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Art of the Heist

Play Art Of The Heist Slot with 500 Free Spins at Money Reels

Play Art Of The Heist

Art of the Heist slot is not just a online Slots, but also one that combines the power of the cinema with a good gaming experience. Art of the Heist slot game takes you to the very heart of the art of creative theft.

Art of the Heist Slot | | 500 Free SpinsArt of the Heist uk slot game

Art of the Heist Slot Summary

Art of the Heist is really a slot game to not only unwind, but one to use to express some of our dark sides without breaking the laws. As human, we all have our many dark sides. However, what makes us different from those behind bars is because we have the emotional intelligence to put under control all our unbridled inclinations. However, within the boundary of this slot game, you have the opportunity of letting your id roam freely without restriction. The characters in this slot game are going to teach their perfected art of creative theft.

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There are really different types of stealing. If we may classify; one is petty theft while the other is heist. The petty theft is the insignificant theft that is very petty in nature and is often without art or perfection. However, a heist is an art. A heist takes periods of planning before execution. Every step taken in a heist always follows after a meticulous set of plans. It is in this vein that a heist is not just your normal day-to-day theft. It is indeed an art, and like all art, there is aesthetics to it. Art of the Heist slot game is a game to experience. You will indeed be marveled by the creativity deployed into the creation of the game.

Art of the Heist Slot Game Gameplay

Before the game begins, there is always a cinematic display of the characters. It is always fun to watch this grand display. As the slot game opens, the central character of this slot games breaks into a museum with confidence and tact as are the characteristics of a heist. During the heist, he struggles to overcome many obstacles in the museum. That is the grand cinematic opening the player is treated to. Players of this game will be treated to fun and entertainment even before the real game begins. Art of the Heist slot game is modelled on very engaging 3D graphics that makes the animation part of the slot game an interesting and appealing sight. The real table is built against a background of meadow. At the far view of the background is foregrounded the view of busy but sleepy collection of residences. It is night in the background already and the sky is dark with moon in the skyline. 

Art of the Heist online slot game  Art of the Heist slot game

The reel table is such a show of beauty. You cannot but be amazed at the intricate but beautiful architecture of the table. The build of the table suggests royalty and looks like the grand entrance of an empire. The name of the slot game is majestically sitting on the reel table. The borders of the reel table are clearly defined. Beside both sides of the reel table also are flower pots that add to the magnificence of the table. 

The symbols also contain the wild which is represented by a chest of treasures, the main character of the game which represent the scatter, a crown and other traditional card game symbols. However, beside these card symbols are numerous images. Art of the Heist slot game has a 96.67% RTP.

Art of the Heist Slot Game Bonus Feature

The wild symbol in this game can replace every other symbol in this game to give a winning combination except the scatter and of course itself. Spinning a minimum of three scatters into anywhere on the reel table could give 10 free spins. There are other interesting bonuses in this slot game that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Other symbols in this slot game also holds amazing bonuses. The traditional card symbols in this game com with multipliers that increase your winnings. Also, aside the scatter giving you an opportunity at free spins, it could also trigger a host of multipliers for you. 

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Art of the Heist Slot Game Developer

Playson was founded in 2012 in Malta. It has been around for a long time now and has been churning out great games ever since. It has offices and licenses to operate in many countries like Malta and Ukraine and the UK. Playson has since 2012 created games that are definitive markets of great slot games. Their stbles are filled with interesting games you would want to try out. Having different offices in different countries has given them the experienc of knowing what works in different climes and with different people.

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Gameplay on mobile vs. desktop/laptop

The only different there is between playing this slot game on mobile and laptop is that one offers a bigger screen view that the other while the other offer more accessibility to make up for its bigger screen. The mobile has a smaller screen so you might not get as much details as a desktop computer would offer. But what you can be sure of getting from the mobile platform is mobile accessibility as you can play the game wherever you as much as your mobile device is with you. It should be noted also playing the slot game on both platforms gives an equal fun.

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