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Fire N Hot

Play Fire N Hot Slot with 500 Free Spins at Money Reels

Play Fire N Hot

Fire ‘n’ Hot uk slot game

Fire ‘n’ Hot Slot Game Summary

Fire ‘n’ Hot is another classic online slot game designed by Tom Horn Gaming. This game has elaborate designs and sketches that depict a ‘hell’ that ironically is abundant in alluring fruits and of course, winnings. Much like regular online slot games, this one has been made to have 5 reels, 3 rows and 5 pay lines, all of which have treasures tucked safely within the flames.

The concept of creating a ‘hell’ – a place themed with hailstones and burning sulphuric flames is perhaps one of the highest thrills of this game considering the fact that you can only earn rewards when you play through hell, this clearly is where the inspiration for the game is drawn. This game is has a refreshing retro design, one that features fonts and themes that will stir memories for gaming veterans.

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Fire ‘n’ Hot UK Slot Gameplay

The Fire ‘n’ Hot casino slots game bears the classic fruit slot look and a retro overall design that gives it quite the polished overall appearance. During gameplay, you will quickly discover that many of the fruits will at best avail you with a very small win, however, a number of the fruits in the game have been set to act as a initiator of other smaller features within the game which will ultimately increase your total winnings for that session. Do note that the Fire ‘n’ Hot game is not like most other slot games, in the sense that, you shouldn’t look out for complex bonus levels and elaborate rewards here and there like you would see in contemporary releases. On the contrary, prepare to progress steadily and more traditionally through the symbols of the slots present in the game.

You might want to watch out for the Mystery Scatter. Most first time games may likely make the mistake of not thing much of this feature not knowing that it is the very door to the juicy bonus levels. Furthermore, you will find a minimum of three and a maximum of five symbols on the slot as it is expected of all paytable icons, you are however advised to gather as much star icons as you can – these directly weigh in on the outcome of the bonus – we may not be able to control how many of these star icons pop up, but we sure can manage how long they stay. The screen will characteristically reveal how many symbols that activated the game, when you click on anyone, the symbol will be revealed and the other symbols will change, almost automatically, to match. The cumulative of their scores will be gotten at the when all the symbols have been converted.

Fire ‘n’ Hot online slot game  Fire ‘n’ Hot slot game

Fire ‘n’ Hot UK Slot Bonus Features

A Draw of 3 or More

As earlier stated, to get a bonus on the Fire ‘n’ Hot online machine slot game, you simply need to draw at least three (you can draw more) stars from anywhere on the interface of the game, with the bonus feature attached, go on and pick any of the stars on the board of the game to unveil a random icon. This will automatically trigger a transformation or conversion of the stars to the icon and you will receive the reward the total.

Golden 7

Another golden feature is the Golden 7, the Golden 7 icon will help you compromise any winning line. It can equally be substituted for any other icon, except the ‘star’ icon.

Go all out for more winnings!

You have the option of playing the gamble game if you are not satisfied with the amount you have won. Here, all you have to do is to click the corresponding button. For you to win here, you will need to guess the color of the card turned face down, in the event that you make a correct guess, you would have successfully doubled your earning.

A few notes

In the pay table, only the wild doesn’t give away money, while the other 7 tiles give money. Although they use similar imagery, what they offer to gamers are however different, and they can be identified by their colors, of them all, the red 7 is the highest paying.

The payout of the game depends on the amount you stake, as you can stake as low as 80 coins and a top stake can get you as high as 20,000 credits. Well, the game manufacturer Tom Horn are one of the best when it comes to making slot games cash prizes worthwhile for gamers. The game has been successfully created to meet your need for entertainment and thrill any time you need it. It is a slot game great at delivering refreshing fun whenever you simply need a break or in those times when you’d like to try out your good luck for some hopeful win!

The game’s auto spins presents you with the choice of slight customization, as you are given the chance of setting the numbers of waves that can be played, this feature also has the ‘auto’ option of waves can be automatically picked for you if you can’t decide on any at the moment.

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With its impeccable, simple and clean features, Fire ‘n’ Hot slots game is one of the best slots game out there for slots game lovers. Play Fire ‘n’ Hot at and get the treasures from the flaming fire, while winning real money.

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