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White Wizard Deluxe

Play White Wizard Deluxe Slot with 500 Free Spins at Money Reels

Play White Wizard Deluxe

This uk slots has been motivated by the famous author JRR Tolkien who wrote the famous books The Hobbit and The Lord Of The Rings. This slot is sequel to the renowned game White Wizard Deluxe developed by Eyecon. Developed by Eyecon, this slot will teleport the players to middle earth which was fictionally create by the great author himself.

White Wizard Deluxe uk slot game

White Wizard Deluxe Slot Summary

You would come across different races in this middle earth such as men , dwarves , elves , orcs and goblins etc. You would also find wizards whose sole job is to maintain balance in middle earth because these races are often at war with each other and middle earth is always facing turmoil in one place or another thus leaving little space for any further good. You will find a lot of wizards in middle earth who go from race to race and try to keep peace between them. This slot is motivated by the famous wizard character of Lord of The Rings who was called Gandalf the White and was the main character of this movie who led the fellowship of the ring against the evil. He was a white robe wearing wizard who decided to side the good side however there was another white wizard who decided to side the evil side and had no regard for the safety of middle earth. His name was Saruman. Saruman’s heart was black but his robe was white. Both these wizards were very powerful with extreme powers at their disposals. How they used these powers depended totally on these wizards. 

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White Wizard Deluxe Slot Gameplay

The good wizards who decided to side the good powers have taken it as their sole responsibility to keep the other races away from harm by using their powers. This slot will also you remind you of the great fellowship that destroyed the evil ring under the guidance of the white wizard. This means that wizards can be very powerful if they gain popularity and support. Gandalf is still remembered in middle earth as one of the most famous wizards of all times. You will be travelling in this fun filled slot with Gandalf the grey who is going to make sure that you enjoy and get the best time of your slots. You will travel from city to city and from mountain to mountain while the reels will be spinning. There will be nazguls, dragons and orcs on the way but don’t worry the wizard is going to look after you in a very professional and loving way. All you have to do it to spin the reels at a steady pace. If you want then you can impress the wizard too by your bold moves and bravery. Show bravery by spinning on high wagers and awaken the hidden Pippin inside you. The white wizard is fond of bravery and will reward you with big rewards If you are able to impress him with your skills. If you had a tiring day then you must try this game because it will totally refresh your senses. Don’t get distracted by the magical environment of this slot and focus on the reels because that will mean that lots of wins and bonuses will be coming your way. The basics of this game are very simple, easy and comprehendible in a simple manner. All you need to do is to play big. You can enter the wizard’s domain on Money Reels where this magical slot awaits. It has got 5 reels with 100 paylines that makes it different from the prequel slot title.

White Wizard Deluxe online slot   White Wizard Deluxe slot game

The game’s theme and gameplay are focused around the magic of the white wizard and his domain. Get ready to be indulged in high level magic of middle earth in this slot. Don’t fall for the cuteness of these white stars in the background they are just one of the wizard’s special powers to distract orcs and goblins. This slot has two main genres Adventure and Magic. The adventure is because e of the middle earth relation as middle earth offers some of the biggest adventures to its visitors. The magic element in the slot comes from the presence of the white wizard. You will see a lot of white stars in the background that add a lot of visual appeal to the screen. These white stars depict the beauty of the white wizard as these stars have been dispersed in the air by the wizard himself. All the symbols of this slot have been designed according to the theme of the game and add to the fun of this slot. There is yet another group of symbols the special symbols that include the wilds and the scatter symbols. These symbols trigger the bonus features and will give special ups and downs to your experience.

White Wizard Deluxe Slot Bonus Features

This slot offers the following bonus features

Free Spins

If you are able to land 3x or more dragon scatter symbols on the reels then you will be rewarded with free spins. For every 3, 4 or 5 free spins that you land you will get 15,20 and 25 free spins. These free spins will be played on same lines as the base game. These free games can be triggered as well (15 times at max)


You can also gamble your recent wins if you want to add more fun and adventure to this slot. Be aware that this step is only for those who have a heart for wins and losses both. With gamble feature you can double or quadruple your wins or lose it all. You can have consecutive wins in the game for a maximum of 5 times. So do you want to play big or don’t have the guts to risk it all?

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