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Joker Expand

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Laughter is a gift. It’s a trait we humans have inherited from our ancestors for generations and of all the things we enjoy the most, nothing beats laughing and having a good time listening or sharing a joke. Those who share the jokes and smiles are one of the most amazing and influential people in our lives.

Joker Expand uk slot game

Joker Expand Gameplay: Jokers and jesters have been mentioned greatly not just in literature but they have been an influential figure in courts, public, and art. Why is it so? Why is that a figure like jokers manage to catch the attention of people just like villains, actors, and other figures? They’re not like the police and they certainly do not say or behave according to the authority, so what exactly is it that makes a joker a consideration? The ability to entertain is one thing, but to make people roar with laughter and have them laughing to the point where their stomach hurts is an art, and is a talent that very people can manage to obtain. Whether we thank nature for blessing people with such a talent or thank people for their dedication, either way, people can crack jokes and make the most out of any situation in the most ridiculous way. 

Joker Expand Slot Game Summary

What is more intriguing about jokers is not just their ability to give laughters but it has another side to it. To make a fool out of people. Surely, they give laughters. There is no doubt that their ability of making people laugh is exceptional but it must not be forgotten that they can be influential. They manage to control people’s mood and their feelings in certain ways. Whether the reference goes to the Batman’s Joker or the joker that we see in the cards, either way, they are not to be taken easy. They can very well help put an impact to others around, as well as our own lives. So, how do the jokers works and what do they really do when they entertain us? Who knows.



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Joker Expand Online Slot Gameplay

One specific joker also comes in the picture when it comes to Joker Expand by Playson is a very interesting game. It’s about not just luck, fortune, and getting to take it all home at the end, but it’s about getting to know the joker that is present in the game. If you manage to make the right moves, the game can grant you a lot of things apart from a good time. It’s actually unfair to leave everything to fate and luck. Sometimes people have to make the right judgement call and when they do that, they can be great at making the right choices and therefore get to win and have the ultimate price. But all said aside, it’s not as easy as it seems. It takes a lot of patience and courage to get what you want. In Joker Expand, it might take you a few seconds or minutes, depending on your moves and luck.

Joker Expand Online Slot Features

Here is everything you need to know about Joker Expand.

The game serves an RTP of 96.5%. The RTP says a lot about the game and what it has to offer. With such a prosperous offer, there is no doubt that the game can be very promising to the player. Nonetheless, that is not everything about the game. The game holds 5 reels and the same number of pay lines. Other details of the game also include its symbols which are 7, golden star, silver star, watermelon and grapes, pear, and lemon, plum, cherries and orange, all in one symbol.

Joker Expand online slot gameJoker Expand Slot game

To highlight what the symbols can offer to the players, the all in one fruit symbol can give you 2 points at least, should you manage to get 3 of them. You can get 5 if you manage to score 4 of them and finally, 20 points if you can get 5 of them in the pay lines. The number goes on to increase as the pear symbol offers 4 points if you manage to 3 of them anywhere in the pay lines. You’ll get 10 if you score 4 and finally, you’ll get 40 points if you manage to score 5 of them. The watermelon and grapes symbol offers 8 points if you get 3 of them. The number goes to increase and you can get 20 for scoring 4 of them. If you are lucky enough, you’ll get 1000 points if you get 5 of them in the pay lines. Other special symbols include the Silver Star. You can get 20 points only by getting 3 of them in the pay lines. The gold star offers 100 points if you can get 5 of them in the pay lines. But the biggest rewards come from the symbol 7. If you’re lucky enough to get them in the payline, and all 5 of them, you can get 500 points. But if you are not so fortunate, you’ll get 50 only if you manage to get 4 of them. Special mention goes to the Wild symbol which is, in fact, the joker symbol and can manage to transform all the symbols into Wilds only if you manage to get the symbol in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reel.

As far as the verdict of the games, the game is fairly simple. There aren’t special features or bonus rounds to make the game any more attractive. The game comes very close to a fruit slot machine and is less like that minus the 5 reels and the joker symbol.

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