The Champions UK Online Slot

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The Champions UK online slot

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The Champions is a 5 reel, 25 payline slot game with a 96.51% RTP. Sharing the theme with The Champions include Fifa 18.

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The Champions UK slot game

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The Champions UK Online Slot

Sports slots never old and most fascinating aspect of this is the mere fact that football is trending worldwide. Slot and football enthusiasts all over the world are looking to try their luck not just in the field but in the UK online slots.

No matter what team you support if you’re a football fan, what really matters is the game and how the game is played. Every team has its best players and all those players are trained with full dedication to go national and international and show their skills. That being said, the same is expected from not just one or two but numerous teams from around the world. The teams that contest in the game bring out their best so that the victorious team emerges on the top. Sometimes it’s victory while sometimes it could be a draw. Irrespective of what the results are, playing the game itself fulfils the energy of the entire game. Results could be a matter of luck or fate but what goes inside the game is the pure dedication and hard work.

The Champions Developer - Pragmatic Play

The Champions developed by Pragmatic Play is a fascinating game, not just because it’s a football game but it goes way more than that. Starting from the graphics of the game, they are spectacular without an inch of doubt.

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If you’re interested in finding more football or sports based slots, has stored in for you a lot of games that most certainly could be of your interest.

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The game’s theme isn’t based on fantasy teams or nonexistent team but just at the beginning of the game, you have to choose your favourite team out of the 32 given. Once done, you’re on and the game begins. The Champions give an essence of a realistic experience when it comes to football and it feels as if you are an actual proponent of the game; that you’re a part of in it and are playing yourself. This experience can be easily felt in the bonus rounds of the game where you either score as much as you can or follow the penalty.

Both sound effects and visual graphics complete the game and needless to say, sport themed games are expected to deliver just that, to say the least.

The Champions Slot Features

Here are a few things you have to keep in mind while playing The Champions.

First thing’s first when the game starts, you must first pick a team out of the 32 represented flags. If you’re indecisive about the game, you can always select a random team by pressing the Random button. Having done that, you will now be present on the game’s menu. Getting to the more details and technical aspect of the game, the game contains 5 Rows and 25 Paylines, whereas the RTP of The Champions is 96.51%. The minimum bet you can make in this game is    $.25 while the maximum is $125. Keeping in mind the current trends of Football all around the world, this sort of RTP is quite impressive and is just the kind of RTP players seek. Apart from the numbers and figures, here is what the game actually contains.

  The symbols used in this game are Football, T-shirt, Football shoes, Gloves, Whistle, A, K, and Q. The Wild used in this game is a trophy with The Champions written on it. Apart from that, there is also present a Bonus symbol. The bonus rounds in this game are two. One of the bonus rounds in this game is Momentum Progressive Game. In order to initiate this game, you must first increase the number of goals and also the multiplier. To score goals manually, all you have to do is hit the Football icon. Once done you must then hit the Goal spot which is yellow and looks sort of like a crosshair. This game begins with Level 1 and holds a multiplier of 1x. The game then starts to make its real impact once you start scoring more. When doing that, you manage to increase your level. While you do that, you are also escalating your multipliers and they go on to increase as you level up. For instance, on level 2 you are offered a 2 times multiplier; on level 3 it’s 4 times multiplier; and on level 4, 6 times multiplier. This trend goes on and when you reach level 11, you are offered a multiplier of 20 times! The level 11 is quite entertaining and you would surely be lucky if you manage to get there. Once on level 11, you can continue to spin as much as you like without any cost at all, so long as you keep scoring the goal. Failing to do that will land you back on Level 1.

Like real football, the other bonus round offered in this game is Penalty Shots Bonus Game. In this game, you have to get the Bonus symbol on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reel. Having done that, you have to hit the bonus button 3 times. If you manage to avail this, you are given 5 penalty shots and this is how the game actually works: should you manage to 1 out of 5 penalty shots, you are awarded 5 times the total bet; if it’s 2 out of 5, you get 10 times the total bet; if it’s 3 out of 5, it’s 15. The number escalates as you come close to 5 out of 5. If it’s 4 out of 5, the total bet increases 25 times and finally (and this is the big one) if you score 5 out of 5 penalty shots, you get not 50, 75, but a full 100 times the full bet!