Dragons Luck UK Online Slot

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Dragons Luck slot game

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Dragons Luck is a 5 reel, 10 payline slot game with a 96.29% RTP and comes with Free Spins.

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Dragons Luck UK online slot game

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Dragons Luck UK Online Slot

When it comes to fortune or luck, we rely on things we mostly don’t understand. We often look up to the ideas of logic and reasoning to find what we can do about our feature. For many people around the world, destiny is not written but what we make of our present. Logically and scientifically, whatever happens in the present, and has happened in the past, has likely the consequences to impact our future. That being said, we also have to understand that we cannot know everything about both the present and past. The things that happen out of our understanding and concerns are the reasons perhaps why we cannot understand the concept of future, therefore also luck.

When it comes to luck, a lot of things were associated and believed to have been existed alongside fortune. Many a man and woman feared dragons but they were also praised and appreciated for protecting the evil eye, bad luck, and in return offer the blessed good luck. That being said, Dragons are still known to have their place in East Asia and other greater parts of the world where finding destiny has significant importance. They may be reptiles with wings and breath fire, and not to mention have a fearful presence, but despite their intimidating and daunting presence, they manage to bring luck to those who truly deserve it.

Dragon's Luck Developer - Red Tiger

Red Tiger’s Dragons Luck has an amazing theme which will take you back to ancient East Asia. Red Tiger gaming company is dedicated to building the best slots and table games on the market.

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Play Dragon's Luck Mobile Slot

The presence of dragons and other mythical creatures has fascinated a lot of slot game players from around the world. To many, it is indeed a sign of luck and fortune but to others, it is just a matter of graphics. Nonetheless, the games are present all over the internet and if played in the right direction, the player can manage to get a lot out of these games. All it needs for the player is to be motivated and positive to whatever the game brings forth.

It was that time when dragons were considered important, and now the same can be offered to the players to relive the moment and see what they can be offered. The Dragon's Luck can very well be with you only if you manage to get your act straight. With the right symbols heading in your direction, you can easily win lots of rewards and features. All it takes is the determination of the player to achieve it all.

Dragon's Luck Online Slot Features

Dragon's Luck comes with an interesting RTP of 96.29%. The RTP of this kind can promise a lot to the player and enable to win lots of rewards provided that they are lucky enough to get them. Other specifications to keep in mind about the game are the reels and the paylines. The game has 5 reels and has a very limited number of payline as it offers only 10 paylines. A lot of other things that need to be looking for in this game are the symbols. The symbols can be easily scored provided that you are easygoing with the spin button.

To list the symbols, they are 138, doll, fish, flower, A, K, Q, J, and 10. The interesting feature this game offers is that even the lowest symbols can offer a lot to the player. For instance, the symbols Q, J, and 10 can offer the player 100 points if they are found 5 times anywhere in the reel. The bonus could go up if all the three symbols can be found at the same time. It’s rather rare but not quite impossible. The symbols A and K can offer 200 points provided that they land 5 times anywhere in the payline. By getting the symbols 4 times, the player will be offered 40 points.

The symbols to look for will now be discussed. The flower can give the player 250 points for being found 5 times in the reel. The player can still get a lot, as much as 100 points if he manages to get 4 of them. The fish symbol offers 300 points for being found 5 times. Even found 3 times can still grant the player 50 points. The doll symbol can get the player 400 points and 200 points if the player can get 5 and 4 times the symbol respectively. Perhaps the biggest reward of the game can be found in the symbol 138 is scored. That is where the player can 1380 points if the game lets the player have 5 of them.

Special features of the game include 4 coins. Mega coin, Dragon coin, 138 symbol, and dragons. The mega coin if found even once in the game can guarantee to win to the player. All it takes is just one coin. The dragon coin can reveal a secret symbol which could offer a lot to the player. The 138 symbol can let the player win as many times as 1380. Finally, the most entertaining part is where the dragon symbol is scored. That’s where the dragon breathes and gives so many points to the player.

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