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Easter Island

Play Easter Island Slot with 500 Free Spins at Money Reels

Play Easter Island

The Easter Island slot game is modelled after the popular Easter Island in the Southeastern Pacific in Chile. It is also known as the Rapa Nui; however many still prefer to call it the Eater Island. Easter Island slot game is then a game that is designed to give the player a tour around that island during the play. What that simply means is that with this game, you get to see the historical and amazing looking island from the comfort of your screen.

easter island uk slot game

Easter Island Online Slot Summary

The Easter Island slot game gives you almost real-life experience of that Island paradise. Another interesting thing about the Easter Island slot game is that the moai heads in the game are read to reveal secrets to the player. That adds another angle of a thrill to the playtime. Everybody loves being let in on some secret every time. It’s part of the human nature to always seek for thrills; and what other thing gives thrills like a revealed secret. The Easter Island slot game is not just a game; it is one that is all-encompassing, offering different thrill even as you play for the dough too.

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Easter Island Online Slot Gameplay

The Easter Island slot game is very attractive on graphics. Yggdrasil put a lot in the outlook of this slot game to make it appealing to the eyes. This game is a 5 reel game with between 25 and 103 pay lines. The background of the game is cast, as expected, on an island setting with grasses everywhere. The table reels are constructed in solid blocks that shows a solid wall to an ancient empire. At both ends of the reel are the moai heads dutifully standing by like a sentry. The setting and the composition of the table portrays a very attached look that draws the player quickly into the game. The interface of the game tells the player that the task that is onto is simply no joke. The only times the moai heads bring humour into the game are during those periods that you hit a big winning. The moai heads go from opening their mouth in an awe style to wringing in happiness in an ecstatic show of happiness. 

  easter island online slot game  easter island slot game

Inside the reels is also made of strong concrete that shows that the table is sturdy and impenetrable. The symbols of the reels are comprised of very serious looking animal heads and symbols. This is where the slot game may get a bit scary. At this moment in the game even, the moai heads are seen to be at their best. These moai heads are indeed very serious looking, and they are not taking hostages. The far end of the background gives a rather cool looking ambience. The sky is blue and bright, and the weather in the background is indeed very friendly. You wouldn’t regret wagering your money on this game. The Easter Island slot game gives a surprising 96.1% RTP.

Easter Island Online Slot Bonus Features

This game packs some very amazing bonuses you would only find in certain slot games. These bonuses are not those you come back every day. There is the Expanding Wilds, and what these expanding wilds do is to replace all other symbols on the reels to giving you some very cool winning symbols. That is amazing if you ask me. The Expanding Wilds are always found on reel 2 and 4 of the slot table; and they are not called the expanding wilds for nothing, the stick to forming wining clusters.

Also interesting is that whenever you make a winning combination in this game, you are given one free respin. For instance, when you make a winning combination on very low paying symbols, during your respin, all other symbols are replaced with those same set of low paying symbols. That system becomes very highly rewarding when you just landed a winning combination of high paying symbols.

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Easter Island Slot Developer

Yggdrasil takes pride in proving slot games of amazing graphic quality. The company has been around since 2013, and over the years they have been taking the slot game industry by storm. Yggdrasil gaming company through their many gaming feats has come to be synonymous with great slot games.

Gameplay on mobile vs. desktop/laptop

There is no much difference of the Easter Island slot game on both platforms. The only slight differences are that your mobile devices grant you more mobility with the game; you can simply play it anywhere. Another difference is that the desktop offers a wider screen for your playtime unlike the small screen of a mobile device. Come to Money Reels to have a closer look!

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