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There are animals that we may not have heard about. They still exist in our world whether we know of them or not. The most beautiful thing about the animals and creatures we may never have heard of is the fact that they are much different and beautiful than the animals we know of today.

Silver Lioness 4x uk slot game

Silver Lioness 4x Slot Game Summary

 There are slots that share just about every theme we can possibly think of. There are slots based on movies, TV shows, music bands, celebrities, and so many other ideas which are based on pop culture. But that is not the end of slots as we speak. So many other ideas jump into the minds of developers and game creators while designing slots. Such a deal brings out the creativity that the developers have and it manages to highlight a new deal for players and others to explore and find out more about.

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Silver Lioness 4x Slot Gameplay

For those who may never have heard of Aztecs, there is a chance that if they are into online slots, they may have found about Aztecs from the slots, but this is a mere example. There are so many other things in the world we don’t know about. For instance, White elephants and camels exist in parts of the world. They are not found very easily and are known to be quite rare in nature. That being said, it is important to understand their significance. A creature so rare and so unheard of that should be rather reserved instead of being hunted down and kept. Another animal also comes to mind and is not just majestic but is beautiful to look at. White Lions are not a part of some lion myth but they do exist and can be found in the Southern part of Africa. Like the golden, warm color that lions mostly have, white lions share a very light color that is just close to the color white.

Keeping this creature in mind, Silver Lioness 4x is an interesting slot that is very likely to have been dedicated to this beautiful creature. The game is not just about safari but Lightning Box’s Silver Fox 4x has a vibe which brings your attention to not just the African jungles but there seems to be a mist of magic and tribal vibe in it. It’s almost as if you are out in the jungles finding your way to trace the beautiful Silver Lioness. Just like how we need the luck to favor us to find fortune in the world, Silver Lioness deserves the very same idea in order to be found in the slot. When found in the game at any instance, the player is guaranteed not just the surprise of their lives but also the rewards they truly deserve for having found the majestic creature in the slot.

Below text is going to help you find more about the slot and how Silver Lioness 4x really works.

Silver Lioness 4x Slot Game Features

To look into the details of the game, the RTP of Silver Lioness is 95.69%. This sort of RTP is quite considerable seeing the background and the theme of the game. Had the RTP been a little around 94% or so, the game may not have caught the attention of users and players because of a game that is not quite known, the least that the game should offer is a well reputed RTP. The game has 5 reels and an impress payline of 1,024. This gives players a tremendous opportunity to try their luck and manage to win as much as they like. Moving on to the features and symbols of the game, the game has a Wild symbol of the Silver Lioness herself. Of all the symbols that you have to look out for, The Rhino and Woman symbol is what you should consider. Both these symbols can help you achieve a great reward of as much as 200 coins provided that you managed to get 5 of the coins in the paylines.

Silver Lioness 4x online slot game  Silver Lioness 4x Slot game

But perhaps the most interesting aspect of Silver Lioness 4x is its bonus features. The free spin feature is owed all to the presence of the Diamond symbol which is the Scatter in this game. To make sure you avail this part of the game, you have to land the Scatter symbol at least thrice anywhere in the 3rd to 5th payline. While doing so, you also have to make sure that your payout equal is 2, 10 or 20 times, you’ll be able to get free spins of 8, 15, or 20. This isn’t the complete picture and there is more to come. The Wilds in this game is deeply interesting because it is the Wilds that will determine your multipliers. To get a 2 times Multiplier, the Wilds have to be in the 2-4th reel. For a 3 times Multiplier, the streaks get narrow and you have to have the Wild only in the 3rd and 4th Reel. Finally, for a 4 times multiplier, the Wild has to be only in the 2nd reel. It gets better because if you manage to land a wild while being present in a combination of two or more multipliers, you can get a huge combo and can manage to have a multiplier of 36 times.

To conclude, Silver Lioness 4x may not have the popular theme that people mostly go for but if your luck is on your side, you can get lucky and fortunate enough in a very easy way.

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