Puggy Payout UK Online Slot

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Puggy Payout slot game

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Puggy Payout is a 5 reel, 25 payline slot game with a 94.9% RTP. This UK Online Slot comes with Free Spins and Scatter Symbol feature.

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Puggy Payout UK Online Slot

There are a lot of slot games that can be associated with animals at all stages. Whether or whether not they are related to films, TV shows, cartoons, or just cultural references, it is a generally accepted fact that with animals present in the slot, there is a great chance that players would like to play the game and see what they can get from it. Animal-based slot games are not the only kind that manages to gain the attention of the players. In fact, there are all kinds of theme that are able to help players try their luck and win as much as they like.

Puggy Payout Developer - Eyecon

Puggy Payout by Eyecon is a very adorable game that is based on a very cute pug. While playing this game, you might get a feeling as if you are actually playing with a pet. The details, background, graphics, symbols, and sound effects, just about everything present in the game has a very interesting touch in it, and it is very heartwarming and cuddling to see Puggy, the pug, present in the game.

Talking about the theme in this part of the review, there are so many games that fall in the same theme category as Puggy Payout.

While there are hundreds of very famous slots present, the discussion will be limited to a few slots come close to Puggy Payout with respect to the theme. One game that comes close in not just the theme but also rewarding is Piggy Payout slot game and Piggy Riches UK slot. The resemblance can be found in the animals that are featured in the game. They are not just adorable, the animals found in the game, but if you’re playing this game, you’ll notice just how adorable both games are, and their respective nature makes them very popular and entertaining towards the player.

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What do we like the most about slot games? The simple answer would be how much they are offering to the player and what amount of hard work and energy it takes from the player to get the intended reward. That is quite simple to write and talk about, but in truth, it is a lot complicated and takes a great deal of effort and tolerance. When talking about any kind of gameplay, the game’s rewards, features, and bonus rounds are not the only thing that comes into the picture. It’s a whole experience, and to get the most out of it, it is the subjective prospect of the player to see what they can get and what exactly they are aiming to get from the game. The gameplay from any player is just a tradeoff of player’s general expectations and what the game actually offers to the player. That being said, no matter what game you're playing, whether it is a slot, scratch card or anything, it is all a mixture of the player’s expectations and what they really get from the player once they try their luck. No matter what slot is being discussed, the details discussed in the previous text holds true for all the games.

One certain matter that is sometimes ignored while discussing the game’s performance is its theme. The theme sets a picture for the players to see what they want to see. A slot game can be as simple as the fruit machine, or it can be full of bonus rounds, fancy graphics, and additional games. What is expected from the game by the player relies solely on the intention, and interests of the player? The first thing, the pitch-maker in this process is the theme of the game. No other factor can be decisive in this matter as much as the theme is.

Since the theme of the game plays a very conclusive role in determining the game’s behaviour, a very interesting game comes into the picture. 

Puggy Payout Slot Features

Here is a description of a few details that you might want to know about Puggy Payout. The RTP offered in this game is 94.9%. This game contains 25 paylines and has 5 x 3 reel. The symbols used in this game are very interesting as they offer a lot of rewards to the player. The lowest you can get is 8 points if the symbols 10 and 9 are found but that’s not quite what player ought to aim for if they are looking forward to getting lucky in the game. Score any alphabet symbol in the game and you can easily get 400 points, provided the symbols are found 5 times. Since this game is related to an adorable pug, the symbols associated are related to its life. The leash can offer the highest reward and can manage to get the player as much as 2400 points if found 5 times in the game. The Scatter symbol is the pug itself and can offer 15, 20, and 25 free games if found 3, 4, and 5 times respectively.

Puggy Payout Slot Game Review 2019

One other game that makes it into the list is Cute and Cuddly. The best thing about this game is the presence of various wild animals and the way they’re presented in the game.

When it comes to offering features and offers just as Puggy Payout offers to its players, a lot of games can make it into the list. The games that come close to Puggy Payout are not just offering the same rewards as Puggy Payout but they also resemble with one another with respect to their looks and what they offer from their appearances.

Cute and Cuddly offers an RTP of 94% and is very amazing considering the game’ theme and its ability to draw players to try their luck. Pub Crawlers is also carrying the same RTP as Puggy Payout and is one entertaining game that can take the player to a whole new level of entertainment with its entertaining symbols and remarkable offers and features.

Last but not the least, one notable mention goes to Cash Caper. Though the game is nowhere close to resembling Puggy Payout with respect to its theme or genre, the games do resemble with each other in terms of their features.