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Jackpotz slot game

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Jackpotz is a 3 reel, 5 payline slot game with a 94% RTP. This UK Online Slot comes with Jackpot and Wild feature.

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Jackpotz UK online slot game

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Jackpotz UK Online Slot

Today, one can have not just a lot of offers, rewards, but the slot game have become very entertaining owing to their themes and ideas. It is not just the fact that the game is defined alone by its distinct rewards and features but with the appropriate theme and background, the player is more inclined to try the game for themselves. Keeping these details in mind, the game about to be summarized comprises of all elements that can make a slot game not just entertaining but also worth the time.

Jackpotz Developer - Core Gaming

Core Gaming’s Jackpotz is an amazing slot game. It offers not just amazing rewards to the player but it also has the background that of a trance concert and gives the vibes to make you feel like you’re in a comfortable environment. The game is not just made beautifully but seems to have everything that the modern groove would expect to have. Jackpotz cannot alone be summed in words. To make sure you are familiar with the game, you have to play it and see how it goes. Other top Core Gaming slot game include Power Gems slot game and Frog of Fortune slot.

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When it comes to slots, there is no denying that they are filled with entertainment. Whether it is the theme or the features offered in the game, it is just impossible to try games without trying to chase your luck. Come to think of it, every game seems to have this idea, an objective where the player has to try his/her luck and see what they can have. The rewards are equally open for everyone and anybody can have them. It’s easy and it doesn’t need any complicated rocket sciences or a fancy degree. If you want to win in slots, all you have to do is be able to keep your luck straight and see what it can get you.

As far as games go, there are a lot of games that manage to offer great rewards but it doesn’t end there only. The theme of the game plays a vital role in setting the stage for the game. To make the game interesting and much more entertaining, the theme of the game plays a very vital role. There are games that offer just about all kinds of a theme present in them, though they are not numerous. While many games tend to keep the theme to a certain extent, there is no doubt that the game under discussion has a few but very interesting points to offer.

Jackpotz Slot Features

If you are wondering what Jackpotz is like to play, here are a few things you would like to know. Jackpotz holds an RTP of 94% which can be said is a fair number, if not too low or medium. The game has a structure of 3 x 3 and can be considered a classic yet a futuristic sort of game. The symbols to look out for are the Wild and the Scatter symbols. The Scatter is represented by the $ symbol and if found 3 times in the game, you can easily win 60 points. The Wild symbol is the real deal-maker here as it offers 1,500 points if found 3 times in the reel. One particular symbol to look for in this game is Mega Streak symbol. This symbol allows the player to score free spins between 4 to 20.

Jackpotz Slot Game Review 2019

There is no doubt that when it comes to finding games that are similar to Jackpotz, they can be easily found and can be easily considered parallel to what the game actually has to offer. That being said, let us look at a few games that are similar in terms of theme and background with Jackpotz. Diamond Deal has this sort of futuristic look which makes it very entertaining to play. If the player has had enough of Jackpotz and wishes to try something more similar with Jackpotz Diamond Deal covers everything and ensures the player not just an entertaining but challenging time in terms of getting the rewards and offers they truly deserve.

One other game that has a striking resemblance with Jackpotz is Neon Reelz. Just like Jackpotz theme and how it manages to create a futuristic and trance vibe, Neon Reelz is certainly no different and is quite frankly one of the most sought and searched games after Jackpotz. Wazdan’s Arcade is also a notable example when it comes to relating themes similar to Jackpotz. The game does not only present a remarkable theme but also carries with itself great rewards that can be easily granted to the player as long as their lucky is steady and is helping them win big.

There are many games that come close to Jackpotz as far as their features and offers go. One game that has a rather very interesting theme and comes with a lot of features, not to mention holding a great resemblance with Jackpotz is Leaders of the Free Spin World. The game is interesting not because of the similar features that are offered both in Jackpotz but the background of the game is very diverse as it represents a somewhat a lot of cultures in the game, as well as a great range of genres and backgrounds present in the game.

Other games and names that are worthy of being considered in the list are Fruit Climber, Power Joker, and Lost Island slot game. These games, though, are very different and have a theme that is quite diverse and dissimilar with Jackpotz, which is, on the contrary, has a club sort of vibe in it, the games nonetheless offer similar rewards and features as Jackpotz. One other jolly name that makes it into the list is Shore Thing. The game is not just hilarious as is “Shore” sounds but it also manages to offer the same feature just as Jackpotz does.

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