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Striker goes Wild

Play Striker Goes Wild Slot with 500 Free Spins at Money Reels

Play Striker Goes Wild

 Slot games can be easily found anywhere online. They are searched the most when events surrounding their themes are taking place in the world. Such a slot is not only played but is often a part of the discussion.

Striker Goes Wild uk slot game

Striker Goes Wild Slot Summary

Football is healthy and is a very entertaining game not just to play but watch. Millions around the world watch football as their favorite teams go for the ball and do their best to beat the other team. While that is being said, the game can be divided into two spans of attention: the one where the game is being played by the players. Their enthusiasm and dedication for their team to win are unmeasurable without a trace of doubt. The other is the fans who are counting on their favorite teams. There are numerous teams in the world and every time a football event takes place, the fans are probably more enthusiastic about the game.



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uk slots online

 Striker Goes Wild by EyeCon is the kind of game that you can relate with if you are a sports fan. There is action and sports in the slot game and it is just the kind of game that any slot and football fan would be interested in playing right now. The symbols and the way the game offers its unique features absolutely makes it the kind of game that literally has football in it. Details will be provided in the description below. As far as the theme and graphics of the game go, it’s quite similar to playing football in the field or being a part of the crowd. Either way, Striker Goes Wild brings that level of enthusiasm in the game, regardless if you, yourself, are a football player or just a fan.

 Mind you there aren’t real or actual football clubs or teams in the game but the game’s experience makes you feel as if you are in a team of your own or that you’re supporting a special team of which you are a fan. With the sound effects in the back during the game, there is no uncertainty that the game will bring you closer to the actual sport itself, that is Football. 

Striker Goes Wild online slot game  Striker Goes Wild Slot game

Striker Goes Wild Slot Game Features

 Here are a few things you want to keep in mind when playing Striker Goes Wild:

 The RTP of this game is without a doubt impressive and is 96.5%. The RTP is worthy of mention here because of the current trend that worldwide Football has. A better RTP, especially around the time when the theme of the game is gaining considerable attention, is good for both the theme and the game itself. Moving on to the more technical details of the game, with 25 paylines, the player has a variety of ways to score big so long as the player is supported by their luck. The minimum bet starts at £0.01 and ends at a maximum of £500.

 Apart from the symbols of the game, the more interesting feature of the game is in its Striker Goes Wild Slot Bonus round. This round is mainly opened whenever the player manages to strike at least 3 Scatters anywhere in the reel. Having done that, your team is going to head towards the pitch as it passes the football there and commences the offense. The pass will be made based on the presence of each player on the reel. With every pass forwarded in the slot, the symbols turn into Wilds and consecutively. The more Wilds you score, the more score you get and eventually the more you win.

 What can be said about the game overall is that since the football fever is around the world, the game does fit in the trend perfectly and has a great chance to be noticed amongst football and sports fans. While that is being said, it is important to analyze and see the value of the game itself not only with respect to its theme but what it has to offer to the players. For starters, the theme of the game does fit in with the trend. It gets better, as well as, competitive because the RTP offered in Striker Goes Wild is fairly common but a 0.01% can make a very significant difference. It is also important to point out the fact that the game cannot be regarded as an outstanding and a very promising game. That is being said on the grounds of the fact that there aren’t many bonus rounds and features that can make the game more appealing than other games present in the sports domain. As far as football slots go, players do expect a lot apart from numbers and especially with the football fever in the air.

 One other thing that the game lags is the graphics which could have saved the game a little bit. Graphics play an important role in setting the game’s temper and the player’s attitude towards it. While the bonus round is somewhat creative, it could have gotten more attention had the graphics utilized in this game were a bit more interesting, as well as entertaining. Nonetheless, EyeCon’s Striker Goes Wild does fit in with the theme and it goes without saying that if you’re interested in a football slot that is fairly simple, this is the game for you to try.

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 If you are interested in playing more sports-related online slots, Money Reels is just the place to go. All sorts of football and other sports slots can be easily found at 

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