Scratch Call of the Colosseum

In this scratch game we travel back to the ancient city of Rome specifically to the age of the gladiators and follow their journey as they take on wild beasts and fellow men in this epic show-stopping game and the fun part about this is that while doing it we get the added benefit of winning a lot of great prizes that are up for grabs in this game by NextGen gaming.

call of the colosseum scratch

Call Of The Colosseum Scratch Summary

We have definitely heard about the Colosseum that was built in 80 AD by one of the Roman emperors specifically Emperor Titus in Rome, if you do not know about the history of Rome well this is a chance to find out more about Rome’s history through one of its most prominent structures. The Colosseum was used for gladiator matches which are not so much different from our modern day wrestling matches but with the addition of blood and deadly weapons. If you are a fan of gladiator movies or gladiator games then you will surely want to check out this gladiator scratch game from the stable of NextGen. The game definitely has this captivating aura about it that is capable of drawing people to play it with its great design and flashy colors and then keep them glued to it with the great gameplay and fantastic prizes that can be won during the course of the game.


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Call Of The Colosseum Scratch Gameplay

This game follows the same idea and pattern as other scratch games follow where you have to scratch the cards to reveal matching symbols and win awesome prizes generally based on the amount that has been used to stake by the players so remember to stake high because the bigger your bet the higher your chances of winning the big jackpot. This game is generally very easy to play and thus can be enjoyed by even beginners since it doesn’t require any special skills or expertise. It is pretty obvious that the game designers definitely paid maximum attention to the game design since they have put in their very best to make sure that the game shows a very detailed expression of the theme. They went for a bit of a realistic look but with much better colors and making the walls of the Colosseum a bit more modern than in reality. It still maintained most of the features though with the open roof that enables you see the clear blue sky and provides light for the board to the pillars and the seats that are arranged round the stadium it is even more beautiful than the real thing itself.

call of the colosseum scratch card

Call Of The Colosseum Scratch Bonus Features

This might be the only disadvantage that the game has that it does not offer a bonus round to provide that wow factor but this can also be seen as an advantage in a way because it makes sure the game is kept quite simple and straightforward for everyone, this should not be that much of a problem because very few scratch games out there offer bonus rounds as well. It also offers a moderate return to player with the return to players set at 93.41% which is quite high for a scratch card game.

call of the colosseum online casino

Call Of The Colosseum Scratch Developer

There is no doubt that the creators of this game NextGen gaming is one of the foremost leading brands in the online casino gaming world with over 100 games being credited to them. Ever since their establishment in 1999 they have put in enough hard work to carve out a very reputable name for themselves in the gambling industry with the production of some of the best games both land-based and online based games. The most noticeable feature that can be used to tell their games apart from games from other companies is the very detailed graphical design given to each and every one of their games, they have strived for excellence over the years and have definitely gotten it, thrilling the world to the most exciting games out there. Whether it be scratch games, slot games or bingo games you seek you are definitely going to find a very large variety to choose from this gaming company with each game having its own unique features. Some of the NextGen games are more popular than the others, games such as 300 shields, doctor love, Medusa, Jack and Beanstalk and Mad Mad Monkey are simply on the list of most popular online casino games on the net you probably might have even played some of these games yourselves before now. NextGen gaming basically kicked up at the start of the era of online casinos and definitely kicked up well because from that time till date they are still the forerunners in the online casino world and from the looks of things they look like they are still going to be on the top in years to come as long as they keep producing well and interesting games.

Games With Similar Theme / Graphics

There are a lot of online casino games with an ancient Roman theme on the net which gives a variety to choose from but one that stands out in similarity with this one is the Roman Colosseum scratch game by Novamatic software developers which also centers around the prominent structure in Rome which is the Colosseum.

Games With Similar Feature / Bonus Rounds

There were a variety of games to choose from in this category that would offer a similar experience in terms of features, one of them is Golden Odyssey scratch card game.

Gameplay On Mobile Vs Desktop / Laptop

If you have ever played a game by NextGen then you must know about the picture quality on both mobile devices and desktops, the game is available on various mobile devices and ios devices across the world and is of perfect video quality. It is basically the same visually on both of the platforms, the only edge the mobile phone might have over the desktop is its mobility that is the ability to play the game anywhere that we are with the mobile phone.

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