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Gladiator of Rome

Play Gladiator Of Rome Slot with 500 Free Spins at Money Reels

Play Gladiator Of Rome

Gladiator of Rome Slot Game Summary

Keeping up with other gaming companies 1x2 Gaming has also designed this game on ancient times. The slot game as the name suggests is based on Ancient Roman history which is famous for its wine, lust and what else Gladiator of course. Gladiators of Rome were slaves who fought for glory and survival in the great Colosseum till the last man. They have been a symbol of bravery and ruthlessness ever since then and have been immortalized by movies, seasons and even slot games now. This game takes the player back into history for a moment and recalls for them how it felt to gamble on the lives of those brave men in the Colosseum.

Gladiator of Rome uk slot game

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uk slots online is one of the first sites to host this awesome slot game like many other latest ones. Do you have what it takes to face the gladiators in the arena or to even watch them battle to death? Try this game on moneyreels and either die a empty pocketed beggar or come out of the battle a rich brave dauntless warrior. This Game has an RTP of 97.32%. It has 5 reels 20 playlines and 3 rows of symbols each. The coin value varies between 0.2 to 25 pounds. The max bet limit amounts to 5 pounds. What’s the wait then, gear up for battle, grab your coins and let’s go put some wagers on the fighting warriors. Let’s hope the warrior on whom you invest wins. May you come out of the colosseum a rich person.

Gladiator of Rome UK Slot Gameplay

The game is centred around Roman history and huge gladiator fights and the player takes on the role of a rich merchant who is watching the matches and betting on the fighting warriors. The theme and background are very well merged together and both represent the outsides of a city in a desert. The slot symbols are depicted in comic style drawings which makes it very cool looking. Bottom of the page is the line “Are you the player they call Spaniard” which shows that the game is basically motivated from Russel Crow’s movie Gladiator. The symbols are fun and innovative in the sense that they depict the characters and items from ancient roman era on which the slot game is based. There is no slot box as in other slot games on the internet. The slot symbols are enclosed in circular shapes and spread on the screen in a pattern. Alphabets point towards the lower valued slots whereas the Symbolic slots are the higher value and special slots.

The Alphabetical symbols form the lower symbols of this game

K symbol

Q symbol

J symbol

The upper symbols in this game are represented by

1. An Bare chest Gladiator

2. A Stabbing Gladiator

3. A Shield

4. A Charioteer

5. A Sword Emblem

6. Ceaser’s Portrait

7. A Golden Eagle

There are three special symbols for this game.

1. Angry Gladiator card (Wild Card)

2. Two Fighting Gladiators (Bonus Card)

The Angry gladiator card which depicts an angry shouting Gladiator is the wild card of this slot game. It replaces all the symbols on the screen and forms winning combinations for the user except that it does not replace the bonus symbol.

The screen is very colourful and friendly in interaction with the user. All the buttons are nicely put together at the bottom of the page in nice Roman font. The font is given the effects of being engraved on the walls in the background. From there user can select the settings, turn the sound ON or OFF and spin the reels of his luck. The gladiator based slot game is full of thrill and action all you need to do is put your wager on the right gladiator who will fight till the end for you. If you put your wagers on the wrong warrior then you may come out an empty pocketed guy.

The AutoPlay option in Gladiators of Rome allows the Gladiators do the fighting for you and the reels spin automatically while you watch and relax. Just wage once then watch the reels of fate do their work for you.

Gladiator of Rome online slot game   Gladiator of Rome  slot game

Gladiator of Rome Slot Game Bonus Features

All the wealthy romans and visitors form all over the world who visit the Colosseum bring lots of coins with them to put wagers on the fighting Gladiators. It is mere luck that who will win and who will lose however the Colosseum Council does not want you to return empty handed. They give away bonus features and rewards which definitely would cheer up the players.

Free Rounds

The fighting gladiators the is bonus symbol of this slot game, if the player is able to land these bonus cards on reel 2,3 and 4 the free rounds feature is triggered and Kaboom! Be ready to win your dreams. 30 X free spins are offered to the player which will fill your pockets to the full. Thanks to the council the best part is that for the first ten spins the reward is 1x the normal wager , for the next 10 spins it is 2x times and for the final 10 spins it is 3x times the wager. This complete progress is visible on the top right corner of the screen. This bonus game does not further retrigger and bonus rounds.

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