Gems Odyssey UK Online Slot

Description: Slots come in all themes. They offer so many prizes, rewards, and offers that one can only imagine the extent. Nonetheless, there are not just prizes at the end of every slot game. There is a lot more to the game than its features, offers, and other facilities. The theme of the game says it all and is the very first thing that a player manages to get the attention. Once the theme occupies itself to the player, all the player needs to do is try their luck and see how far they can get with their luck.

Gems Odyssey Gameplay: There are words that we use most of the times without actually knowing what it really means and how it came to be originated. For instance there are words we have seen on TV, movie, literature and in real life where they seem to be so attractive and catching but the real point of the word, what it really means to say, and how the word is being used by the organizers in its original perspective is never or barely considered. To know the origin of any word justifies not only its meaning but it also sends a message to people what exactly does the creator of any brand, show etc really had in mind when they went to represent their work under a certain word.

The word Odyssey was perhaps first used in the Homeric works. The word has many uses and meanings. What it really signifies in simple words is a sense of travel and journey. Perhaps a kind of journey that is not limited for a couple of hours or days, but years. Some journeys are perhaps more than for years and days. They represent not just a destiny at the end but the journey itself is an interesting topic that needs a lot of discussions and pondering. To say that the chase is better than the catch fits rightfully when discussing a long journey. As a matter of fact, things change and a lot of things that a person once held to be true are often rendered and altered into a new shape and state. And just for information, what Odyssey is all about can be summed up in a few words: a hero in Homer’s poem who was set to find his destiny in a 10 year’s journey.

Speaking of Odyssey, what makes a journey more interesting is when it is being made for a rare and near-to-impossible substance. So many tales have been told and revived over and over again in pursuit of some hidden grail, gems, tablets, etc. The journey and how long it takes simple makes the person realize that their efforts were certainly worth the cause. Keeping that in mind, you can very well set yourself to an odyssey of your own. SkilzzGaming’s Gems Odyssey is one interesting slot that has the perfect set up for the Odyssey and there are present very beautiful and admirable gems that can take the player to a whole new level of fantasy, adventure and in pursuit to claim their rightful rewards. All it takes for the player is to try their luck against the odds and if they find themselves worth it, they’ll see that their luck paid off after all and managed to get the best from Gems Odyssey.

Gems Odyssey Features: Here are a few things you’d like to know about Gems Odyssey. The RTP of the game is 94% and is quite fair, to say the least. The other details about the game include the structure which is based on 5 x 5 reels. The paylines offered in this game are none and the motive of the game is quite simple: to fill the gem bars present on top of the reel and once filled, they offer rewards to the player. The gem bar determines how much a player can be rewarded with a lot of gems signify their own value and points. The maximum that can be won in this game is 50,000 points.

Similar Theme Games With Gems Odyssey: There are a variety of games that come close to Gems Odyssey in terms of looks and background. When it comes to theme and sharing similarities in the theme, there is no doubt that a wide range of games can make it into the list. Gems N Jewels is one of the most notable names that come into the list. 2027 ISS is a slot game that is not quite related to jewels or gems but as far as Odyssey goes, the futuristic vibe and the theme, 2027 ISS makes it into the list. One very similar, notably famous and very interesting name that makes it into the list is Cosmic Jewels. It can be said without any hesitation that both Gems Odyssey and Cosmic Jewels are alike and only differ due to the difference in their names and game. Other notable mentions also include EIG 2016, Astro Babes, and Scary Friends.

Similar Feature Games With Gems Odyssey: There may be games that represent the idea of space and gems and jewels integrated into it but when it comes to offering similar features and offers, a lot of games have to compete themselves on a level where they can find their way next to Gems Odyssey. Fiery Planet is one of the games where the idea of Gems Odyssey can be easily found but it’s a lot more than just sharing the game’s theme. Both games share the similar offers that are offered to the player, not to mention a very close resemblance with each other in terms of RTP. Shadow Diamond also shares the same RTP as Gems Odyssey and can very easily be marked in a category where both games can identify as one. Riches of Ra may not be quite like Gems Odyssey in terms of its theme and overall look, but speaking from the features aspect, both games are very alike.

To find more games like Gems Odyssey and other games related to space and jewels, feel free to visit Gems Odyssey.

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