Light Racers UK Online Slot

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Light Racers UK online slot

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Light Racers is a 5 reel, 50 payline slot game with a 96.01% RTP. 3 or more scattered Sphere symbols trigger the Light Racers Free Spins Feature.

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Light Racers UK slot game

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Light Racers UK Online Slot

One of the most entertaining games that can be correlated with slot games is when different genres of games are mixed with it. That’s when not only the entertainment offered by slots and its rewards can be felt but the other genre, whatever it may be, can also be felt and realized. So, in simple words, online slots offer a variety of games and a lot of themes, as well as genres, that can help play you the ideal game.

One of the things that have fascinated us is Light. The element of light has been a mystery for humankind for so many ages. It is true that for many many ages, we tried to manipulate light and its properties to facilitate ourselves. To find what we can and cannot do, we relied so much on the light that many of our basic events had to follow where the light would go and how it will make our decisions. A small instance of that can still be observed today when the day begins. The light enters and our day begins. The light goes away from the sun, and as the sun sets on the horizon, we have to make our sources of light to work so that we can continue doing our work.

Light Racers Developer - The Games Company

Light Racers offered by The Games Company can bring so much to the player, only if the player has the ability to their luck and see where their luck can take them. Perhaps if they find themselves lucky, they will be so faster and quicker than the speed of light itself. 

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But times have changed. We have, perhaps an admiration for a light for being the fastest particle/wave in the universe. We have come as far as measuring its speed, distance, and how it is originated. That being said, we have come very far and we, the human beings, will not stop at anything to find more about what light can offer to us. It will not be vague or unskeptical to think that we cannot come close to the light. We have been able to generate light. We have also managed to generate light with certain intensities. But can we go as fast as the light itself? It’s a question not of philosophy, but of the fact that what can we do to make ourselves faster. In fiction, we don’t rely on scientific calculations or accuracies but ideas that are driven by our imaginations. Once they’ve held their ground, they are ready to come into the big picture. In fiction and imagination, we have managed to surmount a lot with our relationship to light. We have gone even as far as travelling at the speed of light and going even faster.

Light Racers is a game that has the aura of racing and science fiction. To think that competing with light is silly, it isn’t. In this game, your task is not only to travel as fast as light but to compete and see who can be the best. 

Light Racers Slot Features

Here is everything you need to know about the game.

The game has a fantastic RTP of 96.01%. For a game such as Light Racers, this sort of RTP can be considered quite impressive. That being said, the game offers payline of 50. With such features, there is no doubt that the game can be really interesting and remarkable. Although this is the least of what the game can offer to its players. Moving on to the symbols of the game, there are 4 race cars that have a considerable amount of rewards to offer the player. The symbols are green, yellow, orange, and blue cars. The highest paying symbol can allow the player to win as much as 500 points provided that the symbol manages to get 5 times within the payline. Also, the game can offer 100 points if the player manages to get 4 of the symbols.

The yellow symbol can offer as much as 80 points provided that the player can get 5 of the symbols within the payline. The high paying rewards decrease steadily as the orange car can get you 60 points, while the blue car can get you as much 50 points. If you're lucky enough to try your luck, perhaps you can land all the symbols in the payline and win as much as possible. Since we're on the subject of symbols, the symbols to really look for are the Wild and the Scatter symbols. All you need to do with the Scatter symbol is to get at least thrice of it so that you can earn yourselves at least as 3 free spins. The number of spins may not be provided in the game but if tried, the game can let you have a random number of free spins.

Should you manage to get the Wild symbol you can earn yourself a great number of points. The Wild symbol, regardless of its number, the game will substitute all the high paying symbols with the Wild one and the player will receive great rewards from the game.

As far as the verdict of this is concerned, the game does have a remarkable theme but the same kind of praise cannot be offered to the features and the rewards offered by the game. The game is fairly average and there isn't anything so unique or extraordinary that makes the game entertaining, apart from its theme.

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