Easter Cash Baskets UK Online Slot

This is an engaging slot game with 5 reels and 25 payline. It offers generous bonus features to players who love a challenge. Find out more at MoneyReels.com.

Easter Cash Basket Slot Summary

The Easter Cash Basket was creatively designed by Pariplay. Pariplay put so much thought into this slot game to give us something that is all engaging and fun. Pariplay goes beyond the mainstream to give us a slot game based on a Easter theme that is not overwhelmingly popular in the slot gaming industry.It is in that very way that Pariplay goes against what is common. With the Easter theme, Pariplay takes us to that consecrated part of the year and make us relive it anew. With the Easter Cash Basket video slot, you have the opportunity to always live in the Easter moment. This slot game is indeed everything if you are looking for a game that is entertaining and full of fun.

Easter Cash Basket Slot

Easter Cash Basket Slot Gameplay

Pariplay gives their best to this game. They were all out to impress us with this game, and we can say achieved it with this slot game’s appealing visuals. Easter Cash Basket is one very few slot games out there that has an astonishingly attractive interface. Everything on this reel table impress you at a first glimpse. Pariplay uses the 3D graphics effect to astound. On a design level, Pariplay scores very high with this slot game. This is more than a slot game; this is a standard setter as far as slot game’s design is concerned. The Easter Cash Basket slot game has raised the bar for other slot game development. The background of the reel table is set against a verdant meadow on a mountain top. The only thing that shows that it is indeed on a mountain top is the parabola shape of the field’s topography. Between the luscious field are field flowers that add beauty to the whole view.  In the far view of the background is a blue sky. Against his sky are shadows that reflect other mountains around. The black colour of the mountains shadows blends well with the other colours in the background; it blends creatively with the blue of the sky and the green of the field.

The whole reel table is in the form of a basket, only that this basket is a very big one to have been able to cover the whole size of the screen. Inside that basket is padding made of grass. That suggests that this basket must be an egg basket. The grass padding will then serve as protective against the eggs. The handle is in a wooden wreath of colour brown just as the whole basket also is brown. Both sides of he handle is wrapped with coloured ribbons. The left side of the handle is wrapped in a ribbon of dyed red. The right side is in a green colour ribbon. On the top of the reel table which also double as the top handle of the basket hangs the name of the game in yet another mix of colours that blend well with the colours already in the background.

In front of the reel table three big eggs that serve as the palette for your balance, your bet and your win. On the ribbons wrapped around the two sides of the basket are the numbers that show the paylines of the Easter Cash Basket slot game. The symbols on this game are eggs of different colours, a bunny; the scatter logo symbol and the traditional card symbols.  The Easter Cash Basket slot game has an RTP of 95%.

Easter Cash Basket Slot  Easter Cash Baskets slot

Easter Cash Basket Slot Bonus Feature

The wild symbol in this slot game is represented by the bunny symbol. This wild symbol like in other slot games can replace all the other symbols on the reel except the scatter symbol. The wild symbol can give you up to a payout of 5,000 coins.

There are two types of scatter in the Easter Cash Basket slot game. The first scatter does not come with any special feature. It only comes with 3, 6, and 30 times of your wager for whenever you spin 3, 4, and 5 scatter symbols into view respectively. The second kind of scatter is represented by the basket of eggs symbol on the reel table. This second scatter symbbol activate the bonus feature that presents you with an array of Easter hampers. With this bonus feature, you are presented with the opportunity to pick 4 out of the 8 Easter hampers to claim good prizes.

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Easter Cash Basket Slot Developer

Pariplay is a multi-functional gaming company that has since its inception released some very cool slot games. The Pariplpay company is known to specialize in the development and licensing of Real Money Games. Pariplay is also known to behind some very significant backend administration of most casino games. This company is known to use good API to build their slot games in a way that makes it fit for all kinds of gaming platforms.

Gameplay on mobile vs. desktop/laptop

Most of Pariplay slot games are optimized for both platforms of mobile and desktop/laptop version. On mobile, the Easter Cash Basket game resolution is made to fit properly on any mobile device no matter the screen size. There is no difference between the mobile and desktop version. Players can only choose any of the platforms to play their game on based on their preference. However, despite this lack of difference, the mobile device will always give mobile accessibility to the game because mobile devices are easier to carry about.