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Pharaoh UK online slot

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Pharaoh is a 5 reel, 20 payline slot game with a 95% RTP. To impress the Pharaoh you need to land at least 3x or more bonus symbols on reels 1,3 and 5 which will enable you to claim some awesome rewards and bonuses.

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Pharaoh UK slot game

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Pharaoh UK Online Slot

Bringing ancient Egypt to life, this online slot game brings back the times of the great Pharaohs. It has been developed by Inspired gaming and will retake you back to the historic times of Egyptian dynasties. It aims at giving the players a touch of the royalty of the Egyptian desert. It is inspired by both history, and the riches of Pharaohs.

Egyptian culture has been frequently made a theme in slot games because of two things i.e. its mysteries and the great riches of the Pharaohs. Egyptian kings were also called as Pharaohs and were owners of the complete civilization that thrived across the banks of river Nile. They were great owners of power and wealth who decided about the ways and lives of the people who lived around the river Nile. They were one of the most powerful kings of their times. This slot has been developed to remake their greatness and to bring back the Pharaoh’s time so that the players may experience the greatness and the luxuriousness of their lifestyle. In this game the player is in the role of an ancient traveller who is the guest of the great Pharaoh. He will host you in this slot game and give you a tour of his temple, if he is impressed by your skills and outlook then he will reward you with gifts and bonuses beyond your imagination from the royal court itself. Gifts that you have never heard of before nor seen because they are from the ancient treasures of the great Pharaoh. Enter this awesome ancient world right now at Money Reels. It promises an RTP of 95% with 5 reels and 20 betways for the players.

Pharaoh Developer - Inspired Gaming

Inspired gaming has many options for its fans to choose from. You can select from a multiple number of slots developed by Inspired gaming.

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Play Pharaoh Mobile Slot

Developers have tried their best to bring the ancient Egyptian culture to life in this amazing slot. You will always be accompanied by the great Pharaoh in this slot who will be guiding you often and will appear from behind the temple’s pillars to welcome you and guide you as the game progresses. You will feel that the pharaoh is willing to help you in all cases. You just need to wage bravely and without fear in this slot game so that you may be able to impress his Excellency. Don’t fear the ancient menaces like the Egyptian beetle and scorpions, they are numerous in this temple but fear not because Pharaoh is with you and he will guide you correctly through different parts of the temple itself. The game has a genre of History. Background of this slot shows the great palace where Pharaoh resides and from where he rules the Egyptian Delta. It will give you an insight into the royal lifestyle of Pharaohs. How royally they lived. The great pillars on the side of the slot box with colourful inscriptions speak tons about the Egyptian skills in architecture and building different structures. The Pharaoh will keep appearing and disappearing from the back of the pillar to help you and to guide you. The screen is very friendly and colourful in nature. It is made up by different colours which show that the Egyptian artists loved the use of different colours in their paintings. The slot box is a clear example as it is surrounded by a thin red line of Egyptian paint with the monetary information on top of the slot box. A thin gold line segregates the reels from one another. The music and the sounds in the background increase the intensity of the gameplay as the reels spin. It will give you adrenaline rushes as you spin the reels because nobody knows what awaits, the Pharaoh however will be there to help you through thick and thin. Animations of this game are even more stunning and will increase the visual appeal of the game by leaps and bounds. There are two sets of symbols used in the game, major and minor valued symbols. The major symbols are The Pharaoh symbol, the treasure box, a royal Egyptian beetle and the minor valued symbols such as J,K,Q,A, a red book and a green book. The symbols that Pharaoh has offered to make your gameplay fun is the Wild Logo symbol that replaces all the symbols except the bonus symbol and the bonus symbol that helps in triggering the bonus feature of this slot. If you cannot take up the heat of the desert or don’t want to discover the ancient sands anymore then just ask Pharaoh to do it for you by clicking the autoplay. He will return you with rewards in the end. (if you win any)

Pharaoh Slot Bonus Features

This amazing adventure in the desert will give you lots of bonuses and rewards owing to the great riches and the great treasures that lie buried in this Egyptian Desert. Only if you are able to impress the great Pharaoh then will you be able to claim the prize. If impressed the Pharaoh will offer you the following bonus features. To impress the Pharaoh you need to land at least 3x or more bonus symbols on reels 1,3 and 5 which will enable you to claim some awesome rewards and bonuses.

Pharaoh Spins

You will be prompted to spin a wheel on which multiple rewards and options will be shown, the wheel will stop after sometime and which ever option is under the wheel arrow will be granted to you. The wins on this wheel include free spins, a multiplier value and transforming into wilds feature.

Pharaoh Wild Spins

The player is awarded with 4x Pharaoh wild symbols which are placed on the reels as 2 x wilds per spin. The Pharaoh himself comes in the front of screen to help you in making more wilds and converting those wilds into similar symbols to earn extra wins.

Pyramid Of Prizes

If this feature is selected then a pyramid is shown which is ascended when the player clicks the stop button, the prizes won are accumulated as the player reaches the top of the pyramid.