Fruits'n'Stars UK Online Slot

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Fruits'n'Stars UK online slot

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Fruits N Stars is a 5 reel, 5 payline slot game with a 95.72% RTP. This UK Online Slot comes with Free Spins, Scatter Symbol and Wild feature.

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Fruits'n'Stars UK slot game

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Fruits N Stars UK Online Slot

 That is not quite the full picture of the game. Although the slot game does bring this vibe where you can feel you’re playing a very neat but a simple slot game. While many games tend to have a background where they are offering some relevance with pop culture, myths, fantasy, and other themes, Fruits N Stars is basically a combination of Fruits and a start symbol. The game is basically the old styled fruit slot game with a certain variation from the original theme, as it will be seen in the features section.

Fruits N Stars Developer - Playson

Fruits N Stars offered Playson is quite interesting, not to mention entertaining. Its graphics, symbols, and the way the graphics depict the game’s simplistic theme.

Similar slot themes that come close to Fruits N Stars are Froots and Jumbo Jokers. They’re not just promising entertainment and prizes but are similar with Fruits N Stars. Other notable mentions also include Fruit Spin Slot Game and Fruitful Siesta Slot.

Play Fruits N Stars Mobile Slot

Playing slots can be a very entertaining experience for anyone who is either an amateur or a professional. There aren’t any specific rules or restrictions. It’s really easy regardless of any theme or slot that you’re playing. There aren’t any specifics related to the number of combinations you need to win. Every game has its own certain payline that makes the players earn their respective rewards. For instance, one game would have another set of payline and another would have different ways of letting the players win. As far as the game’s rewards go, before you could confine yourself to getting them, you have to make sure you are matured enough to understand and trust your sense, that is luck. Without it, there is a bleak chance that you or anyone for that matter can win. Call it luck, randomness, or anything else for that matter, you really need it on your side to win the game.

Playson’s Fruits N Stars offers an RTP of 95.72%. The game includes 5 Paylines and 5 Reels. About the other details of the game, you can start at 1.50, the minimum bet that is. For maximum, you can go as much as 100. Before you start, the game offers 10,000 credit so you can easily take your time and win as much as you like.

As far as the symbols of the game go, the symbols include Star, 7, Watermelon, Blue Grapes, Plum, Orange, Lemon, and Red Cherries. Starting from ascending order, Cherries and offer 1.5, 6, 15, and 60 points the total reward if found in the payline. The next in line comes to the lemon symbol and it offers 6, 15, and 60 points. The number of points and their increased succession relies only on a number of times they appear on the payline. The orange symbol and plum offer the same points as the lemon symbol. As far as the blue grape and lemon go, they’re the ones that might arouse your interest in the game. Both symbols offer 15, 60, 150 points if you manage to get 3, 4, and 5 times respectively. When it comes to the greatest symbol there is, 7, it can offer at least 30, and grows exponentially to 300 and finally, if you manage to get 5 of 7s in the payline, you can get 1,500 points. Special mention goes to the star symbol which can offer 3, 15, and 75 points.  

Fruits N Stars Slot Game Features

As far as the bonus rounds of the game, unfortunately, there are none. All that the game offers is a simple slot game which saves the trouble of players getting into messy rounds and big bonus features. From this point of view Fruits N Stars can be easily categorized as a simple fruit slot only with 5 reels instead of the traditional 3 reels.

To pass a verdict on the game, there is no doubt that the game is made beautifully. The symbols without an atom of doubt are made brilliantly. The game certainly does look attractive but that is not the complete picture of the game. As far as the RTP of the games, it’s not bad and is quite good for a game that is associated with fruit theme slot. 95% and above that can be considered a good RTP for a game for it promises its users and players quite much in return. As far as other features of the game are in question, they don’t quite matter because they’re not there in the first place.

For instance, the bonus rounds that some players may have had their eyes aren’t there. The game simply doesn’t offer any bonus features or rounds. Even if you manage to score the big jackpot by hitting 7s in all the payline, you’ll only have the big reward and that is all. There aren’t any big multipliers of even any slightest traces of free spins. Perhaps the makers of the game wanted the game to be a very simple and to-the-point. It would be unfortunate if you were looking for the game to be full of bonuses and features. But it’s still worth a try game provided that you want a simplistic sort of game without any big or bonus complicated rounds.

Games that come to Fruits N Stars include The Amulet and The Charm, Rainbow Reels, and Happy Fruits. All these games come close to Fruits N Stars based on their RTP.

If you are interested in finding more games related to fruits or any other theme, is the place to try.