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Why you should Try Out the Top 5 Games with Treasure Theme!

Why you should Try Out the Top 5 Games with Treasure Theme!

Any player who devotes time to any slots game is on the adventure of finding something. As good as the fun is, it is not as good as a treasured prize at the end of the search or hunt. Therefore, the treasure themed slots, which include the Pirate theme is an avenue for players to explore and exploit all habitats, especially the limitless underwater and others for long hidden priceless treasures as rewards.

Treasure Mine Slot Game

Treasure Mine slot

The first exciting thing you are going to find in this game is the lesson that treasures are farther beyond gold and silver. The Treasure mine uk slot game also offer fantasies that open up to unexpected bounties from the rich coffers. The slot game, as the name implies contains a tunnel full of treasure. However, of course, it is not as easy as it sounds. It takes a lot of resilience, passion, and determination to achieve such a feat. All of those skills work with The Treasure Hunt Slot Game has an RTP of 95.2%, which is not bad at all for a game of 40 paylines. The slot game is also with five reels and four rows.

Treasure Mine uk slot

Treasures of Tombs Slot Game

Treasures of Tombs slot game

The Treasures of Tombs slot sits on five reels and three rows with the opportunity to win multiple bounties as coins. The basic symbols include the typical ones of a playing card, such as 10, A, K, J, and Q. There are wild spins and bonus free spin for each win that opens the door for more significant success. The game also contains winning symbols of pirates, ancient signs and logos as well as precious pearls that are at stake. Aligning any one of these and the other symbol is a big win for players. The lady explorer can win you up to 5000 credit jackpots. The background has an Egyptian tomb entry design with creatively-crafted walls and ancient symbols. Playson developed the game to suit a fearless explorer.

Treasure of tombs

Treasure of Horus Slot Game

Treasure of Horus slot game

The Horus explores the riches of ancient Egyptian kingdom and the pyramids that house inestimable wealth. Treasure of Horus uk slot has a fortification that you cannot expect less of, where almost everything is of gold. It has a background against the blue sky and the rich palms of the land of Egypt. The game offers a minimum bet of 0.2 pounds and a maximum of 40 pounds. The layout has five reels and three rows with a 20 payline winning combinations. The 3, 4 or 5 different combinations can land you up to 40, 120 and 600 bonus coins respectively. Iron Dog Studio, a reputable game development company designed the Treasure of Horus for maximum pleasure to online slot game players.

Treasure of Horus slot

Da Vinci's Treasure Slot Game

Da Vinci's Treasure slot

With an RTP of about 96.50%, the Da Vinci’s Treasure slot game does not disappoint with the artistic and magical feel you may expect. The concept is to help John Hunter to discover his sought treasure, and no matter how poor the player starts, he can end up as a wealthy adventurer. The online slot game shows five reels and three rows with 25 paylines of unusual winning combinations. The bet ranges from 0.01 to 0.5 pounds. The symbols include the A, K, Q, J, 9 and 10 with winning symbols such as the John Hunter, Crossbow, Golden bag, Treasure book and the Da Vinci Helicopter.

Da Vinci's Treasure slot

Hidden Slot Game

Hidden slot

Hidden online slot game has an outlay on the outskirts of the Egyptian countryside, where you get to see the famous pyramids on the background. The two principal characters interacting on the game are Professor Taylor and his nephew who doubles as his apprentice, Benjamin. The game has about 178 possible winning combinations on the five reels and four rows. There are also wild symbols that can usher in a magnificent win. The music is also worth mentioning: it consists of windy rustling sound, the dust of the deserts and the whistling birds of the air. Apart from the Professor and his apprentice, other winning game symbols include the Sphinx, a camel, a magnifying glass, and the playing card symbols.