Rio Bingo

We all know the famous city of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil for some of us it’s our home, for some it’s a tourist center, a very famous city in the world and it makes ideal sense that sooner or later it would be used as a game theme sooner or later.

Rio Bingo Slot

Rio Bingo Gameplay

The game has a very colourful background and offers an aerial cartoonish view of the city of Rio with a view of the back of the Christ the redeemer statue. The online slots of bingo was designed in such a way that it is very easy to play, following the rules of the traditional 90-ball bingo game. If you believe in luck then this game was made especially for you because the whole gameplay is based entirely on the concept because from the time you place your bet the game is in the hands of the number generating machine, the good thing about that is that it makes the game pretty easy because no special skills are needed to win in this game. It has a return to player being set at 85% but it still attracts people to it because of its awesome features and the game design in total.

Rio Bingo Slot

Rio Bingo Features

The game provides opportunities to win various cash prizes, at the beginning of the game you have the opportunity to choose how many cards you want to play with ranging from 1 to 12 cards. The goal of the game is to hit five numbers that will be shown by your card on each line, at the beginning of the round each card chosen will show a grid of 27 squares in a division of three lines i.e. each line has a total of 9 squares. In this game the more lines you get the more your prize money will be and if you are lucky enough to hit all of the numbers in the card that means you get a full house which is the highest paying combo in the game. There are three rounds in the game and after every round, the prizes vary and 15 numbers are released. The game comes to an end when 45 different numbers have been picked and your general winnings will be made available. The general winnings are calculated according to the number of lines you are able to complete, one line can earn you up to a 3 times multiplier, two lines earns you up to a range of 4 to 8 multiplier and the biggest of them all the full house could fetch you up to 500 times your initial bet. The full house is very rare to come by which is logical since it is the one with the highest paying value.

Game developer

Rio Bingo is developed by PariPlay. Some of the other games that have been created by PariPlay include Arctic madness and Asteroids.

Game with similar themes

There are many games that are adopting the city of Rio as a theme right now, games like; Carnival in Rio, Dancing in Rio all have the Brazilian city as their base point, putting in the colorful aspects of it with occasional glimpses into the traditional side.

Mobile Compatibility

This online slot is compatible with both mobile and desktop without any major changes to either the gameplay or bonus modes.