Eyecon with their first release. The spotlight certainly shone upon them after they released their seminal game Fluffy Favourites which has now evolved into a massive franchise! Think of the Fluffy Favourites franchise as the Game of Thrones of the slot world.

Even though Eyecon may not put out the most games in comparison to other game providers such as Pragmatic Play or Microgaming, they still have a brilliant and diverse portfolio which is enjoyed all over the world. It’s not only the UK where Eyecon’s games are popular, their reels are spun thousands of times a day from all corners of the globe. Eyecon are quite literally taking over the globe as they have offices on both sides of the world in Australia and the Channel Islands.

People just can’t get enough of the cuddly characters which Eyecon cook up with all their online slots. Here are just a few that are currently the most popular with our players on Money Reels Stampede, Fluffy Favourites, Shaman Dream, Enchanted Prince, and Stampede. But these are just some of the games which contribute to the fact that the reels are spun on Eyecon slots 11,500 times a minute!

Going back to White Wizard, here is what Eyecon had to say about the online slot when it was first released over on their website.

Go on an enchanting adventure and play White Wizard Slots. The reels are filled with colourful symbols, except of course the shimmering White Wizard himself. You’ll find Unicorns, Magic Wands, Spell Books, Dragons and more across the reels, and the graphics and sounds are simply captivating. Also, the animations are just enough so as not to be distracting or startling. Put on your wizard hat to become immersed in this top slot game today! There’s no wonder why it’s one of the most popular games around!

You can see from that description that Eyecon are incredibly proud of what they created with White Wizard, especially in terms of the graphics!

Games Similar To White Wizard Made by Eyecon

As we said before, the wizarding world is trending right now, people just can’t get enough of it! So, as you can expect, there have been many games which celebrate the unique magical realms of wizards, witches and warlocks. However, Eyecon saw that they created a winner with the 2016 release of White Wizard. The only wizard-themed slots available from them at present are follow ups to White Wizard! Yet, each of the games offer something a little different!

Who knows, maybe in years to come the White Wizard franchise will be bigger than Fluffy Favourites!

White Wizard Jackpot by Eyecon

white wizard jackpot slot

Eyecon seem to be in the habit of creating Jackpot versions of their online slots, given that they are so popular, it is safe to say that reel fans really appreciate the option to choose how they would like to play. Unlike with the original, the amount you can win isn’t fixed. Instead, the jackpot is progressive. This means that all of the millions of people that play the online slots are constantly feeding into the progressive jackpot as they spin! You won’t know when it will be triggered. It can happen with literally every spin! The original White Wizard online slot manages to keep in competition with White Wizard Jackpot by giving out more frequent wins. You can’t have your cake and eat it! So, you will be playing on a far less volatile slot game which only offers a 89.9%, but that’s still high enough that you won’t go all too long before seeing a reward from the reels. Another exciting feature behind this online slot is the ‘reel power’ feature which allows you to stake a bet on individual reels. This mixes it up from the usual betting on the reel grid. There are also some fairly generous multipliers thrown at you as you spin!

White Wizard Deluxe

white wizard deluxe slot

At first glance, it isn’t all too obvious why Eyecon chose to create White Wizard Deluxe slot, pretty much everything about the online slot is the same. So it definitely counts as a good alternative! The only difference that you will notice is that Eyecon increased the amount of pay lines which you will get to play with. With the original you only got to choose between 50 different ways to win, with White Wizard Deluxe that number is increased to 100. If the lack of bet lines was a real issue for you with the original, then you won’t have to look much further for a better alternative which boasts all of the same stats and a return to player rate of 95.5%

Online Slots Similar to White Wizard Not by Eyecon

If you weren’t quite feeling the White Wizard franchise, that’s okay! Not every online slot is suited to each individual player, we all have our different preferences.

As the wizarding world is a particularly large one, there have been more than a few game developers who have wondered through it! We’ve found the best three online slots which carry the Wizard theme and found the games featuring the best perks, and the most interesting gameplay experiences!

Wild Wizards by Saucify

wild wizards slot

Not all too many slot fans have come across Saucify before, however the underdog game developer still cooked up a stunning treat with their ode to the wizarding world. Wild Wizards slot game was released slightly before White Wizard in 2015, and there are a fair few similarities between the two online slots. You’ll see the same 5 x 3 reel grid, free spins bonus round, and 25 different ways to win. Even the return to player rate is slightly similar, but White Wizard comes out on top by a small margin. So, why should you play Wild Wizards? Well, just as we alluded to before, there are two very different types of wizards, and with Wild Wizards, you won’t just be amongst the good guys. The clue is kind of in the title!

Lucky Wizard by Red Tiger Gaming

lucky wizard slot

If you’re going to spin the reels in the company of any kind of wizard, it would preferably be a lucky one! You wouldn’t want an unlucky one looming over you! But what makes these wizards so lucky? It would seem that they’ve got a bit of Irish blood in their veins. In fact, Lucky Wizard slot is more of a hybrid slot machine born between Irish culture and the world of magic! That was a pretty inventive move from Red Tiger Gaming which seems to have paid off! Although this online slot is a great alternative to White Wizard, you should be aware that it is much more closely linked to Irish culture which you will see on the reels and with the characters. Aside from the clash (or synergy, you decide!) of cultures, there’s also plenty more reasons to give the reels a spin. With Lucky Wizard you will get a 95.12% return to player rate, a 5 x 4 reel grid, and 40 different ways to win. Instead of waiting for a scatter to come along and treat you to multipliers and freebies, the bonus features will be activated completely at random along with the perpetually popular prize picker round which is a common feature in many of the game developer’s games.