Age of Spartans Spin16 UK Online Slot

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Age of Spartans Spin16 slot game

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Age of Spartans Spin16 is a 5 reel, 30 payline slot game with a 94% RTP. Scatter wins are multiplied by the total credits wagered scatter wins are added to payline wins.

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Age of Spartans Spin16 UK online slot game

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When it comes to slots that are related to history and ancient civilizations, you can find plenty of games. The one which is about to be discussed is related to a very glorious part of history that a lot of us may be familiar with.

When it comes to history, the best thing that we have ever managed to be friends with is using our imagination. History is a period in which we may or may not have lived but it is for certain that we cannot live in it again.

It’s that told period of time in which none of us had ever lived, yet we are told so many times of its importance and events. History, whether we believe in it or not, has happened. It did not occur right before our very own eyes but things happened when we were not present in the world. We may not have seen revolutions, changes, advancements of civilizations through thousands of years but we do manage to use our imagination and manage to relive the experience by creating the atmosphere.

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Take for instance the most developed civilizations that were present just 2500 years ago. 2000 years is a great deal of time and it should be mentioned that there were no concepts of united countries, territories, in fact, everything was very reserved, compact, and most importantly, emerged in a fear of being taken over by outside forces. It was not so much of a paranoia as much as it was realism at that time.

Of all the forces that were of intimidation may not have been advanced or civilized as we are in the present era but they certainly were brave enough to protect their rules, ideologies, and most importantly each other. Whether you are a history fan or a film enthusiast, Spartans, Romans, Greeks, and names like these must have come across you, and as full of chivalry these parts of the world were, as seen on screen, they were much more thrilled and enthusiastic in real life.

Coming to life is a very remarkable and brave group of people in this game that is about to be discussed. Age of Spartans Spin 16 offered by Genii is a game that is not just developed while keeping in mind the graphics, symbols, and the overall atmosphere but offers a lot of rewards to the player. Just like the motivated and ever ready Spartans who were unintimidated by any challenge thrown before them, this game expects the same from the player and, therefore, the player has to come with a heart of luck and tolerance so that he could try his luck and see if he could be as zest and brave just like the Spartans were as found in the pages of history.

Age of Spartans Spin 16 Slot Features

Here is everything you would want to know about Age of Spartans Spin 16. This games has a rather low RTP and offers the players as much as 94%. As far as the game goes, it has a structure of 5 x 3 and comes with 30 paylines. The interesting bit of the game comes with the fact that its symbols are solely dedicated to the Spartans. The symbols include Leonidas's wife, horn, shield, helmet, and A, J, K, Q, 9, and 10. While there are points that can be easily gained provided that the symbols are stored in the paylines. The most entertaining part of the game can be found in the bonus games, and that is, of course, the Spin 16. In Spin 16, you can spin the reels in any direction, so, if you manage to make the right moves, you can easily gain a lot of points and rewards. All you have to do is spin the reels in either upward, downward, or sideways, and if you are lucky enough to get the right combination, you can be entitled to a lot of rewards.

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When it comes to games that are very close and related to Age of Spartans Spin 16, there are, in fact, many games that come to the list.

One of the most anticipated game in this perspective is Zeus God of Thunder. This game comes very close in sharing the theme with Spartans seeing how Greeks and Spartans lived side by side and close to each other if we look at history, loosely speaking. Both games are dedicated to their theme, which is obviously not news, but what makes both games really remarkable is the fact that they can prove to be quite entertaining and goes without saying, very remarkable in offering players the rewards they truly deserve.

One very notable game that makes into the list is Apollo God of the Sun Slot Game, which is the same as Zeus God of Thunder, and not to mention comes very close in giving the vibes that Age of Spartans Spin 16 managed to deliver.

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Age of Spartans Spin 16, when it comes to features and offers, can manage to resemble with a few games. One particular game, as far as the RTP goes, is Relic Raiders, which resembles the Age of Spartans Spin 16 a lot. Dice Express and Age of Spartans Spin 16 may not have the similar features as far as the theme goes, not to mention how both games have a very different degree but when it comes to features and rewarding players, both games come very close and can be easily related to each other. Other games such as Money Bunny, Haunted Hallows slot, and A Cool Million are a few games that come close to offering the same features as Age of Spartans Spin 16.

To find more games of all kinds of themes and genres, and especially related to history of all eras and civilizations, and of all kinds of cultures, feel free to visit Money Reels.