Egyptian Queen UK Online Slot

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Egyptian Queen UK online slot

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Egyptian Queen is a 5 reels, 25 paylines online slot game from Core Gaming. Egyptian Queen has Scatter symbol, Wild, Free Spins, Multiplier and Bonus symbols features, and an RTP of 95.1%.

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Egyptian Queen UK slot game

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Egyptian Queen UK Online Slot

Of all the themes which are used for online slot games, Ancient Egypt is one of the ones we see most frequently. There's just something that players and developers find alluring about this mysterious period of history with its animal-headed Gods, fascinating architecture and seemingly other-worldly culture. The people of Ancient Egypt seemed to be years ahead of their time when it came to technology and knowledge. Even thousands of years later, we still can't say for sure how they managed to build the pyramids!

Anything that fires the imagination is bound to make a good theme for online slots, so even though there are dozens (if not hundreds) of entries in the genre already, it would seem there’s always room for one more. Egyptian Queen is Core Gaming’s attempt to make their mark on the genre, and it’s a slot which manages to be simple and complicated at the same time.

Play Egyptian Queen Mobile Slot

From the moment you load the slot, you'll notice that things on screen appear to be a little cramped. There are two reasons for that. The first is that Core Gaming design their slots to be played on tablets and mobiles, and therefore they're formatted to be played in landscape orientation as opposed to portrait. The second is because there's a whole extra set of reels on top of the standard set. You're faced with a blue 5x3 set at the bottom of the screen which you spin, and a red set sat on top of them which will spin of their own accord. The red set is only active during bonus features, which we'll come to in a moment.

Because the reels are so narrow, there's a lot of background visible on either side of them, on which you'll see nothing but a desert expanse. To be honest, we could have done with a little more room to see the reels and rows, but we understand Core's design philosophy so we won't complain about it too much. On the lower reels, you'll see that the symbols of the least worth are represented by the typical playing cards, running from 10 up to A, and above them are four theme-specific symbols. There's a striped staff, an Ankh, a scarab beetle and the slot's own logo, which is the most valuable symbol in the base game.

There are also several bonus symbols in this slot, some of which we can only explain by going into the bonus features. Before that though, we’ll confirm that there’s a basic wild represented by a blue diamond, which replaces every symbol other than the other bonus symbols to create winning combinations. There’s also a bonus wild, which functions in the same way as the basic wild but can replace literally all the other symbols apart from the Eye of Horus symbol, which you’ll find out more about below.

Egyptian Queen Developer - Core Gaming

As we've already covered, Core Gaming isn't overly concerned with making slots for laptop or desktop computers. They long ago decided that tablets and phones are the future of online slots, and they design their products to work with vertical displays. You're actually better off playing Core's slots on your handheld device than you are on your computer.

Core was well ahead of the curve when mobile slots started to become popular, having been experimenting with HTML5 since 2011. By 2014, other major developers had started to realize that making their products work with mobile devices was a priority, and so Core suddenly found themselves inundated with requests for assistance. The UK online slots company, who are based near Birmingham, spent the next few years spending almost as much time converting other people's online slot games into mobile slots as they did working on their own product range. They now have partnerships with Scientific Gaming, Leander, NYX, and Blueprint Gaming, making themselves and their expertise almost indisposable within the industry. You may try out top slots from Core Gaming such as Mandarin Orchid slot and Reels Of Fire slot game.

When they do find time to make their own creations, you’ll find that they’re a dynamic and adaptable company - they’ve made everything from the officially licensed ‘Carry on Camping’ slot to the official slot of ‘Sean Kelly’s Storage Auctions’!

Egyptian Queen Slot Bonus Symbols

The way that bonus symbols and bonus features work in Egyptian Queen is quite complicated and detailed, and a lot of it has to do with those red reels which are hanging above the blue ones. Let’s take this slowly, a stage at a time!

First off, there’s the Eye of Horus symbol. It can only appear on the fifth reel - and will do so very rarely - but when it does, it will open up the bonus (red) reels, which will be full of either blanks or wild symbols, and will spin once. If any wilds appear, they will turn the entire reel below them wild, and winning will be paid out accordingly.

For the majority of the base game, the bonus reels will be locked, but they might unlock a random on any spin and offer you a choice of three coins. Whichever one you choose will turn over to reveal a bonus feature. You might receive Reel Treasure, which spins the bonus reels and lands either blank spaces or cash values. All cash values are awarded to you instantly.

You may also receive Wild Treasure, which is similar to Reel Treasure but with wild symbols instead of cash values. Any position the wilds appear in on the bonus reels will be replicated onto the reels below, and then assessed for winning combinations.

The third (and best) reel modifier is Queen’s Treasure, which features both wilds and multipliers on the bonus reels, along with a special double-M symbol which is the ‘Mega Multiplier.' If that lands on the bonus reels, your winnings will have a large multiplier applied to them. That could be anything up to x100.

As well as the reel modifiers and the Eye of Horus, there are also Free Spins to play for, which are triggered by landing three or more of the bonus symbols. No matter how many bonus symbols land, you’ll always receive ten free spins, but you’ll also get a cash payout proportional to the number of bonus symbols. It’s only 1x your stake if you land three, but it’s 10x for four and 50x for all five. Hopefully, the Eye of Horus will make an appearance during your free spins and open up the bonus reels for you.

Egyptian Queen is a little complicated when it comes to the bonus features, and it's a long way from being the most attractive online slot game you'll ever play, but if you can open up the bonus reels, it can become very generous very quickly. For the majority of people who play online slots, that's all we really care about.