Mystery of Long Wei UK Online Slot

Every slot game has its own unique ability to communicate with the users and form a bond with them. That being said, it is important to understand that the ability of any game’s theme to connect with the user is highly important and must never be undermined. That being said a lot of games can manage to come into the picture.

Mystery of Long Wei uk slot game

Mystery of Long Wei Slot Game Summary

 Back when the age of discovery and exploration was taking its baby steps, nobody knew what they’d find in the different parts of the world. There were people on many parts of the worlds and they had traditions, ethics and norms very different from those that were followed in the west. Nonetheless, there were people and though they may not be as industrially civilized as the west was, they were all civilized and unique in their own unique way. The foreign cultures and civilizations were not only different because they had different religions, attire, language, but it goes a long way and has a lot more to do with their beliefs and rituals. 


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Mystery of Long Wei UK Slot Gameplay

 Surprisingly, dragons were known to everyone, both in the west and east. There were tales and there were people who deeply devoted themselves to believing the ancient giant. The monster that breathed fire and had majestic wings. Whether it was the norse who believed in the dragons or the chinese, in simple words, there may have been differences with respect to culture and language but many things surprisingly are very similar and have a lot in common. When it was discovered that dragons were also considered a great creature and hold significance in the east, people from the west were drawn towards their culture and spent years understanding their language and culture.

 Mystery of Long Wei is rather an interesting game. It says not only a great many things about the ancient civilization of China but is unique and interesting to play. It says a lot about what the ancient civilization in China. As far as this game goes, it’s more than just a mystery but holds behind the mysteries a great deal of fortune and treasure. What really matters is who is determined enough and who would want to try their luck and be revealed with the mysteries that are associated with Long Wei. If you are wondering what are the features that lead to solving the mystery of Long Wei, you have to continue and carry on reading to find out more.

Mystery of Long Wei online slot   Mystery of Long Wei slot game

Mystery of Long Wei UK Slot Features

Here is everything you need to know about Mystery of Long Wei:

This game has an RTP of 97.1% and can be considered not just huge but quite impressive for a game sharing a theme like that of Mystery of Long Wei. Most games would limit themselves to the usual 95 or even 94 but Mystery of Long Wei by iSoftBet sure has a lot to offer to players. With 5 slots and 40 paylines, it will be seen later on that the game does have a lot more than just an impressive technical figure.

The symbols of the game reflect entirely what can be expected from the east. The magic, the flowers, and the animals. The symbols are Dragon, Tiger, Panda, Lotus, Fish, Bell, A, K, Q, J, 10, and 9. The symbol to look for to achieve the highest score is the dragon symbol. Should you manage to get 5 of those, you can have 1,000 points in your lap. The Tiger symbol can also be beneficial and can offer as much as 500 if you manage to land 5 of them in the pay lines. The other valuable symbols include 2 Wilds and a Scatter symbol.  

When the Wild symbol appears in the first reel, that’s when the magic begins and your luck begins to show its true colours. The 2nd to 4th reel will be turned into one big reel and will allow you to try your luck as the win as much as you can. The next important and perhaps the most beneficial symbol there happens to be the Scatter symbol. Now for free spins to be triggered, there should be at least 3 Scatter symbols in the reel. If you manage to get that, you are awarded 10 free spins. That is not the end of the picture, however. If you manage to score 4, you will be awarded 20 free spins. With 5, you can have as many as 30 free spins. It should also be mentioned that from reel 2nd to 5th, the high rewarding symbols occupy and give a majestic sight to the game. 

To conclude this game and give a verdict, the game is fairly rewarding and promises a lot to its users. It’s not just about the RTP and its technical figures that really count but the features that this game offers are truly remarkable. Free spins are entirely up to the player. If they are lucky enough to get even 3 Scatters, they’re entitled to 10 free spins which can be quite a lot. It gets better if you can get 5 Scatters and can have 50 free spins! It is quite rare for a game to truly give what it promises based on its theme. Mystery of Long Wei has truly given the reason of not just being a mystery game but also promising great rewards behind the mystery. 

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