Feng Fu UK Online Slot

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Feng Fu slot game

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Feng Fu is a 5 reel, 9 payline slot game with a 95.2% RTP. This UK Online Slot comes with Free Spins, Scatter symbol and Wild feature.

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Feng Fu UK online slot game

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Feng Fu UK Online Slot

Slot games are the kind of game we can’t help loving. No matter what the theme is, the player is always eager to give it a shot and see what can be made from the game. Any slot can be offering the player a lot of rewards or just a handful of rewards, but it all goes on the luck of the player and how much they can manage to make. That being said and done, it is remarkable to consider how the theme of the game is associated with everything that the game has to offer. That is, for the player to be motivated enough, they have to be first interested in the theme.

Feng Fu Developer - Tom Horn Gaming

Such vibe and aura presented in these few words can be easily spotted in Feng Fu offered by Tom Horn Gaming is a very interesting and blissful game. With the energetic, strong, yet calm red background, as well as setting the mood for the ancient Chinese heritage, this game is not just about finding the inner-self for contemplation but if used in the right direction, the game can easily help the player win a lot. It all matters on how tolerant and player is eager enough to try their luck. This game offers a great deal of rewards and features a lot of offers. It all depends on who would like to see their luck be challenged. Feng Fu is a game to play especially if the player is deeply interested in both slots and getting to know the ancient Chinese culture. 

Feng Fu can be easily regarded as one of the most interesting games in terms of history slots, and a lot of games manage to fill that list. One interesting game that manages to fulfil that criterion is Apollo God of the Sun slot game. The game I not just similar in terms of its theme but also manages to have a great deal of resemblance as far as the features and rewards of the game go. Pirate Princess slot also comes close to sharing the same features and offers, and in addition to that, a great deal of adventure and action to the player.

Play Feng Fu Mobile Slot

Wisdom and knowledge are two different aspects of our life which are often mixed and sometimes confused with one another. They are different because the latter can be acquired at any time of life and needs a lot of patience and understanding of a certain subject. The former needs patience and experience. Wisdom comes only when one is able to understand the contents of time, life, and whatever it is that life needs to have fulfilled. In simple words, the idea of wisdom is very well hidden in the things we do but are simply not aware of it. The sign that we all need to know to follow the path of wisdom is buried deep beneath the fact that we all have to learn to mend ourselves from time to time. That change is an essential part of living.

When it comes to both wisdom and knowledge, so many civilizations have done their best trying to explain what is what and who is who. Of all the civilizations that are found still to this date is the Chinese civilization, who still adores and duly respects what their ancestors and their ancestors had bestowed them. Not only did they survive the everlasting shifting waves of time but they also managed to spread their knowledge and wisdom all across the globe. It took not only the greatest mind to make things happen and fulfill but it was with the help of even greater minds who helped transform knowledge from one generation to many generations only for the betterment of humankind. In simple words, whatever knowledge and wisdom we are bestowed with today, we owe a great deal of respect and admiration to the Chinese civilization.

Feng Fu Slot Features

Here are the details of Feng Fu and what it has to offer to the player. Starting off with the RTP of the game, this game offers to its player an RTP of 95.2%. While the Betways (Paylines) is only 9, the game still manages to offer a high variance. The minimum bet that can be made in this game is 0.02, while the maximum number of coins that can be won in this game is 1,000. Discussing the insides of the game, this game sure has a lot of symbols that need to be looking for while playing this game.

The symbols are a Golden man, Goat, Cat, Chicken, Fish, and since it is dedicated to representing the Chinese civilization, the alphabet/number symbols are Chinese. Restricting the discussion to only the animal symbols, the fish symbol if found 3 times only can help the player get 25 points. It gets better when the player manages to score 5 of the symbols and can have 200 points. The Goat symbol can offer the player 500 points for being found 5 times in the game, and the second greatest reward can be found in the Golden man is found 5 times in the game which can offer the player 600 points. The greatest reward can be scored if the wild symbol is achieved 5 times, offering the player 1000 points. The symbol replaces every symbol in the reel minus the Scatter symbol. And finally, moving on to the Scatter symbol, which is Ying-Yang, if found only thrice, the symbol can offer 2 free spins, and 20 for 4 symbols, and finally, 200 free spins if found 5 times in the payline.

Feng Fu Slot Game Review 2019

There are so many games that come close to Feng Fu when it comes to discussing the theme. While there are games that appear to be parallel to Feng Fu based on the theme, graphics, and symbols, not all games are quite alike, but some of the most interesting games that come close to Feng Fu are Dragon Fortunes, Lucky Reels, and Konami These games are not just similar with respect to the appearances and looks, but also manage to give the player sense of cultural closeness, not to mention a pleasant reminder of how Feng Fu and the aforementioned games are so alike.

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