Horn of Plenty Spin16 UK Online Slot

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Horn Of Plenty Spin16 UK online slot

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Horn Of Plenty Spin16 is a 5 reel, 50 payline slot game with a 94.99% RTP. This UK Online Slot comes with Free Spins and chance to win a maximum jackpot up to 300,000 coins on this slot.

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Horn Of Plenty Spin16 UK slot game

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Horn Of Plenty Spin16 UK Online Slot

The symbols depict the colourful and juicy fruits of summer which are relished by everyone. The online slot has a very light theme which is based on lush green grounds, with light clouds in the sky which uplifts the overall gameplay experience for the user. This game has a RTP of 94.99%. It has 5 reels 50 playlines and 3 rows of symbols each. The coin value varies from 0.01 to 0.10 dollars. If you are up for the challenge and ready to roll then the plenty spins of this game will give you full juicy and refreshing rewards which you will surely enjoy Money Reels is hosting this summer fun. Visit the site for more information.

Horn of Plenty Spin16 Developer - Saucify

This awesome summer recharger is brought to us by Saucify and is full of fresh fruits and sunny weather in which you can sit and relish the delicacies of summer. It is a very refreshing and different game from the rest of the slot games. There are several other fabulous pieces by Saucify similar to Horn of Plenty Spin 16. If you like the fruity fun and spin 16 feature of this game then you will also love Electron, Elemental 7, Realms, Wild Berry slot game, Yeti Hunt 3D, Zodiac.

Play Horn of Plenty Spin16 Mobile Slot

The unique thing about this game is its gameplay features and rules which are very different from rest of the slot games. As the title name of the game suggests there are plenty of spins in this game. It introduces the concept of manual spins in which the player can select either direction to spin the reels , if the direction chosen by the user matches the direction of the automated reel then the user is rewarded with lots of rewards. The theme is also very distinctive in terms of background, the light music and the colourful symbols. Use of light colours in the background , the slotbox and the slot symbols themselves uplifts the display aspect of this game. The background is shown in light sunny environment which shows lush green lawns and some trees from where fresh fruit arrives. Title of the game is shown on top of the slot box. The wonderfully designed clouds add to the calmness of the theme giving it a gentle touch.

The symbols depict the fresh fruit symbols from the market full of juices and colours .The slots box is surrounded by a light brown coloured line. There are arrow symbols on the border of the slot box from where the user can select the direction of where he wants the reels to spin. Spin hot and Spin Cold buttons are also present on right of the slot box which will be explained in the bonus feature section. The slot symbols in this game are all fruits and have certain values as per the paytables of the game

1. A Pineapple, At max bet 20,50,150 for 3x , 4x and 5x combinations respectively

2. Peach, At max bet 6,9,20 for 3x , 4x and 5x combinations respectively

3. Bunch of grapes, At max bet 7,10,25 for 3x , 4x and 5x combinations respectively

4. Orange, At max bet 25,100,200 for 3x , 4x and 5x combinations respectively

5. A Blue Berry, At max bet 20,40,150,300 for 2x,3x , 4x and 5x combinations respectively

6. Cherry, At max bet 3,50,400,500 for 2x,3x , 4x and 5x combinations respectively

7. A Green Lemon, At max bet 15,30,60 for 3x , 4x and 5x combinations respectively

8. A Strawberry, At max bet 8,15,30 for 3x , 4x and 5x combinations respectively

9. A Green avocado fruit, At max bet 9,20,35 for 3x , 4x and 5x combinations respectively

10. A Banana, At max bet 12,25,40 for 3x , 4x and 5x combinations respectively

There special symbols for this game is.

1. A Lemon ( Scatter Symbol)

At max bet 12,25,40 for 3x , 4x and 5x combinations respectively

2. A Water Melon (Scatter Symbol)

At max bet 12,25,40 for 3x , 4x and 5x combinations respectively

Scatter wins will be multiplied by the total wager amount and will be added to the payline wins. Scatter wins will pay in any direction.

3. A Horn full of Fruits ( Wild )

It depicts the wild symbol of the game and will replace all the symbols to form winning combinations except the scatter symbols in the  game

Winnings for wild symbol are : at max bet 5,75,750,2000 for 2x,3x , 4x and 5x combinations respectively

The background music is very light and fun based. The music suits the background and the theme perfectly. It gives a refreshing feeling to the player. Good music with a slot game always doubles the fun and that is what exactly the music of this slot game does. Takes you into a green world full of fresh juicy fruits. Un

The autoplay feature of this game further enhances the gameplay by automating the spins for the player.   

Horn of Plenty Spin16 Slot Features

With the lush green grounds in this game are not merely lush plains with lots of fruits they also hold a lot of fun features to discover.

Spin 16

The spin 16 feature is a different feature as compared to other slot games since it allows the users to move the reels in any direction they want. On any spin the users will have further 16 spin options for the direction. The direction can be decided by the buttons on the sides of the slot box border

Multiplier Match Game

Once the player has decided the direction of the spin. The multiplier match feature also decides a position randomly. If the direction of the user and the multiplier match synchronize then the rewards are multiplied as per following rules

Neither reel nor direction matches : 1x multiplier

Direction matched in up or down : 2x multiplier

Direction matched left or right : 3x multiplier

Reel matched : 5x multiplier

Both reel and the direction are matched : 10x multiplier