Archangels: Salvation UK Online Slot

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Archangels Salvation slot game

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Archangels Salvation is a 6 reel, 100 payline slot game with a 96.08% RTP. The feature can only be activated, if a 2x2 Wild symbol lands in any of the spot areas. In Free Spins, the hot spot areas are increased to 3 rows.

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Archangels Salvation UK online slot game

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Archangels Salvation UK Online Slot

Archangels Salvation is the latest online slots game which is created by NetEnt. The rewards in this game of Archangels: Salvation is incredible since you can get up to 25 free spins and you can get to win up to 375 times your bets in each free spin.

The archangel confronts the devil and his horrible infernal tactics in order to destroy evil once and for all. And bring salvation in this amazing online slot game, Archangels Salvation.

Archangels Salvation Developer - NetEnt

The NetEnt game symbols are related to a celestial battle. One can observe an angel in the left area and on the demonic side on the right of the screen.

Well, today you are going to have to be in the middle of that battle to see who takes control of the new slot machines of NetEnt game geniuses, Archangels: Salvation.

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First of all, you should know that the free plays feature will allow you to get the amount of 25 free spins. Also, the game has an RTP of more than 95%, and do not be surprised if on the screen you see an angel and a demon on the sides - the angel on the left and the demon on the right. Remember that both are the main characters of the game and that the two can even produce very attractive addition payments for 5 similar symbols in a betting line.

The controls incorporate the options of an automatic game and maximum bet. Your bets can be selected in 10 different levels, giving you the possibility to bet a maximum of 400 coins. The currency range can be selected between 0.01 up to a maximum of 0.50. It includes a wild symbol which can replace any of the symbols of this slot and generate victories effectively.

The scatter symbol gives you the possibility to win some free spins, with an interval of 10 to 25 free spins depending on the number of special symbols that appear in the lanes. It incorporates some additional symbols that allow you to create winning combinations and enjoy a dynamic game session with impressive graphics quality.

The struggle between good and evil is something that comes from the beginning of time, the struggle between angels and demons to gain control. There are many stories about celestial battles like Saint Michael and his angels fighting against the dragon. The dragon is the symbol of the dark and the evil, with 7 heads as 7 are the deadly sins. The time is nigh for the final battle between good and evil.

Archangels Salvation Slot Features

Basically, there are 4 characteristics that completely define this game and are the following:

High quality



3D graphics

Those are just some qualities that you will perceive at the moment when you start playing Archangels: salvation. In addition, they are a small sample of the fantastic thing that Net Entertainment can do.

Certainly, the angel and the devil are the protagonists of the game. However, there are others who keep him company. Know them:

The other icons of Archangels: salvation is symbolized by lions, helmets, hoods and a shield that represents a letter of the alphabet, the letter "S".

   It should be noted that the game shows an amazing structure of 6 × 12 lanes and 100 winning lines.

Keep in mind that as the fight develops, especially the free spins feature will become more powerful. Now, the most interesting thing comes, so read with close attention:

Archangels Salvation Slot Game Bonus Features

In Archangels: salvation there are two areas with a lot of temperatures, divided into two, one below and one above the game which is responsible for activating two functions: Heaven and Hell. These can be activated in only one way, and it is by dropping a 2 × 2 Wild symbols in one of these hot areas.

1. Heaven: The way the Heaven function is activated is when a 2 × 2 Wild symbol falls in the hot area above. The fall may be complete or partial. When the 2 × 2 Wild does not fall fully into the hot area, two batches of Wild symbols will be produced. But if it falls in entirety, four batches of wild symbols will be created.

2.Hell: The Hell function is activated, as long as a 2 × 2 Wild symbol falls on the hot part below. The fall can be complete or partial. And the number of wildcard symbols originated is from eight to sixteen, everything will depend on the type of fall of the symbol 2 × 2 Wild’s area, that is, if it is partial or total.

3.The Heaven Hotspot: Place a 2 × 2 wildcard at the top side 2 rows and Wilds Stacks will be placed randomly in the grid.

3.Another one is The Hell Hotspot: It is the concept but for the lower ranks, except that Wilds or additional individual wildcards will randomly spit through the box.

4.The Wild Symbols in themselves: they substitute other icons to check to grant winning pattern.

5.The Archangels: free spin round of salvation: 3 or more Scatter 2 × 2 symbols anyplace on the drums will award a minimum with 10 spins free.

As for the symbols, it is an interesting part because in the slot game of Archangels: Salvation, you are going to choose, which side you play, whether from the heavenly side or the demonic side, to wage this epic battle.

This slot promises a lot, not only because of the incredible graphics that NetEnt has developed but also because of its additional features such as the 100 paylines and a 6 x 12 grid in which the winning combinations will not stop appearing, it is totally a new concept and surely it will leave you with your mouths open.

Of course, it is the game of Archangels: Salvation of NetEnt is available in tablets, in the mobile version and desktop version. You decide in this battle about good and evil that is going to be released on your reels, where a lot more than a few coins is at stake. Good luck and enjoy the game on!