Frank's Freak Spins

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Frank's Freak Spins UK online slot

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Frank's Freak Spins is a 5 reel, 20 payline slot game with a 95.02% RTP. This UK Online Slot comes with Free Spins, Scatter Symbol, Jackpot and Wild feature.

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Frank's Freak Spins UK slot game

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Frank’s Freak Spins UK Online Slot

 This UK slot revolves around the laboratory of Doctor Frankenstein who was the individual who conceived the idea of making a living monster by using different experiments. The game is full of fun and will be loved by those players who have an interest in myths and horror stories which are a part of the common culture now. The game is beautifully set in Frankenstein’s laboratory where the reels spin with the luck of the player. It has 20 playlines and 5 reels. It has an RTP of 95.02%. If you are a daring player and have the guts to visit the cursed laboratory where God knows what evil experiments are underway then you have chosen the right slot game for you. The game can be played for free on Money Reels, try it now.

Frank’s Freak Spins Developer - Core Gaming

This slot game brought to the market by Core Gaming Is based on the horror legend of the monster of Frankenstein who was the young scientist who did the unorthodox experiment to make the monster of Frankenstein. There are several other fabulous pieces by Core Gaming: Deep Riches slot game, Cryptex 7, The Sky’s The Limit slot, Evel Knievel – Road to Vegas.

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The gameplay of this slot game can be classified as Horror/Fun as it is horror from the looks of it, the sound, the background and the theme whereas the reels, the bets and the spins all are factors which contribute to the fun element of this game. The game is focused on the laboratory itself where the monster of Frankenstein was made. Gameplay is interesting and the funny animations of Frankenstein make it more funny and fun to play. The background is a dungeon type area which looks more of a laboratory of Doctor Frankenstein. There are old structured walls and a twinkling night is visible from the windows of those walls. The great monster itself is place tied up with a wooden stand on right side of the slot box and it tries to free itself on and off. Stitches are visible on the monster’s body which shows that it has been integrated into one entity from different parts. The slot box is basically five chemical flasks full of a pink coloured chemical. Each flask represents a single reel and all are placed adjacent to each other. The game symbols are designed according to the theme. The inductance of the game theme into the symbols themselves makes the game further interesting. A Weird hand with a single eye on its top is watching the player from the left side of the slot box. The lower valued slots of the game are depicted by sewn together alphabets and upper slots by different symbols.

The lower valued slot symbols include

1. A Symbol, At max bet 50,100,200 pounds for 3x, 4x and 5x combinations respectively

2. J Symbol, At max bet 25,50,150 pounds for 3x, 4x and 5x combinations respectively

3. Q Symbol, At max bet 25,50,150 for 3x, 4x and 5x combinations respectively

4. K Symbol, At max bet 50,100,200 for 3x, 4x and 5x combinations respectively

5. 10 Symbol, At max bet 25,50,150 for 3x , 4x and 5x combinations respectively

The upper symbols in this game are represented by

1. Books Symbol, At max bet 75,125,500 for 3x , 4x and 5x combinations respectively

2. Frankenstein’s Monster, At max bet 25,125,500,1500 for 2x,3x , 4x and 5x combinations respectively

3. A Burner Symbol, At max bet 100,250,1000 for 3x, 4x and 5x combinations respectively

4. Game logo symbol, At max bet 50,250,1000,2500 for 2x, 3x , 4x and 5x combinations respectively

The special symbols of the game are depicted by

Chemical Bottles ( Bonus : triggers freak spins )

Electric Shock Symbol ( Triggers : Cash Saw)

Frank’s Freak Spins Slot Features

The screen of the game is very colourful and suits the theme perfectly. It is set with easy to use interactive buttons which can be understood easily even by a first time user. All the interactive buttons are placed on both sides of the slot box. Regular tips for the game keep popping up on the top centre of the slot box.

The background music of this game is very well suited to the background and gives the player the typical feel of the horror movie it takes back the player into 17th century’s laboratory where the evil doctor performs his experiments. The music is based on the theme of a thrill slot game and gives creeps and chills to the user. The gameplay is further doubled with regards to fun. If you really want to enjoy this game then keep the music turned on and then play this game.

If you are too afraid to spin the reel and are afraid of the monster himself then you always have the option to back away and do it on an auto spin mode. In this way you can play the game while keeping yourself “safe” from the monster and other evils in the laboratory.

Frank’s Freak Spins Slot Game Free Spins

Those who dare to visit the laboratory are rewarded with the following bonus features.

If the player is able to land 3x or more bonus symbols i.e. the chemical bottles anywhere on the screen in a combination of 3x, 4x or 5x then they are rewarded with 5, 10 or 25 freak spins. Be ready to win lots of chemical rewards.

The electric switch symbol, if lands on reel 5 (except centre )causes 1 electric shock symbol to add to the trail beside Frankenstein’s monster’s body.

The electric switch symbol, if lands on reel 5 (on centre )causes 3-10 electric shock symbol to add to the trail beside Frankenstein’s monster’s body.

Finally, if the player is able to wake the Frankenstein’s monster the player enters the cash saw feature.

It offers the players unlimited spins on the cash saw, just wins and win and lots of rewards and good money. There are several other features which will enhance your gameplay i.e. multipliers and upgrades. If you manage to upgrade it twice then you get access to the jackpot feature. The feature ends when the user ends on the collect feature or the progressive jackpot wheel output ends.