Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix UK Online Slot

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Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix UK online slot

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Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix is a 5 reel, 20 payline slot game with a 98% RTP. This UK Online Slot comes with Free Spins, Scatter symbols, and Wild features.

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Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix UK slot game

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Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix UK Online Slot

Let the lucky leprechaun lead the way to the 500x multiplier in the Sequel to Rainbow Riches which offers 5 reels, 20 bet lines and tonnes of fun bonus features! Play Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix on Money Reels today which is home to over 550+ slot games. Our other top games include Starburst Slot, Bonanza, and Wolf Gold.

Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix Design & Theme

Even if you’ve spent a fair few hours playing the original Rainbow Riches online slot, it will be hard to anticipate just how exciting and innovative the gameplay to Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix is! From the moment you load up the screen, you are hit with one of the most exciting new features we have seen from an online slot. Of course, all of the game’s developer’s are constantly trying to stay ahead instead of lagging behind with the evolution of online slots. So When you first load up the Irish-themed online slot, you’ll instantly be greeted by the traditional Irish music which is fairly similar to what you saw with the original release. Yet, before you start spinning the reels you will be provided with a choice. You’ll be able to select one of five bonus features that you’d like to see most often throughout the game.

Barcrest knows that every online slot player is different, therefore the perks we prefer are all going to vary. So, the ability to tailor the game to your preferred mode of play is nothing short of genius. Whether you prefer wilds, scatters, bonus rounds or free spins to pop up, you definitely won’t be disappointed with Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix.

Following up to the original title was never going to be easy for Barcrest, but they hit the nail on the head with this follow up which incorporates all of your favourite bonus features which you can enjoy whether you are playing Rainbow Riches at home on your laptop or mobile, or on a land-based slot machine. Yep, that’s right, if you hadn’t heard, Rainbow Riches games have moved back into the landscape of casino gaming. You’ll also be able to find Rainbow Riches slot machines in pubs, restaurants and other entertainment complexes.

Play Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix Mobile Slot

Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix is a 5 x 3 reel slot which allows players to place a bet across 20 fixed pay lines. If you’re looking for an extreme aesthetic enhancement from the first online slot, you may be a little disappointed, as it doesn’t look like all that much has changed. There’s still the same classic backdrop of a field on a hot summer’s day with the reels taking up much of the space – so you definitely won’t miss a thing on the reels!

You can stake a bet from as little as 20p, up to £500, which makes Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix perfect for any slot player who has been annoyed by the cap on betting amounts in earlier games. That’s not to say that the game isn’t also suited to players with a medium size budget who are looking to take advantage of the perks of the game coupled with the irresistible Irish theme of the game.

Of course, no matter where you are in the world, you know that the Irish are synonymous with luck. The Emerald Isle is home to rainbows where if you’re lucky enough to find the end, then you’ll find a pot of gold, which may or may not be guarded by a mischievous leprechaun. Well, most of the Irish culture is founded on mythology, but it is still fun to pretend that you may be lucky enough to stumble across a leprechaun who will be all to happy to share his gold with you. Although legend has it, they will only cough up in exchange for their freedom. Money Reels doesn’t endorse the trapping of leprechauns, but we definitely do endorse the Irish slot which keeps many of our players coming back for more.

Whether you believe that the original or the sequel is better falls down to what you are looking for from an online slot. If you don’t feel like Rainbow Riches is for you, we have run through the best possible alternatives for you further down in this article.  However, Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix boasts the same medium variance of the original.

Barcrest have kept the symbols on the reels simple with a standard set of letter and number symbols which run through from A, Q, K, J and 10. However when you are spinning the reels you will also spot the wilds, free spins and scatters which you can hope will land on an active pay line.

The visuals certainly won’t blow you away with the Pick n Mix follow up to the original, but the bonus features just might!

Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix Slot Bonus Features

The online slot features the same leprechaun you fell in love with from the original game, and as you’d expect, there are a fair few enhancements such as the Big Bet feature, which you may have seen on other slots from Barcrest including Monopoly Big Event. This feature allows you to get a little daring with your coin balance! Choose between two games, placing down either £20 or £30. The first will give you up to 5 ‘Big Bet Spins’ and a 1x multiplier which will increase by 1x with every spin. The second feature will enter you into a wheel of fortune style game where all wins can get boosted with a 5x multiplier. To make the Big Bet features even sweeter, in these games the wild symbols will be sticky to give you a greater chance of enhancing your reward.

And that was just covering the Big Bet features! You might want to grab your notepad as we go through the rest of the bonus features. With most online slots, you can usually expect to see two or three, but Rainbow Riches gives you an impressive 5 different bonus features! However, the trick is (we told you leprechauns were tricky!) that you are only able to choose three of the features to tailor your game. If you never got acquainted with the bonus symbols in the original game, we’ve done our best to outline them for you.

The Road to Riches Bonus Feature

Trigger this round by landing 3 or more Road to Riches symbols on the reels:
3 symbols will lead you through the feature in standard mode.
4 symbols will run you through the bonus with extra multipliers leading to more significant wins
5 symbols will automatically land you the top prize available in Rainbow Riches which is 500x your original stake amount. You’ll receive this prize without actually having to play this side game.

However, if you land 3, or 4 Road to Riches symbols, you will need to spin the wheels and depend on chance and luck to see how far you will get in the game but that 500x multiplier is always a possibility.

The Pots of Gold Bonus Feature

For this bonus round you will have to look our for the Pot of Gold triggers!
3 or 4 of them will bring up silver, gold, and bronze pots which will spin around the screen.
5 will reward you with the jackpot prize of the 500x multiplier.
Similar to the first bonus feature, even if you do only land 3 of 4 pots of gold bonus you will still have the chance to win the 500x. However, you’ll need to select the correct spinning pot to have that multiplier boost your original stake amount.

The Free Spins Bonus Feature

The free spins bonus feature is fairly straightforward. Just look out for the scatter symbols on reels 1, 3, and 5.
3 scatter symbols will grant you 10 free spins.
4 scatter symbols will grant you 20 free spins
5 scatter symbols will grant you 30 free spins.
With this free spins round, you will have the opportunity to win more free spins, however the free spins number is limited to 60, still, who can complain at the chance of grabbing up to 60 free spins?

The Cash Crop Bonus Feature

By now, you’re probably getting a good impression that all of the bonus features are similar, however the Cash Crop Bonus Feature mixes it up slightly.
To activate this feature you will need to find three or more Cash Crop symbol cards. When this happens, you will be transported to a 10 x 5 grid which displays 50 coins. The coins will start to spin, and once they have finished spinning, you will see that they display either nothing or a nice tidy multiplier! After all of the coins have been turned, you will be presented with the choice whether you’d like to continue or you’d like to collect what you have won from the multipliers. If you choose to go on, you will be presented with the same game again. A maximum of three rounds is possible with the Cash Crop Bonus Feature, in the third and final round, it is possible for you to win 5x multipliers or 10x multipliers.

Magic Toadstool Bonus Feature

Last, but definitely not least we have the magic toadstool bonus feature, which you can enjoy if you see three or more toadstool triggers on the reels.
If you are lucky enough to find 5 toadstool triggers on the reels you will get that exciting 500x multiplier on your original stake amount. If you see three or four of these triggered you will then be entered into the side game where you will be presented with a 6 x 4 grid which shows 24 toadstools, you’ll get to choose three of the toadstools to see which multipliers they are hiding.
The toadstools will either present you with a cash prize, or a ‘fairy’, the fairy will give you three more picks on the game which will give you the chance to win even more cash prizes, or more fairy’s which will help you to extend the game even further. When you have 2 pics remaining, you will be given a 3x multiplier, however if you only play with one remaining pick, you will get a 2x multiplier. But they all add up, you can win up to 500x times your original stake amount.

Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix Developer - Barcrest

Barcrest developer logo

Even though there has been plenty of changing of hands with Barcrest through acquisitions and sales, they are still the creative talent behind Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix – and plenty of other popular online slots outside from the Rainbow Riches series. Although they have put plenty of their time and talent to expanding the Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix series, they have plenty of other popular games including: 7s to Burn, Action Bank, Cash Stax, Monopoly Big Event, Snow Leopard, and Thai Flower.

Along with the online slots, Barcrest have also had a heavy hand in creating plenty of land-based online slots, they’ve been in business since 1968 – way before online slots were even invented. So, by the time the nineties came round, and slot machines started to become popular, they already had a heavy hand in the gambling industry. They mainly specialised in Bingo games and one-armed bandit games. It isn’t only just the UK that they have made a name for themselves in, their name became synonymous with quality all across Europe, and their reputation has only become more renown after they stuck right on the contemporary curve with the digitalisation of gaming.

In the 2000’s they had already put their hand to plenty of online slots, but it was in 2006 when the first Rainbow Riches game was released that they became one of the leaders in the online slot machine world. After their success had been noted by Scientific Games in 2011 the acquisition happened not too long after. This new acquisition meant that they now have a bigger stake and reach in the market.

Here’s what Barcrest had to say about Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix:

Without a doubt this is Barcrest's most feature friendly game, if you enjoy playing the original then you will love this increased action packed Pick n Mix version. The game has been very well designed both graphically and in terms of sounds and music. The jackpot can be won in many different ways and even more than once per session if you are lucky enough. Landing full screens is possible or simply land 5 of the same bonus symbols to be awarded 500x your stake!!

With a little luck you can successfully Pick n Mix your way to multiple jackpots!

Similar & Related Games to Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix

If you’re looking for a similar or related game to Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix, you won’t get more similar, than the other titles in the Rainbow Riches series. We have covered the basics with all of the sequels to the original games – we’re sure that you’re already with the original by now. We’ve done our best to cover the best aspects of each game, and the ones that may end up letting you down, but there’s plenty of choices to choose from as the Rainbow Riches collection of online slots is probably the largest one yet. Will Barcrest ever quite recreate the magic of the original? We’ll see!

Rainbow Riches Fortune Favours

Rainbow Riches Fortune Favours

Rainbow Riches Fortune Favours was released in 2018, and still looks remarkably similar to the original, if not a little crisper in graphic quality. The 5 x 3 reel slot offers a pretty sweet 97.7% RTP, and a cash jackpot prize of 250,000 with 10 different bet lines to play across.

Rainbow Riches Drops of Gold

Rainbow Riches Drops of Gold slot

It would seem that Barcrest were pretty busy in 2018 as they released yet another online slot Rainbow Riches Drops of Gold; rumour has it that this is the best title yet. But of course, you’ll get to decide that for yourself on the slot which offers a 97.75% return to player rate and fires out plenty of regular wins. A massive perk of this game is that the 5 x 4 reel slot game offers 200 different fixed bet ways, and the same 250,000 coin jackpot. There’s also free spins, and many bonus features.
Casino Beats added the online slot to their list of four games which were predicted to elevate SG’s portfolio.

Rainbow Riches Reels of Gold

Rainbow Riches Reels of Gold

Rainbow Riches Reels of Gold slot along a little earlier in 2016, but that was still 10 years after the original release, there is a slightly lower RTP with 96% and 100 different bet lines to play on for a chance of grabbing the fairly typical 250,000 coin jackpot on the online slot. However, no one can deny that they didn’t go the extra mile when mixing up this game. You don’t just get one set of reels to play on. Nope, you get two! The first reels are your standard 5 x 4 reel formation, and the second set of reels will work on a 5 x 12 grid. Along with the lucky leprechaun, you will also get a little helping hand from the fairy who will help you to enter bonus rounds and free spins rounds.

Rainbow Riches Home Sweet Home

Rainbow Riches Home Sweet Home

Rainbow Riches Home Sweet Home is yet another 2018 release from Barcrest with a 97.75% RTP on the 5 x 5 reel grid set up, yet again the cash jackpot is 250,000 coins and there are 50 different bet ways to the slot. So, up to now it seems as though Home Sweet Home is a pretty good all-rounder. However, it doesn’t mix it up that much from the original, at least you will be able to enjoy very similar bonus symbols, bonus features and free spins!

Rainbow Riches Free Spins

Rainbow Riches Free Spins

Barcrest knew when they created Rainbow Riches Free Spins that no one can quite resist a game offering a staggering amount of free spins! The name of the online slot makes it pretty clear what the main selling point of this games, it was no secret that slot fans were less than impressed that the original game didn’t offer any free spins, but there’s plenty to be had In this game which was released in 2017 offering a return to player rate of 97.7% 10 different bet lines to play across, and a 250,000 coin jackpot.

Rainbow Riches Leapin’ Leprechauns

Rainbow Riches Leapin’ Leprechauns

If you are playing Rainbow Riches, it’s highly likely that you’re fairly fond of Leprechauns, so good news for leprechaun fans, this game is dedicated to them. However, Rainbow Riches Leapin’ Leprechauns isn’t exactly a slot game. Instead, the game plays like a vintage videogame such as Sonic or Mario Brothers, however with this game, you can win a nice lump sum of cash to the amount of 20,000 coins! Instead of spinning reels, you will see the charismatic little leprechauns, leaping into the sky, ascending by jumping onto different platforms. For every 5 successful leaps he makes, you will be awarded with coins. To make the game even more exciting, there are special symbols which you can pick up while you’re on your way through the game to boost your reward when you collect your wins. However, there are also plenty of other symbols which can see your Leapin’ Leprechaun fall right back down. Don’t worry, no Leapin Leprechauns were harmed in the making of this slot!!

Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix on Mobile vs Desktop/Laptop

Worried that Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix may not be the best online slot to play on your mobile? Don’t be! Barcrest have made sure that their popular slot is enjoyable whether you’re at home playing on your laptop, or on your way to work playing on your smartphone!

Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix News

As Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix is still fairly new, it is never all too far from the top lists.

The bonus features must have really stood out for Casino.Org who added Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix to their list of ‘the best slot machines with bonus games’

Money Reels definitely agrees!