Monkey Madness UK Online Slot

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Monkey Madness slot game

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Monkey Madness is a 3 reel, 9 payline online casino with a 96.53% RTP and comes with Wild feature.

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Monkey Madness UK online slot game

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Monkey Madness UK Online Slot

Animals that we know and we don’t know of can be intriguing in so many ways. Just think of Lions, Tigers, or Cats for that matter. They are not only adorable and majestic but they represent a sense of energy. They may appear to be somewhat lazy or “cool” but that doesn’t undermine the fact that these cats, both big and small can be filled with so much energy and passion. The display of their energy has been seen so many times on the internet, in videos, as well as in literature and movies. What is more interesting is that all these animals represent one thing: their usual routine of doing they love the most. When an animal does something like roaring, socializing with animals of its species and other species, hunting, or being idle, it’s certainly not posing for the camera or has been manipulated by human beings. It’s because that is what animals do.

Monkey Madness online casino by Pragmatic Play offers an RTP of 96.53%.

Monkey Madness Developer - Pragmatic Play

The game has been designed by Pragmatic Play and offers a great level of energy to the player.

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One of the things that are not manipulated when it comes to animals is how they respond to certain behaviour and complex situations. One of the things that animals do that we have never taught them to do, yet they still manage to do things similar to our human pattern is socializing and understanding the family. Humans look after their children and nurture them. The same pattern has been seen by many animals but none come close to the way monkeys offer care and protection. While it is true that 96% of our DNA is similar to chimpanzees, as suggested by the previous studies, today our it has been shown that 98.8% of our DNA is close to chimps. A lot of our thought patterns and ideas are very similar to monkeys. Yet, the level of excitement and enthusiasm we share for so many things can also be seen in monkeys not just in one part of the world, but almost everywhere.

The energy that is displayed by a particular and yet a cool monkey can be found in Monkey Madness. The game is not just entertaining and manages to get your attention through the monkey but if played right, and provided that you are lucky enough to use your motivation and luck, you might just get yourself a lot of rewards. It all matters on how much you can try. Monkey Madness may just be a simple slot but it’s not as easy as it may appear to be.

Monkey Madness Online Features

Here are a few things that will interest you as far as the game’s features go:

 The RTP looks wonderful on the game and that is not the only unique thing about the game. The game, unlike a lot of slot games that have a sort of jungle and adventure theme, happens to have 9 paylines only. Also, the game has a surprisingly low number of reels as they happen to be only 3. With only 3 rows and 3 columns, all that the player has to do is try their luck and see what they can get. To move on to what the game has to offer, the symbols used in this game are dollar signs, bird, bananas, pineapple, coconut, and ANY symbol. The game may appear to be minimal but if played correctly, the game can offer a lot.

Starting with the symbols and what they could offer to the player, the ANY symbol if scored 3 times can offer $0.20. Moving on, you can get $0.4 if you manage to get 3 coconut symbols. The reward goes higher as the symbols move up. The pineapple symbol can grant the player $0.60. For symbols that are more important in this game happen to be can offer a full dollar or more. The banana symbol, if scored thrice in the payline can offer the player $1. The rewards go up for the bird symbol as it can get the player $1.50. Finally, the dollar symbol can guarantee $2.50 only if the player can get 3 of the symbols in the paylines.

The game doesn’t offer special features or other sorts of bonus rounds that can allow the player to divert their attention to other things in the game. Although special symbol can change it all. The cool monkey symbol with the shades can offer the player $50 if it is found in the payline. The symbol also happens to be the wild symbol. The wild symbol still offers a lot of opportunities to the player. If the symbol is found once in the reel, the player receives a multiplier of 3 times. For being found twice in the game, the player can get 9 times the reward.

Monkey Madness Game Review 2019

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