Happy Jungle Deluxe UK Online Slot

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Happy Jungle Deluxe slot game

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Happy Jungle Deluxe is a 5 reel, 20 payline slot game with a 95.15% RTP. This UK Online Slot comes with Free Spins and Wild feature.

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Happy Jungle Deluxe UK online slot game

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Happy Jungle Deluxe UK Online Slot

Jungle is a very interesting topic. This slot game has so much to offer to the human mind and health that we have been barely able to understand and find what it offers. The jungle is nature’s playground, as well as its sandbox. Whatever occurs in this place is a sign from nature that this is how things go. To make sure the order is maintained, things have to occur the way nature intends to. Whether it is appealing to human nature or not, we believe that a lot of things are done not to please the human nature but for the greater order to be sustained and followed. In simple words, we cannot run things our way. Whatever happens in nature can be favourable or merciless.

Happy Jungle Deluxe Developer - Playson

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Games that offer the same RTP as Happy Jungle Deluxe include Undead Rich, Crazy Pop, Lost Island, Irish Luck UK slot, and Magnificent Jewels. These game not only offer the same RTP as Happy Jungle Deluxe but also resemble through the features.

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But with our unique imagination, we, the humans, have managed to make a lot of things in a rather entertaining place. We have made them follow not only bits of our imagination, ethics, moral, but also managed to give them a sense that they can live along just fine with one another. So many animals from different background species manage to get along fine only because our persuasive yet liberal and peaceful nature beckons us to find a way to make everyone happy and understanding. With this idea in mind, so much has been written in the past, especially in the Victorian era where animals of South Asia were mentioned in short and long stories.

In the era that we are living in, we have gone far from mentioning and explaining animals to not only children and not limiting their existence only in the literature. Animals made adorable and friendly, have been seen so often in games of all kinds. We have seen them not only in cartoons but they can easily be found in cartoons, videos of all kinds.

The very same attitude of animals can be easily found in Happy Jungle Deluxe offered by Playson. The game is filled with happy and joyous animals of the jungle. They’re not just entertaining to look at but they also offer a great company for people who may have nothing to do in their spare time. That being said, the game is not only limited to happy animals and joy but if played in the right direction with the correct motivation, so much can be offered by the game. If the player wants the rewards and features to be bestowed on him/her, all it needs is patience and luck. Once they are on the player’s side, he/she should be ready to be awarded.

Happy Jungle Deluxe Slot Features

Here are a few things you might want to know about Happy Jungle Deluxe:

The RTP of Happy Jungle Deluxe is 95.15% which is quite admirable for a game with a jungle or animal theme in it. The game is 5 Reels and offers 20 paylines. The game does have some interesting aspects in it when it comes to symbols. Albeit, the symbols to really look forward to are 3. The Wild, Bonus, and Lemur. Starting with the lower symbol, Lemur can actually offer a lot to the player provided it is within the payline. For starters, you can have 180 points if you manage to get 3 of them. The points get more if you get 4 of them and can reward yourself with 600 points. The best part occurs when you get 5 of Lemur and that’s where you can have 3000 points.

Next comes the Bonus symbol. For only getting the symbol 3 times, you’ll get 900 points but that is not the complete picture here. If you manage to get the symbol thrice or more times, you’re offered the Bonus round. The bonus round has 4 rows in it. In each level, there are 5 doors, and you have to choose any 5 in the game. If you manage to score in every level and don’t find any empty cell, you’ll be awarded not just a lot of points, but also 25 free spins.

Happy Jungle Deluxe Slot Game Review 2019

Perhaps the most exciting symbol the player has to look for is the Wild symbol which has a Lion in it. The symbol replaces all the symbols in the game minus the Bonus and Lemur one but also doubles the win. Just getting the symbol thrice can give you 300 points. If it’s 4 times, you can get 3000 points. The biggest reward can be found if you manage to get 5 of them in the payline, and that’s where you can be rewarded with 15,000 points.

The verdict of the game can be put in very few but simple words. Happy Jungle Deluxe offers not only an entertaining plot for students to live their fantasy filled with happy animals but also offers a great deal of opportunity to try their luck and see what they can be rewarded with. The game offers plenty of features, and the rewards can only be yours if you manage to get lucky.

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