Crossword Cash

From the olden times crosswords have been one of the most popular games.  This scratchcard combines crosswords with instant win gaming.

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Crossword Cash Scratchcard

Money Reels knows just how important this type of games are and they therefore brings us Crossword Cash which is an instant win game. In this game players have to match letters and find words to win prizes.

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Crossword Cash Scratchcard Theme

Crossword Cash is basically based on crossword style game where players have to match a set of letters. They simply have to take a selection of 18 letters and match them with the letters displayed on the crossword and create new words from them.

The letters that are placed on the side of the screen are the ones that should be used to fill up the letter spaces on the crossword grid. It is good that a player constructs as a many words as you possibly can out of the maximum number of ten words you are given. Because the more words you create the higher the prizes you get from the game.

The background is filled with an array of colours, it comes in green and white then the yellow coloured letters are neatly displayed at the upper most part of the screen with the games title. Letter spaces are also found on the background.

Crossword Cash scratch  Crossword Cash scratch card

On the opening screen you get the + and - signs which you use to determine the total amount of coins you want to use for the game. The minimum amount that a player can stake is 1.00 per game and the maximum amount of coins per game is 25. The bet amount and also the betting range makes it very easy for even the players with tighter pocket sizes to participate in the game.

This game is a lot different form the other slot games where you have to constantly just click on icons, it gives you the chance to actively engage your brain in the game and be a part of creating of letters until all the words are over and you can’t create any more.

Crossword Cash Game Features

All of the prizes are based on how many words you can pair as long as you can match 3 words then you can be able to get some cash reward. 25 coins is the lowest reward a player can get by matching 3 words. If a player successfully matches 4 words then they can get 50 coins, 5 words will give a player 100 coins while 6 words gives  awards a player with 250 coins.

The other much bigger prizes are 1250 coins for 7 correctly matched words, and 2500 coins for 8 correctly matched words. 9 words will reward a player with 12500 coins and the highest of them which is also the mega jackpot for 10 correctly matched words.

Crossword Cash Slot Developer

Crossword Cash is developed by Specialty Games. Many games from Specialty are taken to be some of the best in the gaming world. If you liked this game and would want to try other games from Specialty games then you can try the following games asteroids instant win, judge de las chapas, quarter million fruit, fast buck lucky, roman double up, slingo, shuffle roulette, wheely wheely big win, fruiterra fortune, wheel of fortune winning winds and nerves of steel.

There are other very interesting games you can try that are also from specialty games. Visit your online casino MoneyReels and have the best from specialty games.

Similar games theme

There are many other games that most word smiths will like. They are basically meant for word smiths. These games can be found on the online casinos, they are also spread across different categories of games. Some of the games that can be of interest to word smiths include word candy, crosswords with friends, wheel of fortune, crossword and many others that can be easily found on the casinos.

Similar games features

For the players who prefer instant win games you can find other similar games that might interest you. Cash buster towers is just one among the many examples. It is a very highly paying instant game that requires a player to demolish towers so as to access the many prizes that are hidden beneath the towers.

In this game too players have the chance to receive many rewards and other cash prizes. Players also have the opportunity to activate cash rewards or even activate bonus options. The games are also very similar in that there are plenty rewards for the players in both. If you love crosswords cash you will sure love cash buster towers.

Mobile vs desktop playing

Desktop playing is loved for its wide screens which give the feel of being right inside a casino and playing with other players however the good thing is now you can carry this generous dragon with you everywhere you go to. By simply logging into your favourite online casino like MoneyReels you get the chance to indulge yourself in this generous mobile slot.

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