Sharknado UK Online Slot

Action slots are interesting and especially if they are related to a TV show or movie. When it comes to online slots, users have high expectations because of the already gained fame of the theme. The popularity of the slot is owed directly to the theme, especially if they are giant successful TV shows or movies.

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Sharknado Slot Summary

A lot of games offer features in their respective slots. Some of the most important slots have their background related to famous TV shows and movies. All these traits allow the TV shows to offer their merchandise, games, and so many other things to boost their fame. One important aspect that is never undermined by fans is when a TV show, movie, or even a music band or celebrity produces their very own slot game.

Sharknado offered by Pariplay offers not just exciting graphics which make the experience truly worthwhile but the features also make the game reflect its actual importance and what it can offer to the players. The graphical features that the game offer in both the basic and bonus rounds make the game truly entertaining. The experience of the game is closely similar to that of the original TV movie Sharknado. The game is not just related to action, movies, TV, but also has a vibe of adventure to it which makes the game eligible to various genres there are.

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Sharknado Slot Features

Here are all the technical details and features of the game that you want to know:

For starters, the RTP of Sharknado is 95.95% and the game offers 5 Reels with 25 Paylines. The game lets you bet 1 coin for every payline. As far as the RTP of the game goes, it’s not quite impressive as it should have been considering the game’s overall fame. The game is bound to have been searched by both fans and the general public who are unaware of the Sharknado’s fame. Moving on to the game’s details, the symbols used in this game are A, J, K, Q, 10, and the four major cast members of Sharknado especially Tara Reid who holds the highest score. The Wild used in this game has Wild written on it with a red background.

Aside from the game’s fame, here is what the slot has to offer in its features. The game consists of 3 major bonus rounds which promise the player a lot provided they utilize their luck and manage to score accordingly. 1 of the 3 games is called Chef’s Choice: “Sharknado Mode”. In this mode, you can be winning as much as 2, 3, 4, and 5 times as the multiplier gets increased. The fun or rather the entertaining bit about the game is that it doesn’t require the player to win any symbol in any slot, or that it has to be paid. Very similar to the game’s attitude and format, this round appears out of nowhere and can easily help the player have their multipliers boosted. Although, bear in mind that the free spins cannot be triggered while playing this mode.

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The second feature game is called On The “Random Wild” Side. This game is rather entertaining because what happens in this game is totally dependant on the Wild symbol and where it lands. Once it lands anywhere in the slot, irrespective of the times placed in the slot, a helicopter will appear on the top of the screen and will drop nuclear bombs. If the bomb is dropped successfully on the Wild, all the symbols utilized in the slot will turn into Wilds minus the Scatter symbol. This keeps on happen and will give the player a great chance to win high.

The final feature game is called The “Free Spins” Dessert. You can be awarded multiple free spins upon hitting a very special symbol. This symbol has Chainsaw on it and if found anywhere in the slot at least thrice. For thrice the number of symbols, you can win at least 5 to 10 free spins. For 4 symbols, you can win 11-15 free spins, while for 5, you can win 16-20 free spins. Do bear in mind that the actual number of free spins entirely depends on the game and is definitely random.

As far as the game goes, it certainly has a mixed aura around it. That is to say, the game is certainly famous and is known to both the fans and the general audience of slots. But the game is not alone known and revered for its features. While the game does offer high quality and highly detailed graphics, not to mention the shark and effects in the game, it should be kept in mind the fact that the features in the game are not quite as promising as the player might anticipate. The game does have it all, that is, the free spins, the multipliers, and entertaining effects that make the game true to its theme. That doesn’t mean that the game offers promising returns to the player. The return isn’t quite as high as some players might have expected.

Needless to say, despite the game’s RTP and the features, the game does offer features that are worth the entertainment. Although a few features if improved can make the game more popular. While the features employed in this game are true and loyal to the game’s original theme and background, had the scores been a little elevated, the game would have been more entertaining to play.

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Similar Feature Games With Sharknado:

Although so many games can be found with the similar RTP as Sharknado. Some of the notable and worthy mention games include Game of Thrones. Other games that also deserve mention are Apollo God of the Sun, Magnificent Jewels, and White Knight.

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