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Candy Spins

Play Candy Spins Slot with 500 Free Spins at Money Reels

Play Candy Spins

We are always inclined to chase fortune. We don’t rest and we keep on trying. Perhaps it happens to be one of our traits where we, the human beings, are exceptional. We not only try to defy odds but we are also in a constant struggle to fight nature and have our way done. It doesn’t happen all the time but we never cease to struggle.

Candy Spins Online Slot Summary

Candy Spins Gameplay: There’s a theory about human development. It’s rather convincing and it doesn’t quite need the basis of biology or other specialized subject. The theory states that we, the humans, have a strong inclination towards sweet substances. We are more attracted to sweets than other flavors there are. For instance, any child would pick candy or anything sweet than broccoli, meat, or any other vegetable. The reason why this is true is because millions of years ago, our ancestors would always struggle hard to find the ripest fruit there is to consume. Perhaps even after all the years of human evolution, we still have that sense and we still strive ourselves to fulfill that sense.

Candy Spins Online Slot Gameplay

There are so many games that are based on candies. The color specified by candies and the delicious sugary flavor that, if imagined, can manage to create a sense of euphoria brings a lot of happy and joyous thoughts. We are more inclined for sweet things and when it comes to candies, they are not only affordable but they also taste great! Whether it’s caramel, chocolate, mint, butter puff, or any flavor there is, we will go for it. We liked candies when we were little so why would we cease our love towards it? We wouldn’t and if we tried, we’ll always fail. It’s not because we are not disciplined or that we are spoilt. It’s a part of our nature. We need sugar so that we can manage to calm our senses.

But our fascination towards candies is not limited to taste. With today’s age in mind, we have developed an interesting way of connecting ourselves with the thing we love the most. They can be found in games, slots, themes, Halloween, and just about anywhere we are looking to have fun. In simple words, good times demand sweet memories and candies or sweets are one of the ways of making that happen.

MetaGU’s Candy Spins is dedicated to cadies and it’s not just sweet but it’s also one of the most entertaining and attractive games there is, as far as candy themes go. The well-designed graphics bring out a lot from the game and it truly gives the user the sensation that they are playing not just to get lucky but also to have a good time. Candy Spins can be regarded as a childhood dream come true. You are not only occupied with candies, lollipops, and candy bombs but if you are playing it right, you can also get a lot of rewards. All it takes is not just your orientation towards the game but also your dedication in winning the game.


Candy Spins Online Slot Features

Here are a few things to keep in mind when playing Candy Spins:

The RTP of Candy Spins is 96.5%. This sort of RTP can be praised for not just being impressive but also manages to fulfill its basic criteria of theme, not to mention manages to get to the expectations of the users. Like the usual formula, the game has 5 reels and reserves only 20 pay lines. The things that matter the most in the game are its symbols. The symbols include A, J, K, Q, and a Green Triangle. More symbols also include the orange candy and the red candy.

The best that the lower symbols offer is the green triangle. If you can get 5 of them in the pay line, you have got yourself 200 points. If you get 4 of them, it’s 40 points only. The real surprise is given when you manage to get the candies. If you get only 3 of the red candies in the paylines, it’s 20 points for you. But if they are 4, you’ll get 100 points. Finally, 400 points if you get 5 of them. It gets more interesting with the orange candy You can get 40 points for scoring 3 of them. 200 points if you get 4, and finally, 800 points if you can get 5 of them in the pay lines. The most promising of all the symbols is the Wild. It can get you 1,000 points if you manage to get 5 of them in the pay lines.

Special features also include free spins and bonus wins. If you manage to get the heart symbol, the scatter, you can get 7, 10, and 15 free spins only if you get 3, 4, and 5 of them in the paylines respectively. The super wild symbol can transform all the symbols into wild. The candy bomb symbol can appear at any time and will transform the symbols into the rewarding ones. And finally, the bonus symbol can grant a lollipop bonus feature where you’ll be given a juicy bonus.

As far as the conclusion of this game goes, Candy Spins is an impressive game as far as its theme and features go. It’s not just about the sugar rush that the game virtually offers but it goes a long way than that. The bonuses are relatively simple but they can be quite promising if you manage to score them. The bonus features combined with the graphical dedication can also make the game look more entertaining and interesting.

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