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Midas Gold

Play Midas Gold Slot with 500 Free Spins at Money Reels

Play Midas Gold

Developed by Red Tiger developers this slot games immerses the players into the mystical world of Greek mythology which focuses on King Midas and his touch. Legends tell of an ancient King who converted that he touched into gold. His touch was famous through the kingdoms of that time. He was the richest king the world had ever seen.

Midas Gold uk slot game

Midas Gold Slot Game Summary

The modern day phrases like Midas touch or good fortune are associated with king Midas’s tale as this tale has passed down for thousands of years down the generations of mankind. The game is full of fun and colourful features. The variety usage of colours enhances the gameplay of this slot. Will you be able to earn the trust of King Midas so he might be generous and grant you with rewards and bonuses. Try your luck at with King Midas and his treasury and let’s see what happens to those who visit his kingdom in search of treasure. This Game has an RTP of 96.20%. It has 5 reels 243 playlines and 3 rows of symbols each. The coin value varies between 0.2 to 500 pounds. Are you in for an adventure into King Midas’s kingdom. It will yield lots of rewards and bonuses for you because if the legends are true then there is enough Gold in there to fulfil the needs of your seven generations.

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Midas Gold Online Slot Gameplay

The theme and gameplay of this game focus on the theme of King Midas and his gold therefore a lot of gold, treasure chests and pouches full of coins will be visible to the user in this slot game. The game’s genre can be classified as Fun and it is for the players who love to dive into historical legends and have fun the mythical characters. The game’s main attractive feature are the bonus features which will be discussed in detail in the Bonus features section. The game has a very light and fun filled gameplay. It is full of fun features and colourful symbols which show the smooth gameplay and wonderful spinning animations of the game. The background in the game shows a tiled floor with a lot gold and other precious items spread on the floor which shows that how much rich King Midas himself is. The daily jackpot metre is shown the left of the slot box which is triggered when the jackpot symbols land on the screen.The slot box is covered in delightful colours and surrounded by colourful twigs of plants on all sides. The slot boxes are small squares like tiles which are implanted on the slot box. The lower value slots are depicted by the alphabets whereas the upper value slots are depicted by different historical symbols which definitely will add to the excitement and fun of the players.

The lower symbols in this game include

1. A Symbol

0.5 , 1 , 2 times the reward for 3x , 4x ,5x  combinations respectively

2. K Symbol

0.4, 0.8  1.5 times the reward for 3x , 4x ,5x  combinations respectively

3. J Symbol

0.3, 0.6 , 1.2 times the reward for 3x , 4x ,5x  combinations respectively

4. Q Symbol

0.4 , 0.7 , 1.4 times the reward for 3x , 4x ,5x  combinations respectively

5. 10 Symbol

0.3 , 0.5 , 1 times the reward for 3x , 4x ,5x  combinations respectively

The upper slot symbols with symbolic shapes and rewards include

1. A Royal Lady

2,4,8 times the reward for 3x , 4x ,5x  combinations respectively

2. A Chair

1.5,3,6 times the reward for 3x , 4x ,5x  combinations respectively

3. A Bull’s Head

1,2,4 times the reward for 3x , 4x ,5x  combinations respectively

4. A Bowl full of Fruits

0.8,1.5,3 times the reward for 3x , 4x ,5x  combinations respectively

There are three special symbols for this game.

King Midas Symbol ( Golden Touch Symbol)

The screen is light coloured in theme and display with a light themed slot box which shows simple alphabet symbols and the upper valued symbols of the game. The game buttons are at the bottom of the slot box and very easy accessible to the player. Player can easily control the mechanics of the game from this simple screen.

With the autoplay feature turned on King Midas will chose himself the reward he wishes to grant you. You can relax and enjoy other tasks and your daily chores which will ease you. King Midas is not only generous but also very helping in nature.

Midas Gold online slot game   Midas Gold slot game

Midas Gold Slot Game Bonus Features

Guests of King Midas have always been looked after very well. There are very few guests who claim to have returned empty handed from the royal court. If you are lucky enough then you can come back laden with treasures and rewards. The game offers the following bonus features for the royal guests.

The Midas Touch

If a single Kind Midas symbol lands anywhere on the screen then you are among the luckiest because King Midas will then touch any random symbol on the screen and turn it into pure Gold. The symbol will now lock and another respin will be awarded to the player, if any more matching symbols land then the game will continue otherwise the final reward for the user will be calculated and granted to him.

Progressive Jackpot

A combination of 3 of more jackpot symbols anywhere on the screen activates the progressive jackpot feature in  which the mega , super or the quick hit symbols as shown on the left of the screen on the Jackpot metre are granted. The daily jackpot is also there in which the user must be paid out before the time being displayed

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