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There are online slots that have just about all kinds of themes and bonuses. A very few games manage to stand out as unique based on the theme and graphics.

lucky stars uk slot game

Lucky Stars Slot Game Summary

Zodiacs are a fascinating topic. A lot of people talk about it and it’s not like they are the master of that particular field but they might know a thing or two about it. Whether anybody believes in it or not, the curiosity for the subject is always there. It’s not just symbols and compatibility in the stars and zodiacs that appeals the people but it goes a lot more than that. Zodiacs said to have been found in the constellations found in the sky. The stars are arranged in such a manner that they look strikingly similar with the zodiac symbols we get to see on the internet, newspaper and in other places.

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Lucky Stars offered by Microgaming is an entertaining slot. Again, whether you are interested or not reluctant to believe in stars and zodiac signs, the game is both groups of people. Because Lucky Stars is a slot game, this game promises everything it can to those who have luck on their side. Even if you land your zodiac doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll win.

Lucky Star Online Slot Gameplay

Background of Lucky Stars has a certain charm into it that makes you want to gaze into it and feel a thing about yourself. Perhaps question your existence in the world or be given the impression of how constellations can affect the daily life of anyone in the world. The mist and the stars present in the background aren’t related to the game’s main features but has a very catching sight that makes you want to gaze into it and feel a certain joy.

Lucky Stars online slot game  Lucky Stars slot game

The symbols, sound effects, and everything present in the game are fairly easy to understand and use whether you’re an expert or just a beginner. What is most appealing about Lucky Stars is its symbols. They are not just adorable because of their design but they want to make you feel special about your zodiac. Now, you may or may not believe in it but in the end, everyone in the world has a zodiac based on their date of birth. What is considered to be most appealing about the game, apart from the attractive graphics, are its bonus features and gameplay, that truly define the scope of the game.

Lucky Stars Slot Game Features

After having discussed a bit about the game and it outer features, Lucky Stars is going to be analyzed based on what it has to offer:

Lucky Stars has an RTP of 95.25% which is quite impressive seeing the theme of the game. To play the game one has to bet 20 coins for one single payline. The game is 5 Reel and offers 20 Paylines. The game may seem as if it's lagging the payline but seeing the theme and the whole plot of the game, the number of paylines are justified. The important symbols to look out for in this game are the Wild and the Scatter. The Wild symbol is represented by Moon and the Scatter by Zodiac.

The bonus features of the game are the ones that truly define the scope and extent of the game. Lucky Stars has quite a lot to offer with only 1 bonus round. To unlock the bonus round, you have to have at least 3 or more Scatters anywhere in the machine. The bonus round can triple the win and offer as much as 7 free spins. Once that is done, you’re taken to a new window where you’re displayed the 12 zodiacs. Pick one and you’ll have the option to select either 15 free spins for the game or taken into another bonus round. In this bonus round, you have to pick 5 zodiacs out of 12. If you choose the right ones, you’re going to find yourself winning random prizes.

Lucky Stars can be considered an adorable happy game with vibes of luck, fortune, and, of course, zodiac. The game is without a doubt entertaining and in many ways, the game can make you wonder so many things about zodiac, constellations, and how our lives are shaped just by the gestures of heavenly bodies on the sky but there is a lot more in the game that needs to be understood on a critical level.

The game’s RTP is without a doubt an impressive one. A lot of themes related to zodiacs are not quite in the scene, so you have to be a little picky in this to choose the best game according to your temper, mood, and features. What is remarkable about the game is that it is offering sufficient platform to avail bonus features. The game is certainly creative when it comes to the bonus rounds but perhaps space is there to improve more. While the game does offer plenty of chances to avail the feature bonuses, it may not quite be a lot. Free spins, random prizes all sound appealing but a lot more could have been in the package and may have made Lucky Stars one of the best online slots there is. In simple and plain words, Lucky Stars is entertaining and is filled with attractive visual graphics and audio. As far as the features and the bonuses go, a lot could have been added in the Lucky Stars to make it the perfect zodiac themed slot.

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