Poke the Guy UK Online Slot

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Poke The Guy slot game

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Poke The Guy is a online slot game with a 94.89% RTP by Microgaming.

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Poke The Guy UK Online Slot

There are so many slot games present that exhibit their own theme and ideas. So many games are present that offer their own features and so many rewards but it is not so easy to get them just by a single stroke of luck. In order to make the most out of any game, it is important that the player is ready to try their best and see what they can offer to the game, that is, their own energy and tolerance, not to mention luck. Once done, the player is ready to get the rightful reward she/he deserves.

Poke The Guy Developer - Microgaming

The description exactly matches Poke The Guy offered by Microgaming. The game is unlike the traditional slots. There is nothing so common with Poke The Guy and the other slots but there are so many things that make the game really worth playing. Just because the game isn’t like the traditional slot does pose a challenge to the player, so making the most out of it is not just going to a little challenging but will be entertaining. Other notable mentions also include 108 Heroes, Avalon II- Quest for The Grail slot, Bar Bar Black Sheep and Burning Desire slot game.

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There are literally thousands of slots that can be found on the internet. Even stating thousands in quite an understatement. What matters is the interest of the player. It is the basic direction of the player’s sense which allows him/her to take part in the game and see what the game has to offer to them. Every game present has a lot to offer. No game is left behind when it comes to rewarding and giving offers. However, as big as the rewards go, it is deeply important to understand that the game’s features alone are not enough to know. The practical implementation of the game matters, and by knowing only the details is not enough and never is. That being said, it is, therefore, a great deal of importance for the player to be aware of their tolerance level. They should know that while every game has its own unique theme and offers, in order to make the most out of those rewards, the luck of the player is needed to be there.

However, limiting the discussion only to a particular genre of slot, a lot of games that are offered may have a lot of rewards in them, some may have more than the others but keeping that aside, when it comes to Action slot, there is just another sort of fun that cannot be offered by any other genre. It’s not alone the chase for the rewards and special features in the end, but having fun with the game and seeing what can be offered the most. For the player to make the most out of the slot, it is important to be tolerant but also optimistic about the closing of the game.

As far as Action slots go, a lot of them can be different from one another. It is being said not only on the account of theme, background, rewards but the gameplay itself. It’s not always the reels, paylines etc. but the way the game is made. Some games even appear to be like a slot but also an actual game where the player has to aim and hit the jackpot.

Poke The Guy Online Features

Here are a few things you need to know about Poke The Guy. For starters, the game has an RTP of 94%. An RTP of this kind can easily make the game worth a play and also interesting. Although Poke The Guy, as stated earlier is very different from other slots because unlike other slots this game doesn’t come with reels or symbols. All that the game has to offer is simple luck and chance: the player has to strike the Guy as the guy moves here and there and flap. It’s almost like the Duck Hunt game, except Poke The Guy can be way more challenging, not to mention offers a lot of rewards.  

There aren’t any symbols used in this game. There are no particular rewards. However, if you manage to poke the guy you can get yourself a multiplier and you will be able to win a lot of rewards provided that you manage to maintain a streak where you get to hit the guy every time you are lucky.

The verdict of this game can be put in the simplest words. This game is all about action and entertainment. It’s a nice way to enjoy a slot if you are looking for something unique and very different. The game may not have a lot of features and exciting rounds, but Poke The Guy is all about chances of hitting the Guy. If you’re lucky, you are not only going to have fun, but also a lot of rewards.

Poke The Guy Slot Game Review 2019

There are numerous games when it comes to matching Poke The Guy. One of the most famous games that come in this category is Platoon. This slot game is based on the actual movie Platoon and is filled with action and lots of entertaining rewards. The uncanny resemblance that is offered by both games can be easily found in the fact that both games are entertaining. Although the gameplay does differ, not to mention the fact that Poke The Guy offers a lot more action than a lot of games found in the Action genre. As far as similar themes go with Poke The Guy, Platoon slot game makes itself into the list.

Since games that resemble Poke The Guy is being discussed, it is important to bring about two certain features that are found in Poke The Guy. The RTP and the gameplay, which is quite untraditional as far as a slot game goes. Deuces Wild Multihand is a slot game that is not only similar with respect to RTP but also the gameplay. It’s not like one of those games where slots are being spun but are quite like a card game. Still, the game does demand the player’s concentration and their luck. 

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