Stones and Bones UK Online Slot

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Stones And Bones slot game

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Stones And Bones is a 5 reel, 30 payline slot game with a 94% RTP. This UK Online Slot comes with Free Spins, Scatter Symbol and Wild feature.

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Stones And Bones UK Online Slot

 Pre Historic times have always been a big discussion in history classes and a point of great attention in movies and cartoons. From Sabres, huge birds and mammoths we all have heard a lot about these prehistoric times where the human race struggled to survive amongst these huge and dangerous species of birds and animals.

At that time humans weren’t so advanced in technology as well which led to additional problems and more exertion when it came to survival. It was a tough but fun time to live in. This slot will take you back to this era to meet Mr and Mrs Cave Family who have been surviving in these wild conditions for many years now. They will remind you of the Flintstones the famous cartoon from Hanna Barbara. This simple and cute family lives in the caves to protect itself from harsh weather and other dangerous animals. They need new technology and protection. You in the role of a time traveller will provide them with new technology and in return, they will show you places which contained untouched resources and precious items like gems and diamonds etc. Be careful in your journey in this online slots though because this is a very different type of time on earth.

Stones and Bones Developer - Genii

Coming from Genii this UK slot again is another marvel of innovation and uniqueness. This time Genii has decided to take us to prehistoric times in this slot. Genii has a unique sense of ideas and innovation. Other similar games from Genii which are similar to Stones and Bones include Sands of Fortune online slot, Temple of Ausar, Secret Garden II and Unicorn Bliss slot game etc.

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 There are no human governments and everywhere there is only one thing prominent that is the rule of the wild creatures. Genii has added the element as well in this slot by adding colourful graphics coupled with background music that will keep you busy in the game. You can have access to the Pre Historic world on Money Reels. This game has got an RTP of 94% and on the screen, it shows 5 reels with 30 paylines.

This gameplay of this slot is all about surviving and searching for resources in a world where you are surrounded by mortal dangers on every step. Yes, it is the Pre Historic world. This slot will give you twisty ride in the created world. The cave family will be accompanying you as well in this adventure-filled journey. All you need to do is to provide them with better means of protecting themselves and tell them about better technology. They will be more than happy to guide you to wins and rewards. Keep the reels spinning at a high wager which would definitely impress the Cave Family that such a brave player is providing them help. This genre of this slot is History. Pre historic world was a very cruel world to live in. Humans hadn’t dominated like other species and every step you took landed you into the territory of another dominating species which took it an offensive step by you. Survival wasn’t easy and humans survived by sharp skills and use of better technology. Most of the animals you will see in this slot have been a part of movies, cartoons and books as well. The background of this slot shows the terrain of the prehistoric world. Mother earth looks like a virgin here because humans hadn’t dominated the earth up till now and everything was clean and environmental friendly with fresh terrain all around. Different forests and bulging features are visible in the background. Be careful because some very large species of animals might as well be hiding in these forests and the top of these hills. This background shows nature in pure form before we humans made it worse. The slot box is made up of bones of different animals which act as the border of the slot box. The game draws it’s title from the structure of the slot box i.e. the bordered bones and stones. There is no distinction between the reels and all the symbols are apparently joined together without any gap. The amazingly designed logo of the game is placed on top of the slot box.

Stones and Bones Slot Features

All the information about the game is shown on the bottom of the screen from where the players can interact with the game by using the interactive buttons such as the spin button and set wager etc. The music is yet another awesome feature of this slot which will recreate the prehistoric world for you and will amplify its effects making you enjoy more and more and help you in indulging in the slot. There are two groups of symbols in this slot. The first one is the minor group that shows alphabets as its symbols i.e. J, K, Q and A. The second group is different symbols related to prehistoric life which also act as the higher valued symbols of this slot. It includes a rolling stone, an axe, a bar b que, a Pterodactyl, a Sabre and a Mammoth. To add some more challenge to the survival skills of the player the wild and scatter symbols have also been introduced which are depicted by the wild game logo, Mr caveman, Mrs Caveman and the great dinosaur.

Free Spins: Landing any 3,4 or 5 free spin i.e. lady of the cave symbols on the screen will grant you with 7,10 and 12 free spins. These free spins can also be reactivated during the gameplay. All wins are doubled during the free spins.

Age of Eggcitement Feature: If you get to land at least 3x dinosaur symbols on the reels then it will grant you with this bonus feature. In this, you will pick the shown number (3 out of 5) of dinosaur eggs on the screen which will reward you respectively.