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Play Platooners Slot with 500 Free Spins at Money Reels

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Slots available to us can be found in so many themes and ideas. There's not just one theme or a few that can appeal to our senses or help us make the most out of it. In fact, there are so many games that we can not only enjoy but benefit ourselves with through their rewards and features. All it takes is our attention and how much do we wish to be entertained.

Platooners uk slot game

Platooners Slot Game Summary

 When it comes to adventures we don't know where to stop and it is perfectly natural. We tend to try new things. We often feel the urge that there is never enough and that is fully justified. It's been shown that the most intelligent people in the world often get bored very often. Perhaps their sense of adventure and freedom always tends to take them to courses and new ideas, as well as great opportunities. While that is true, it often comes with creativity and intelligence is very likely to make you try things you thought were just impossible or at least difficult to pull through. So, in simple words, you or anyone around yo uwho has crazy but difficult ideas may have come up with as a result of boredom but they're very likely to be great thinkers.

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Platooners UK Slot Gameplay

When it comes to the adventure we often think about getting excited. There are many ways to feel that but perhaps the most interesting and challenging way to feel that is when you're in a combat. It's not just adventuring as it turns into a grave matter of life and death. But that would be too stark to be put in context. Nonetheless, adventures come in all kinds and there are no limits imposed. One of the most interesting ways to make the adventure be felt is when you manage to find great people and how they interact with each other. When the understanding develops and if you guys love adventure, some things you'll realise are quite common.

Whether you are in hand to hand combat or just using guns to have fun with your friends and trying out new things, there's no restriction anyway. Everything is done in a friendly manner and everyone gets to have fun as well as some action. But there is a way everyone can get to have fun without thinking about plans and trying to work out everything.

Platooners is the kind of game that will make you feel as if you are on an adventure spree. There is both adventure and action to make you feel like you have a mission to fulfil. With this entertaining and delightful slot, you can be fully assured that playing it is not only as easy as it appears but can also be quite rewarding if you manage to make the right moves. Platooners developed by ELK is the kind of game that will make you feel that you are not just in the game playing and spinning to win rewards and see how far and how much you luck can take you but it’s rather a game that will truly make you feel that the adventure you are on is in fact real.

Platooners online slot game   Platooners Slot game

Platooners Slot Game Features

Here are a few things that you would want to know about Platooners.

Platooners comes with an RTP of 96.3%. The game has 5 reels and has 178 paylines. With such specifications, there is no doubt that the game can offer a certain amount of considerable variance, and therefore gives the player the ability to try their luck easily. Moving on to the more technical part of the game, the symbols used in this game are Dog Tags, Dagger, Binocular, Medical Kit, and the symbols A, J, K, and Q. Apart from the alphabets, the other symbols are worth considering in this game. The medical kit can guarantee 150 points only if it is scored 5 times in the payline. The game can also award 120 and 80 points depending on the fact the symbol is scored 4 and times respectively in the payline. Next, come the binoculars. Binoculars can help player score 200, 150, and 100 points provided that the symbol is found 5, 4, and 3 times respectively in the game. The bigger rewards in this game can be easily scored through the dagger symbol. This symbol can let the player win 500, 300, and 200 points provided that the symbol is found 5, 4, and 3 times in the payline respectively. Finally, the biggest reward through symbols can be obtained by the Dog Tag symbol. This symbol can let the player win as much as 1000, 500, and 250 points in the game. All the player has to do is get the symbol 5, 4, and 3 times respectively.

But this is not the only thing that is interesting about Platooners. There are 3 types of strategies that can be availed in this game. The bet level automatically changes itself based on your balance. This mode is called Optimizer. The other level is called the Leveller and is started when the player has suffered 5 consecutive losses. Once the player has had the losses the bet level is raised to 2 times and is reset once the player starts winning. The other level is called Booster. In this level, the bet is raised 1 level after loss until approaching 4 levels more than the base one. This level (Booster) is reset once the player has had a win. Notable mention goes to the Wild symbol that can substitute every symbol except the Bonus symbol in the game once triggered. The bonus symbol in the game can help the player play Platooners V.S Snakes of Fortune. Additionally, at random times, action spins can be made if certain symbols land in the slot.

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