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Lost Vegas

Play Lost Vegas Slot with 500 Free Spins at Money Reels

Play Lost Vegas

Finally the Apocalypse is upon us all. The Zombies have arrived in town and destruction is everywhere. The game based on zombie apocalypse survival is developed by Microgaming and gives the players a special touch of sci-fi, horror and thrill experience of zombie apocalypse.

Lost Vegas uk slot game

Lost Vegas Slot Game Summary

The game takes players into city of Vegas which has been taken over by zombies and there are only few survivors left in the city. Will you be a survivor or will you turn into a zombie like most of the other population. Zombies have always been a common topic in movies, books and seasons. This is the first slot game of this kind and it comes as no surprise that its released by Microgaming, the company which is master of new creative and innovative ideas. The game can be played on Game has a RTP of 96%. It has 3 reels 243 playlines and 3 rows of symbols each. The coin value varies between 0. 01 and 0.1pounds. So are you ready to jump into city of Vegas. Will you be with the survivors or will you be turned as well and join with the zombies. Decide for yourself and play this game now because right now the survivors need you!

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Lost Vegas Online Slot Gameplay

The gameplay totally focusses on the battle between the survivors and the zombies who are the main feature of this slot game. It is different from other games in many aspects that the player is given an option to play as survivor or zombie in the start of the game. That can be changed later on at the will and wish of the player during the base game. The game is thrilling and exciting because it is all about survival for the humans and all about domination for the zombies. Which side will win , only by playing the game we can find out. The game’s genre can be classified as Horror , Thriller and Action. It is full of fun as it’s a survival game. The background shows the inside of casino in Vegas with different coloured computers on one side and poker tables on one side. It is probably the hideout of the few survivors left. The slot box is opaque in nature and contains 5 reels and 3 rows of symbols. The lower value slots are depicted by alphabets whereas the high value slots in case of humans are depicted by survivors whereas if you select the zombie mode they are depicted by the zombies.

The lower valued slot symbols include

1. A Symbol

0.48 , 1.20 , 4.80 times for 3x , 4x and 5x combinations respectively

2. J Symbol

0.24 , 0.8 , 3.6 times for 3x , 4x and 5x combinations ,

3. Q Symbol

0.32 , 0.96 , 4 times for 3x , 4x and 5x combinations respectively

4. K Symbol

0.4 , 1.2 , 4.4  times for 3x , 4x and 5x combinations respectively

5. 10 Symbol

0.16, 0.80, 3.20 times for 3x , 4x and 5x combinations respectively

The upper symbols in this game are represented by

1. A Man

2.4 ,4.8 20 times for 3x , 4x and 5x combinations respectively

2. A Lady

2.0 , 4.0, 16.0 times for 3x , 4x and 5x combinations respectively

3. A Man with pistol

1.6 , 3.2 , 12 times for 3x , 4x and 5x combinations respectively

4. A Lady with Baseball

1.2, 2.4 , 10 times for 3x , 4x and 5x combinations respectively

5. A Man with Golf Stick

0.8 , 2 , 8 times for 3x , 4x and 5x combinations respectively

The special symbols of the game are depicted by

Lost Vegas Symbol ( Wild)

Toxic Symbol (Scatter)

A Bonus Symbol

Lost Vegas symbol depicts the wild symbol of the game and it will replace all the other words except the scattering symbols to form winning combinations for the user.

The autoplay feature enables the game to run on automation. If you are in no mood to fight the zombies or as a zombie attack the humans then just relax sit back turn on the tv and turn on the autoplay mode . It will do the work for you . At the end collect your total rewards.

Lost Vegas online slot game   Lost Vegas slot game

Lost Vegas Slot Game Bonus Features

In the city of Vegas where fire and destruction have taken over lots of rewards and bonuses in the form of unclaimed property exist. Venture out to find those rewards. This survival based game has many hidden rewards and bonuses for its players. Following are the bonuses of this game

Free Rounds

If the player is able to land 3x or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reels he Is awarded with free spins .

If it is human mode then

Survivor Mode

Players is given endless spins to try his luck and everytime a A,J,K,10 or Q will land anywhere on the reel It will be removed and player will be paid out however the feature will end when all the slots are removed.

Zombie Mode

If you are playing this mode then a mass zombie infection will come into place where other reels will be infected which will turn wilds into stacked wilds. When all reels are infected the round will be declared over. If the player will spin 50 then it will award an extra prize.

Blackout Bonus

It’s a random bonus feature of the game and will occur on any non-winning spin. If it is triggered the user receives rewards for each character on the reels. Free spins in this feature will be enabled by even a single slot

Zombie Fist of Cash

It is also a random feature of this game and will occur in both modes i.e. survivor and zombie. It is for those who don’t get any winning spin. A random zombie fist will appear and award the players with monetary rewards

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