Taco Brothers Saving Christmas UK Online Slot

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Taco Brothers Saving Christmas UK online slot

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Taco Brothers Saving Christmas is a 5 reel, 243 payline slot game with a 96.4% RTP. 3 safe symbols start the Free Spins bonus game. The exploded safe multiplier applies to all Free Spins winnings.

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Taco Brothers Saving Christmas UK Online Slot

Due to the immense popularity of the slot game Taco Brothers, the slot Taco Brothers has returned and this time it is back with a twist in the theme. It’s Christmas time and the people are ready to celebrate this Christmas with full zeal and enthusiasm.

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The taco brothers were able to successfully repel Captain Diaz once from taking away the tacos of the common people. Now the people are relaxed and have taken out all of their tacos for the celebrations that are coming. Everyone is happy about the upcoming celebrations and techniques and would love to see this Christmas being celebrated with tacos all around. Who could guess that Captain Diaz would be back this time with more powers and will to steal the tacos of the village. He has no remorse or regret that he will be doing it on Christmas. The three brothers Pico, Pepe and Paso need to be warned about the plans of Captain Diaz that while the people plan to celebrate the Christmas Eve at the town’s square, he will steal the taco stocks from their homes while they will be out celebrating. Someone needs to warn the town and the three brothers about this plot of Captain Diaz to steal the tacos. Because if he is able to get into town this time then he will steal everything from the tacos to other supplies. You will be the one responsible for informing the taco brothers to protect their town from the menace of Captain Dias. The complete responsibility of saving the town is indirectly on your shoulders, how you would do it is on you. Spin the reels to alert the brothers and give the game and your luck a twist. The townsfolk will surely gift their saviour a lot of rewards and bonuses if they come to know that it is you who gave all the information to keep the tacos safe on Christmas Eve. Enter the festivities at Money Reels and try your luck in this slot. This slot has an RTP of 96.4% with 5 reels and 243 betways.

Taco Brothers Saving Christmas Developer - ELK Studios

There are many titles similar to Taco Brothers Saving Christmas with from Elk Studios which has time and again come up with awesome slots for its fans since 2012. These titles form Elk Studios include Taco Brothers slot game, Lake’s five, Hidden, Bloopers slot and DJ wild etc.

Taco Brothers Saving Christmas Slot Features

The gameplay and theme of this game have been modified from the dry desert look to the fresh night time of Christmas Eve with falling snow all around the screen. The same area which was covered with dust and heat is now calm and serene and covered in snow. Christmas has arrived and brought with it new hopes of celebrations and a better next year. The animations of the falling flakes add a lot of fun to the gameplay and give a reality touch to the Christmas element of this slot. Music of the game is same as its prequel and is quite gentle in its tunes. For a smooth soothing gameplay this slot is the best because it relaxes your mind with its simple and fun features. The gameplay of this slot is full of fun and hide and seek moments like the prequel. It also adds the touch of celebrations and festivities of Christmas in it. You can be a saviour and a hero on this Christmas by helping the villagers if you inform the three brothers in time about Capitan Diaz’s plan. It will be hard in the cold weather to go out and find out about the locations of the three brothers because they are really hard to find these days especially with winters coming they are difficult to be located. The genre of this game is Celebrations and Adventure. There cannot be any better adventure then on a Christmas Eve itself. So get ready and get your self up for a Christmas you haven’t experienced before.

The background of this slot shows the same town somewhere in Mexico but this time its Christmas time and thanks to the graphic designing team of Elk Studios this slot has been covered in snow all around the town which depicts the upcoming celebrations of the winter season. Instead of sand and dryness you would find cold wet snow all around. The slot box of the game is like its prequel transparent in nature and allows the users to enjoy the snowfall in the background. There are no borders or inter reel boundaries on the screen. The opaque items on the screen are the symbols themselves. The symbols are represented by the three brothers Pico, Pepe and Paso, a guitar, a cactus decorated with lights, a bottle of liquor and some digging equipment. There are two wild symbols of this slot game which include the taco brothers wild symbol and the bell wild symbol. The scatter symbol is represented by the safe symbol and it helps in triggering the bonus features along with the wild symbols.

Taco Brothers Saving Christmas Slot Bonus Features

This game offers the following bonus features

Taco Brothers Respins

If you can land the taco brothers wild symbol on reels 2 and 4 simultaneously then this will grant you with taco brothers respins. It will give you a free spin on all the reels which don’t have a wild or a safe symbol on them. The wild escape feature can also be triggered by utilizing the taco brothers repins.

Wild Escape Free Spins

This feature is triggered by the safe scatter symbol. If you can land the safe symbol on reels 1,3 and 5 at the same time then it grants you with a multiplier reward and with an addition of the Diaz and Seneorita symbols on the screen. The taco brother symbols start moving towards the left with each progressive spin and on each spin they move to the left. Be watchful of the Captain Diaz symbol who will try to end this feature and lock all the brothers. The seneorita symbol on the other hand will try to help the brothers.