Pay Day Jackpot

Slot games vary in themes, features, and a lot of other things that define their uniqueness. However, only a handful of games manage to make it on the list as far as your special interest goes.

Pay Day Jackpot Slot Game Summary

Classic slots have their own charm. Come to think of it a lot of classical things we have come across in our lives maintain not just a name for itself but has a spirit to it which makes it not just endearing but makes us realize how the original version may have been like to play with.

Slots can have themes of all kinds and there is no limit to them. There are can be themes related to TV shows, music, movies, games, culture, or anything innovative can always be welcomed. No matter how many themes are present at the moment, there is perhaps no replacing the classical themes which have always been admired and remembered by slot machine enthusiasts around the world.

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Pay Day Jackpot Slot Gameplay

Pay Day Jackpot is not the kind of game you can explain in just a few words. It’s entertaining, popular, but most importantly, it allows the users to feel the same old sensation of the classical jackpot in an exciting new way. Pay Day Jackpot is no quite like the 3 reel slot but a lot of things about Pay Day Jackpot makes it connected to not just the original slot but also with the modern version of the online slots. While the game and its bonuses are to be discussed later in the game, the very construction of the game marks it as an attractive yet simple slot to play.

Everi’s Pay Day Jackpot has this unique charm which makes it a favorite among classic slot fans. Starting from the background, it’s plain black. Now, unlike other games which gave these fancy graphics and pictures, Pay Day Jackpot it seems to have established itself as a simple and to-the-point game which is urging players to stick to the original plan of the game and play. The graphics and symbols used in Pay Day Jackpot, however, are made with dedication and are indeed attractive. While the background is too simple and plain, the symbols displayed are nonetheless attractive.

Pay Day Jackpot Slot Features

To understand more about Pay Day Jackpot can offer, here is what you need to know:

Getting on the more technical side of the game, Pay Day Jackpot is a 5 Reel 40 Payline game. The RTP of the game is around 94% which happens to be reasonable and quite decent. The Wild symbol is represented by Wild. The game has a lot of fruits in as symbols. The Scatter symbol in this game is Bonus. To understand what the game can offer in bonus, here are a few things that can help clear:

If you manage to land at least 3 or more Bonus symbols anywhere in the slot, you’re eligible to try Free spins. The free spins can take you on a ride in Pay Day Jackpot and it all depends on how many bonus symbols you can get. The minimum number of free spins you can get for 3 bonus is 6. The spins increase as you score 4 bonuses and are awarded as much as 10 spins. If you manage to score 5 bonuses, you’ll get 20 free spins.

Pay Day Jackpot, like all other games, demand your luck and its ability to be in your favor and where luck is needed the most is when you need to multiply your wins. The very loose and perhaps the easiest part of the game is that you manage to land symbols in a consecutive reel where you are awarded prizes. These prizes may vary depending on the symbols you land.

The awards offered are total 3 in number and have to be picked by the player. One of the three rewards is having to multiply your bet from 6 times to 120 times! You can also at least 2 picks and if you’re lucky enough to land on Jackpot Jump symbol, you’ll be interested to know what’s that about. Once that is unlocked, it manages to create another consecutive tier and once it all gets matched, a big reward is thrown into the player.

A very brief verdict of Pay Day Jackpot can be summed up in one simple sentence that the game is entertaining and has the necessary traits of being a classical slot, but being such a game also means that it may not offer as many bonuses, features as it is expected. While Pay Day Jackpot has the aura and the attitude for being a classic and appealing to the users who enjoy classic themes, the bonus features are not quite as exciting as one might expect. While it is relieving to enjoy free spins based on the number of times the bonus symbol appears, the features availed after the bonus symbols are not quite sufficient and can be increased.

Pay Day Jackpot does offer the attitude of a classic slot but an insufficient number of prices and spins can affect the game’s ranking in the classic theme slots, let alone other games. But on the bright side, the game is fairly simple and there are no complicated levels or bonuses, which makes it perfect for a traditional simple user who enjoys the strictly classical jackpot theme.

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Because the game is remarkably simple, a lot of games still manage to find similar features as Pay Day Jackpot. Crazy Pop, Fruit Climber, and Power Joker not only share the same features as Pay Day Jackpot but also resemble a lot as far as the theme goes.

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